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Poetical Aug 2020
I'm dark
and light,
a spark
at night.

The moth
and flame,
I'm both
the same.

I lust.
At most,
I'm dust
and ghost.
Amanda N Skaggs Mar 2020
Craving purity
Holy Ghost infinity
Dance the eternal.
Amen 🙏
Philomena Sep 2019
I know I'm not perfect
Not even close
But in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
I'll give it my all
I wont break nor bow
And yes my dear I refuse to fall
Isaac Aug 2018
If a fourth wall did exist
Like in the fictional stories you know
How different would you act?
Would you smile and put on a show?
I believe there is a fourth wall
A person who lives outside time
Watching and studying us all
Aware of the thoughts in our mind.
His name is Holy Ghost
He fills this world to the brim.
He waits for people to break
The fourth wall and talk with him.
Written 8 August 2018
Gabriel K Sep 2015
Lord hear me
let me see Thee
I will kneel
Maker of Heaven and Earth
of all things seen and unseen
God of God
light from light
give me a sign,
for I am filled with such delight
love for Thee
particularly if they're pretty.
Incarnate by the Holy Ghost
You offer me Your glories
I feel it
third pew from the front
a woman of Samaria
in the print dress kitten heels.
Lord I am not worthy to receive Thee
she's leaning forward
But only say the word
only say the word
and my soul shall be healed,
I can heal thee
if thou need'st,
Lord send me her number.
In pastures green He leadeth me
make her love me
make her down with me to lie
and I will worship Thee
and worthily magnify
Thy Holy name
the quiet waters by.

— The End —