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eng jin Jun 2019
jīvitaṃ aciraṃ hetaṃ, āyukappaṃ sududdasaṃ;
mayameva pi ye maccā, tattha paññāya paṇḍito;
appamādaṃ ca bhāveyya, khippaṃ pi kusalaṃ kato.

Indeed this life is short, it is difficult to see the time limit of one’s life;
we are only those who are mere mortals, having fully understood thus, the wise one;
would cultivate heedfulness and also have done quickly good deeds.
Pāli is one of the Middle Indic languages
eng jin Nov 2018
I swim,
under the twilight sky,
my heart is pounding & my arms are paddling,
struggling to breathe,
yet I push on,
to reach the other wall.

I hear,
muffled splashes
across the lanes as swimmers glide by,
though I could hardly see,
yet I could feel,
one of them fills the pool.

I wonder,
why I press on,
for my health or for my heart?
by now my legs are aching and my arms are heavy,
yet it is a joy,
to be in my hiding place.
eng jin Apr 2018
The wetland is in its daylight beauty
the calm water mirrors the still blue sky
upon the pond among reeds and cattails
are two elegant, wild white swans
mysterious and graceful, reflecting
the charm of Thailand and her people
eng jin Apr 2018
chug a choo,
here goes the west-bound train
skimming brooks and hopping lakes
wheeling its way
into the fading rays
some head home,
some to new hope
can one sits still in a rumbling train?
through the windowpane
up in the sky
a timid star shines
eng jin Apr 2018
The screaming cheers
travel a distance far
in the divided hall
the yellows and blues
await the serving ball

an overhand strike
the ball speeds
across the mid-line

the yellows
dig, set & attack
the blues
fling & smack
fearless & skilled
the crowd hails

winning or defeat
is a victory for all
for the love
of volleyball
eng jin Apr 2018
a familiar tune
breaking through the morning news
Oh yes,
it’s loy krathong

humming along the tune
ah, I should remember
to put a thanksgiving basket
onto the river
for the goddess of water

as the candles flow
may the light
in your heart
continues to glow
eng jin Apr 2018
He’s the father
the light that guide
the rain that shower
the land with hope

look up now
he is in the clouds above
whispering words of comfort
giving strength
to the people he loves

this blessed memory
lingers on
a gentle warmth
in all our hearts
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