hungry, i breathe into the veins of your neck
and with my tongue, i taste your flesh.
hot breath stains your skin,
as i run my hands over your porcelain body.
hungry, i tear into you.
as you moan for more,
i know that i have won.
you will be begging
and i will be leaving.
i’ve come to realize
i can only blame myself
for the madness i exude
there are creatures behind this face
and everyday,
they look a little more like
i’m so sorry
suddenly i feel as if the world is spinning
and i am no longer apart of the gravitational hold
i float,
they say this is paranoia
that i am apart of this universe
i am firmly planted on the ground
but my legs don’t move when i walk
and my head is starting to hurt from the altitude
i glide through the air, through life,
until they wrap their arms around me
bringing me further and further into their world
you need to be normal
you need to walk
you need to exist
but i feel my existence must be lie,
there are parts of me missing
i am not one with this earth
i am bound for the sky
for there must be something for me in the horizon ahead
i torment myself for my inability to love,
my inability to sense the light after the storm.
i spend my days wondering when,
when will i give myself to another
when will the world be ready?
i wonder what it feels like to touch the insides of your body,
are you as fragile as you seem?
or do your organs turn to stone at the touch of another?
chloe fleming May 24
i have thought a lot about the end
and the unimaginable emptiness that awaits,
but i have come to realize,
there is an unimaginable emptiness here.
it is only ourselves that can fill the void
chloe fleming May 22
i’m in love with strangers i pass by
because ignorance is comforting
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