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Terri Jun 29
Maybe in a parallel universe
You being with me exists

I won't be the one chasing
You'll be the one running

Maybe in a parallel universe
I won't be the one who suffers
You'd know what it feels
What it's like to be stuck
In a sort of time loop
Thinking you have the chance
But clearly you don't

I won't be the one
Spending all this time
Thinking about your body,
You laying next to me
Holding you close
Through cold night's
And keeping you warm

Maybe in a parallel universe
You'd be the one
Trying to catch my attention
Falling to every bit of word
That comes out of my mouth

We'd fall in love with each other
And have a blind creation
Parallel universe part2 pt2

Terri Jun 25
Don't hate your smile
It's great
If you use that one me
Prolly make all my days in my life

You're pretty; It's pretty unique
Different; Unnatural; Deadly
Tell my mom that I love them
I'll be staying in a coffin for life
Because I'm dead over heels for you.

Don't know anime much but I'll watch for you
Got a Terabyte, I'll binge for you
Don't read manga but I'l read for you
Prolly learn japanese just to impress you
Just know that I'll always be here for you

Got all this loving;
And I'm ready to lay them all to you
#Dead #Over #Heels #For #You
Terri Jan 24
Hey now
Im feelin alright,
Now I'm all down,
My life's too hard
It's too hard,
I'm good again
**** you shot me down,
And again
And again and again and again,
To the point I'm staring down
Then I be calling
But no one's answering;
Won't be long before I'm gone
Won't be long before I'm done
I'm gone
I'm done
It's processing
Take care

Get the gun
Go down like k. Cobain,
Inside my mouth
Brain splattered all about
No goodbyes
Maybe a letter,
Sent to death it might

Will they,
If they,
If someone's looking
Direct'em to the cemetery
Tell'em he's gone
Tell'em he's done
It's too late
So much weight
The pressure got me done.
I hide behind my laugh
Then won't be long before I'm gone
Terri Jan 16
It's done, yeah
I think it's done,
My life is done
My head is gone
Better days didn't come
You didn't come,
You said you'd be there
But you never were

Blood out of my mouth
My cough's dried up
Blue skies up high
I just cant seem to understand why
Everything fell apart
As soon as I built them up
My minds a daze
They say I'm crazy, then
Wear my shoes for a day
And let's what you'll say
About the day
About the **** I go through
Every single ******* day;

It got me feeling that I'm flying
It got me feeling that I'm dying
My life is steering to the unknowness
My life is done, I know that's that
It's prolly bout time to say goodbye.
Terri Dec 2018
Can't stop!
--won't stop--
Take my vices away
Take my ******* away
Take my life away,

******* act like they know me,
You don't know what I go through
Don't even know the **** I do
The **** I always do;
The **** I have to do;
The **** I had to do,
To show your ******* ***
That I ain't what you see outside,
I cry at night that's what you don't know
I wish at night, that my mom lives longer
I wish at night , that my little brother
Don't grow up like a *******
Disappointment, full of vices, full of negativity
And short-tempered of a brother like me
Because you don't know me,
Wear my shoes for a day
You'll be surprised to see; yeah you'll be

so think about your words,
they ******* affect the hell out of me
Terri Dec 2018
Everything is so clear now
When I let anger consume
When I contain pain,
And get irritated because of you,
Anger lead me to pain
And pain lead me to you,
Irritated because of your lies
Your false moves,
And the unspeakable truth
That you bury inside your head
That you should've said,
Yeah you should've said them
Now I'm lying in my bed
Thinking of the words
That you should've said,
Terri Dec 2018
She said I shouldn't worry too much
She'll be there even if life gets rough,
I've been told that I'm not enough
But that's okay I've been told a lot

Every time I feel down to my core
And  my eyes get sore
I know she'd be there to cheer me up
Like how an elevator goes up
But it would come down, it would come down
It's like she presses the buttons to keep it up

I know I'm too much
She can't take that much
I feel that she's gonna give up
It's about time that she's gon give up
She's tired and got enough

I'm not that worth it and that *****
I won't be surprised
When the time comes
And I can't feel her care
I know because it was too much
All my problems were too much
And it was enough.
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