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Acuriousnature Aug 2016
Ay, mine eyes be such, the great admirer

Taking your words to heart?
Though, understanding them?

I believe i have a skewed view of the true layers hidden beneath the rows upon rows of your starlight garden.
I am but a bird above your garden, admiring the upper beauty shone brightly  in the starlight.
I have but the faintest clue about the memories and experiences that root so deeply into your poems,
Nor the meanings behind the words that hold the earth so tenderly.
Ay, mine eyes be such, the great admirer
But as the greatest trees stand tall in their royal crowning,  their historic roots support them whole heartedly, with their focus all upon the lifting of the grand finale.
Deeply do your roots reach down into thine heart. And deeply so.
For how can one reach the stars without a strong story below?
Ay, mine eyes be such, the great admirer.

I cannot be so bold as to claim to know what each poem means, for that would be to have lived in your story with each passing breath.
Nay, i can only express the emotions that these words give me in relation to mine own,
curiousity, like flower garden, grown.
Ay, mine eyes be such, the great admirer
My homage to a poet that to this day I still admire. May their life be filled with joy.

Another old poem recovered through the annals of time
NewAgeOfAnarchy Nov 2014
Dear beautiful
You gracious.
World just stops to admire your beauty.
Your eyes shine like the moon on cool night.

Your hair flows like majestic sea..
Smile shine bright like diamonds.
Your most beautiful girl in world, your are the definition of perfection.

From your secret admirer
©2014 copyright Michael Cross
A secret admirer is an individual who feels adoration, fondness or love for another person without disclosing his or her identity to that person.

Her eyes….
brown as mahogany and deeper than the ocean
one glance into her pupils and ones heart will become open,
Her lips….
ever enticing so smooth, so soft
a kiss by itself could set it all off.
Her skin….
mouth watering like the sight of Hershey’s chocolate
the kind you glide your fingers down and rest your hands in her pockets,
Her hair….
is her crown and it is fit for a queen
she’s known to turn heads whenever she’s on the scene,
Her smile….
is confident, and mesmerizing, the reason you desire her
maybe one day you build the strength to grab her kiss her until then
you write her letters signed your secret admirer.
You see her everyday
but you not sure what to say
so you keep your mouth closed
and write your feelings on a page.
Christian Ek Jul 2014
The wait is an eternity like a mailed message.  
The excitement of opening you up and reading every little text.  
Your darkened ink hair dripping on my hands and I love the way you leave a flowered scent on them.
I play my favorite songs and I think of you.
The similarities we share lets me know the world is not vacant of awakened people.
I keep you in mind.
I keep you in mind when I scroll past one of your social media quotes and Like it.
You deserve my love, my unconditional love, my wild and passionate love, my fighting love.
I'm a clumsy mess, a reckless greasy rocker, a psychedelic wanderer but I'd gladly give you my best.
Dance with me on top of rooftops, in drunken heavenly ecstasy.
Playing music and looking into your eyes, you would read my soul and I would read yours and you would never ever feel alone again.
Breath me in, inhale deep, get high of me, smile, laugh, your my source of beauty.
Truth be told I don't want perfection, it's boring, I want you.
I want you with me when the apocalypse strikes.
I want you in the morning and in the night.
I want your angry tantrums because I know Life
And I want to heal you when you have them.
Athena, Otherworldly Goddess, Femenista, Mujer Guerillera, Gaia of Earth, I am your poet and you this poem.*  
** - your secret admirer
secret admirer lovers love women
Kim  Oct 2016
Secret Admirer
Kim Oct 2016
I will always be your admirer
Even if, it labels me as a pretender
I might be your crazy stalker
But I'm really your secret lover

Will my dreams ever come true ?
Or will it disappear just like you?
I know that I'm not worth looking
Still, recognize me as a human being

Your smiles were only for her
But still, It's too much to bear
Everytime you come at her way
What could I do to make you stay?

I will always be your secret fan
Because you'll never be my man
The words will remain unsaid
As our love will forever be one sided
Don't do secret admirer letters
You'll get rejected faster than a criminal applying for a job
It was a sincere deed that made me feel like I was one after I got a reaction
Some lessons hurt deep
Real life experience. I hate valentines day because im stupid. Not being negative but I was stupid.
Shofi Ahmed Oct 2017
A fine mole down
the blue mountain sky
cannot be weighed out!
It's the cosmos's gold dust
the earthy depth triumphs.
Oh earth, our close clay-star
is far ahead of the day at noon.
Ahead of the moon
ahead of the Neptune!

With a million dash of curiosity
every new sunrise paints
upon her black box with the roaring fire.
Yet the ****** is a veiled wonder!

It has the plethora a room for everyone
and time for timeless times.
Guess, with her longhand
what an inside scoop did it pick out?

You too can be in the know
It's the feminine beauty all in all.
You may have by now
seen women million and one.
The earth is eyeing on only one!

Her closest admirer is the star
of the very luminary bunch
with open eyes in the hearts.
Her dead man is waking up
sniffing the daylight by her.
Yet to make the discovery
both are still wondering outside!
BriarRose  Jan 2014
your admirer
BriarRose Jan 2014
I saw you at Winco

I know this is an unusual way to tell you this however, you have an admirer. Not only are you easy on my eyes, your personality is fantastic. Keep up the good job and I'll see ya around.
XIII  Jul 2015
Secret Admirer
XIII Jul 2015
I'm your secret admirer.
Not because I keep myself hidden,
but because you keep me as a secret.
Lemniscape Sep 2014
An artist draw
A writer write
An actor act
And an admirer admire

But sometimes we need to look back
To people that has been supporting us
To ones who helps in need
To that person following the path we lead

I can't write a good poem
That's not true the poem is in you
And If I keep one trying why?
Look at the sky vast and high

We need supporters
One is enough
But two won't hurt
And so on

Life full of ups and downs
Surprise or repetition
Reward of punishment
But think of that as a gift not a burden

We can learn a lot from people around us
Behaving, Talking, and such
Sometimes looking back worth a try
But don't let the time passes by
I'm so sleepy writing
Dear Admirer
Let me cuddle you
In the lines you feel
Let me be the artist
That paints you in words
Let me be your soft voice of comfort
When your hour comes
All flags will be flown high
Dear Admirer
Don't wait for me
Find me...
Sarah Riordan Feb 2012
Delicate daisies ripped from the earth to create a beautiful bouquet.
An anonymous arrangement with no note; a wordless         love letter.
A  minor mystery is formed that sparks interest as people speak in         wondering whispers
Trivial time in the day elongates stretching into ongoing hours
Subtly searching the faces of boys, young men with hearts and hormones
Who hope for love and romance, too embarrassed to admit their           “feminine” fantasies
The sun sleeps,          the moon comes out, and I put the daisies in a vase    smelling their sweetness
A lamp lights        the room as I change clothes, removing the shirt that matches the     fragrant flowers
I slip off to sleep           as a fan whirs, my breathing slows, and worries turn into           deep dreams
I imagine a face, a person, to go along with those delicate daisies

My anonymous admirer

— The End —