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  Jan 26 Nade V
thank god i can’t write good poetry
the best poetry comes from pain and hurt if you ask me
so although i can’t write like i used to
at least it means i’m doing alright
hurting is healing
Nade V Jan 26
You have the knife and I show you where my heart is.
The blade is hovering right over the beats, but I know I'll be cutless.

You have the poison and I'll pick out my favorite drink.
One drop would be plenty, but I still take a swig.

Your foot is on the gas, but I don't need a seat belt.
A wrong turn and I'm dead, but I still roll down the window.

You have the gun and you have a bullet.
Where did you get it from?
Will that bullet still blow my brains?
Or is it a blank?
Is it the right caliber?
How will I know if the bullet is going to be instant?

I know you not to shoot me, with all of my will,
But if the bullet isn't trusted, how do I know it will ****?
Nade V Sep 2018
I'm going to be as straightforward as my thoughts.
This was poetic at first but now I just need to get it out, and I'm not sure if we're at that point in our relationship yet.
I wish we were older.
I wish I could come home from work and see you there waiting for me, and set down my bag, come over, and give you a kiss.
I wish we could lay down with each other and relax after a hard day and just rant to each other as we watch TV, eating whatever we have in our pantry and holding hands.
I wish we could fall asleep with each other, nothing else. Just us, laying in bed, without a worry in the world, except for my arm falling asleep before I do.
I wish all of this and so much more, but will we be able to achieve it?
Would our relationship have been the same if we would have met 10 years from now?
How long will it take?
How long will it take?
How long will it take?
I've never been closer to you but yet I feel so far.
I just want to fall asleep with you.
We promised each other it would happen someday so I know it's gonna happen.
And I won't stop loving you until it does.
I just want to fall asleep with you.
Nade V Sep 2018
I’m only willing to wait this long for you.

Only for you I will wait for the end of the day to kiss you goodnight.
For we met in the morning, so I shall have to wait.

I’m only willing to wait this long for you.

Only for you I think what would happen if we met at night.
For if we met at night, we wouldn’t have to wait for the day to pass.
We wouldn’t have to wait for work to be done.
We wouldn’t have to wait for time to tick.

I’m only willing to wait this long for you.

It would be too easy to meet at night.
For there’s no waiting, no work, no time.
I still wait for sunset, whenever that shall be.
But I have waited before and I will again.

I’m only willing to wait this long for you.
Nade V Aug 2018
I write for myself.
I only need one's approval.
But more would help.

I write for you.
I only need one's approval.
Yours is all I need.

I write for who?
I only need ones approval?
I've decided I only need yours.
Nade V Jul 2018
this is surely what it feels like to die.
or is it purely just being alive?
i know for a fact that i've never died
but there's no pact that implies that i'm alive

but you have the ink to my paper and write you shall
if you think now, not later, it will bite with a bell.

all leaves fall just as all trees grow, just as i had met you in the snow
but one sees all, with the key to the crow, current set, no need to row.

this must be what it feels like to love
as the gust be on the wings of a dove
how can you read me before you write me?
no need to be freed, you don't spite me.
for i'd never believe i'd hold you lightly.
  Jul 2018 Nade V
Each time you read this,
I only hope that you remember:
You are loved.
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