he wants to sing.
does he know he sings my restless heart to sleep every day?
furthermore, my heart it craves the ways he sings so peacefully and thoughtfully,
driving demons into shadows of existence
i pray his song never ceases
so my heart, callused and bruised, can hear his song
when i am feeling blue
i wish to be the muse
that one day becomes the artist
chloe fleming Mar 12
the thing that makes me feel most alive in this despicable world,
is spilling my guts to you
and you, painting with my mess
only to make such a beautiful portrait
depicting both the good and the bad
with an entire universe inbetween
Why do we take the time to build such a strong foundation,
For our roof to leak at the slightest hint of rain?
when i looked in his eyes,
the undeniable rhythm flowed through me.
our dance, was one with our hearts,
i grabbed his
and thrust it inside my chest
with this, his music melted into me
until all we were was a symphony
in perfect harmony
you are immortal
inside my words
living and breathing within every line
chloe fleming Feb 28
Describing how I feel about you is like describing the sun.
Warm, powerful, full of light.
It's true, you are all those things but you are also so much more.
You are more than the warmth I feel against my chilled skin after your every touch,
You are more than the light that radiates out of your glimmering soul.
You are emotion, the tireless feeling of inexplicable admiration
And how your love permeates itself in my body.
It feeds me with your passion, so my taste for it has grown.
Your endless yearnings for me make me never go to bed hungry.
But I thirst for you and skin and your heartbeat to the rhythm of my own.
You are entirely fascinating, captivating me in every breath you breathe.
How I wish others could see how much more you are.
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