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Je pense à toi ce soir.
Je pense à toi tout le temps.
Passant de blanc à noir,
Les rêves de toi me hantent.
Je pense à toi souvent.
Tôt le matin et **** le soir.
Tu passes dans ma tête à tout bout de champs.
Faut croire que je te t'aime vraiment.
Car je pense à toi à tout moment.

Mariette St-Denis
Feb 2019
One poem per day.
Like a sneaky wild cat hunting its next prey
It makes very little sounds at first
When it's ready to attack however,
You can hear the creeks and cracks under its racing feet a mile away.

A fire log is burning ever so slowly
With it's glorious flames dancing up and down on it's back
The crackling of its parts breaking under the intense heat.
There's a certain beauty in its death.

The prey and the wood log both turn into ash, eventually.

Mariette St-Denis
Poem 18
Why do I do this to myself?
Creating unnecessary stress,
Undesirable pressure.
I can set my own deadlines,
On my own terms.
Yet, why do I feel so guilty
When I miss my own timeframe.
It is kind of ironic really,
As "time" in reality is nothing but an abstract invention.
And "reality" is all about being in the moment.

Mariette St-Denis
Poem 17
So softly, so delicately
It lands on my face.
Another gets caught on my eye lash
And quickly melts away
These snowflakes that come from afar
They flew for a short while,
being swept away somewhere.
Before finally landing
To their final destination.
They cover the trees and the ground
And all the homes too.
Together they form a white blanket,
Creating a spectacular view.

Mariette St-Denis
Poem 16
One poem per day
Your sounds make me shiver.
Your songs make me cry.
Your rythme makes me dance.
Your melody makes me feel alive.

Mariette St-Denis
Poem 15
Hello little being.
So adorable, so cute.
Mischievous and funky,
A real joy as a kitty.

You climb in bed with me
In the middle of the night.
You cuddle so tighly
Under my arm that holds you lovingly.

You fall back asleep profoundly
And stay by my side.
Who knew cats could be,
Such great bed company.

Mariette St-Denis
Poem 14
One poem per day
I used to want to be more like you.
I used to want to be better than you.
I used to want to be different than you.
I used to want to be me.
I just wanted to be happy.
And now that I truly found myself,
I finally am.

Mariette St-Denis
Poem 13
One poem per day in 2021
The Universe had other plans for you Sweet Child.
Not anything we ever expect for such a young one.
You showed up into this world as a princess.
You left it too quickly as a brave fighter.
Only 7 years old with yet 100 years of life experience.
No child should ever be this sick.
No child should ever be tortured by  this terrible disease.
****. You. Cancer.

R.I.P Sophia <3

Mariette St-Denis
Poem 12
Le comble de l'amour est de s'endormir profondément dans les bras de la personne qu'on aime.

Mariette St-Denis
Poem 11
It took me a long time to let you go.
It took me even longer to forgive.
Now I wish I could just forget.

Mariette St-Denis
Poem 10
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