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Karijinbba Jul 2018
My twin flame here I am
Do with me as you please
I surrender to you
Other women complain asking
you why do you love me more then them and you replied...
"why do I not love any of you like I love her?"
"If a blind woman and one who sees are together in darkness, they are the same.
Light comes, the one who sees will see light. The blind one
stays in darkness."
I am yours beloved I see your light my teacher my guru Sage twin flame my everything!
Caress me dance me oh sing me
Lay with me among the wild
flowered fields and bunny meadow prairy land
Spread you my wings I am
in full array near our nudist hill
My Adam your Eve
Or skip this previews
just take me now
Touch me taste me
Climbing becoming one we do our Macchu-picchu mountain each time we touch
many a mountain we shall climb
I won't ever let you down
Reciprocate my lover
I am your true love
I've been waiting for your scripted promises of old for decades to manifest.
Help me bridge this old gap bridge the chasm with
a leap of faith
Help me come out of this world of unreality our old prenuptial script lets jump into life
Let me spill my heart to you
Spill yours and play some nice music no more sad songs
Its sunny and beautiful outside
What a wonderful world
Loving the outdoors
Loving you loving me
Lay me down under the sunny
blue sky by day, let the pine tree aromas after the heavy rains to heighten and sharpen our senses
the evenings long.
Let's lay us both down
under the pomegranate trees examining their sensual hanging fruits that get us so high
Feed me your ripe fruits
I so hunger for you love.
Embrace me gently or grab me
download yourself into my hybrid vessel your inter galactic antivirus, lets wait untill dark falls for the stars to blanket us all night long I am your star seed
ENTER ME the evenings mornings long.
You raise me up like mercury on a thermometer pumping me
Earthquaking me
Fireworks crackling us
Volcanic booms exploding
with each pump fly me higher and higher raise me up, and up
You are the perfect lover
Protective husband amazing father
To this truth I surrender to you
Mate with me jump into Karijinis's hole fly us a honeymoon trip to Australia.
Protect me from the wild beast there here guide me make me into your own image God of love heart of gold like me!
King of hearts
here I am your Queen bee 2
glued together baby two
plus eight more!
There isn't a tree a rose a
Hilton hotel a Travelodge
A Laundry's restaurant
a garden a mountain
Paris Egypt Australia Africas starry sky
Not any place on Earth
Where I can't find you
You are omnipresent in my world even crossroads and street lights define you
You love like I do your eye moves are my own!
your smile is my own!
There isn't a Space Center rocket
Not any Star System
That won't remind me of you:
looking at me, waiting
Longing praying
for me to understand you.
You were the only one who
truly loved me just for me!
Everywhere I look I see you
I died amnesic in Greece and Veracruz there I wished I was never born
we all have our ways
of jumping off cliffs.
I fell into the abyss and I died again when Nasus answered phone in our home in Kemah
saying you two had a son!
I believed her lie
Lover of  life!
Giver of life
Love of my life
Lord G* heaven i missed you all my life
I sing and dance for you
Lord son of G
miss you my E.T divine
I surender to you
do with me
as you please.
rdd/pjc I'm bba/asg
remember me as
something very
dear and precious
you promed me
my true love
I love you adore you forever yours in
mind heart body spirit soul.
By: Karijinbba
All rights reserved:
excerpts from my first memoir
Aplicable {1974 through 1995-
up to 2006) sorry we didn't change the world where rich
marry poor
and women not men rule
no more wars
no more wars!
Lost Jun 2017
I will never give up on you.
No matter how hard the tide pushes,
no matter how strong the wind may blow,
I will stand with you,
strong and tall.
are afraid and brave.
am terrified and resilient.
we are in love.
we will overcome.
we are one.
Nor hell or high water,
will tear us apart.
Mike Hauser  Jul 2015
My Surender
Mike Hauser Jul 2015
I've written them all down
The terms of my surrender
I've had them notarized
Ready to pass them all along

Things will now be better
Once it is that I surrender
The terms and the conditions
I'm giving you my all

I'm bringing out the white flag
Waving this way and that
With everything that I have
I'm coming over to your side

I'm showing you I mean it
The opposing team I'm leaving
A classic case of treason
I'm laying down my life
Poetic T Jun 2018
Waving my tattered coat among
the waves of anger that floods
                                               past me.
I surrendered before this even began.
           homeless lullabies filtered though
my sleep the screams and echoes of
           a singular piece of lead silencing others.

But the azure bleed cerise on the pavement.
            Taking identities of fallen heroes,
never questioning but shaded beyond morals.
A tide was crashing upon the pavement of

There didn't seem to be a life of Black & White.
           but the fact that I seemed to be less
of worth than others pigment.
I held my tattered coat visible to those who
                          where dressed as if for war.
I was the first causality of the night,
                                   hands up in surrender

But as bleed on the floor I thought
                                                           "Why me"
Gloraeanna  Feb 2016
Gloraeanna Feb 2016
Surender your sorrows
And save yourself
Set your sights
And sing your song
- Zachery Wylie
My husband, sitting next to me playing Zombies, noticed I was writing on my phone and began to speak the words of this poem. Pretty good for someone who doesn't make a hobby of writing don't you think?
Kewayne Wadley Jun 2016
Over by the lake in thought, I sat and I  pondered.
Wondering of a love that would wash my sins away.
To be made a new in such a drenching sensation.
To be bathed in the ways of a beating heart.
With every smile, every word spoken.
I feel that she's near, Over by the lake in thought.
I would give anything to confess such profession.
My body; a nibble of bread in her everlasting thought.
Baptized in the blink of her eye.
Should the wells of her eyes ever dry I'd refill them with whatever tear I can provide.
To what tide do I offer such communion.
To find myself awaken in her eyes.
Every smile that flourishes across her face.
To imagine heaven with every step that she takes. The way the sun caresses her face,
Would this be considered blasphemy,
Becoming one with every breath that escapes her chest, caught by my lips.
This euphoric happening of any time, any place.
This mental elation, elevated with each throb of her heart.
I sit and I ponder,
Would she believe such testimonial.
The fear of an dream ending too soon.
Struggling to go to sleep and place myself where I saw her last.
With words unspoken
The total embodiment of total surender
Harriet Shea Sep 2018
Where are you my flame of the Universe? know
your out their, just can't see your light
radiating my way.

I know your there, and will arrive one
day in the shadows of my darkened spere
your a living, part of mother Universe
a living part of me, my flame twin of
love, enlightened knowledge of intellectual

How senses explore regions of sufficating
surender, timeless infinity, through
dimensional space.

Spiritual love of universal matter collect
all intellent knowledge and understanding
of life as we now know it.

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)

— The End —