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eng jin Nov 2018
I swim,
under the twilight sky,
my heart is pounding & my arms are paddling,
struggling to breathe,
yet I push on,
to reach the other wall.

I hear,
muffled splashes
across the lanes as swimmers glide by,
though I could hardly see,
yet I could feel,
one of them fills the pool.

I wonder,
why I press on,
for my health or for my heart?
by now my legs are aching and my arms are heavy,
yet it is a joy,
to be in my hiding place.
Amira I Oct 2018
I realized that the gap between us is way too loose.
I realized that the moment to finally know you is way too impossible.

I let my self took a step back, and my heart laid itself back.
I didn’t straight stop loving you all at once, but I do it little by little, part by part.

Thank you for ever making my days brighter than before.
Please know that it was really important to me.
Sorry if you ever notice me annoying.
Please know that I was just another secret admirer.

I hope to see you around.
I hope fate will cross our paths once again.
PoserPersona Jul 2018
You are my love light of summer.
  For this I wade through winter.
Glowing 'bove, the trees are greener;
  blooming nascent desire

of which I never knew I'd need
  let alone make a heart bleed
girl, you got me on both my knees
  praying you'll also need me,
too, to finally be complete
  or otherwise reach life's peak.

Your hair stills heart's rhythmic meter.
  For this I wish forever.
Strands spun with goddess gossamer;
  softer than touch of mother

of which I never knew I'd need
  let alone cause ex's envy
girl, you got her so **** ******
  she blames you as much as me,
too, as love for you made her weep
  and revealed her love is cheap

Your voice humbles angel choirs.
  For this I listen eager.
Songs that shift the course of rivers;
  in harmony with nature

of which I never knew I'd need
  let alone so romantically
girl, you got me frantically
  writing you some poetry,
too, and I hope you now can see
  that maybe I'm also sweet

Your soul ignites wildfire.
  For this I bear the pleasure.
Ethereal flames dance together;
  fueled by spiritual tethers
of which I never knew I'd need
  let alone spark fantasies
girl, you got me crying, "please, please!"
  that you never take the lead,
too, cause this would be a done deed
  if you wanted it to be.
Ferns Jul 2018
Words cannot just escape
Out of her thoroughly sealed mouth
Everything in time changes shape
So she finds a way to let it out

The gate is almost shut
With only two keys left
The other’s lost suddenly
Swallowed accidentally
while hiding from a hostile

The only thing left to do
Is to give a parchment
There lies a cue
Its goal is to leave someone
Whose mood is in need of enhancement

The keeper of the key sprints to the gate
Before everything is too late

Every day, in front of it, lies a letter
Often to make him feel better
Nade V Jul 2018
It would eventually rain.

We both knew it.

It wasn't going to be a hurricane, nor a sun shower.

But it would eventually rain.

Who decides if it rains?
A higher power perhaps?
The clouds themselves?

Can I decide when it rains?

Whoever decides it,
It's eventually going to rain.

Rain is life, just as you are to me.
The rain meets the roots and reaches out the branches.
Closer to you.
In a drought or a flood,

It's eventually going to rain.
And rain it shall.
Josh May 2018
He sits in a corner all on his own,
Waiting, for the chance to take you
He lives under a waterfall,
Where there’s no body that can
hear you call,

His words are few,
He loiters and lurks,
Waiting for you,
He stays indoors, all on his own,
Waiting and waiting to pick up
that phone,

He lays in his bed feeling
nothing but sorrow,
Waiting and waiting to see
You, tomorrow.
Any tips and improvements or things you think i could add? Please let me know!
Isabella Terry Apr 2018
I guess I feel the need to linguistically,
like poetry,
express everything that's wrong with me
and I guess that ironically,
almost comically,
that led to my downfall in all honesty...

I promise me
we're meant to be,
and things change allegedly,
but it seems to me
you swore to me
you'd let it be,
and truthfully,
the way you did that was painfully,
not how I meant it to be...

And all of that won't change, you see,
that I love you unequivocally,
in a way most strangely,
and unmistakeably
the joy in me,
and the suffering
you're causing me...

I regret my attempt to anonymously,
express my need
in light of the unexplainably
vivid heartache it's caused me,
But who's to pay the price but me?
Who but I is eligible, conveniently?
To be,
The ****
to your Germany?
I never really liked this one as much...
Lady Ravenhill Apr 2018
Blinking over plastic frames
She had music in her ears.
Nursing a steamy Costa Rica,
She was scrawling words in margins.
Flashing her vanilla gloss smile,
She then spoke to you so wistfully
In her very own acid-washed prose.
And though they had an imitated style,
You gladly drank them up with a black Puerto Rico
For she said she wrote that one for you.
@LadyofRavenhill 2017
Afeli Mar 2018
I turn to stare at him, he's already staring.

Smiling, already smiling.
Following, already following.
Shying away, already blushing.
An expression of question,
                an expression of answer.

Are you my moon?
You are my moon :)
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