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Austin Morrison Oct 2017
No.1 I have a fear of heights and I'm okay with that because I fall for you every day which keeps me close enough to the ground that I feel safe.

No.2 The dark. I do not like the inability to see, imagine being trapped in a space with no light, nothing to reach for but just a void of emptiness. You cannot find a place much darker than a blackened, hallowed heart. There are no signs of life, with no trace of light. Yet you still managed to find your way around it, walking aimlessly as if you knew where to go. I was afraid of the darkness within, until you lit a flame inside Of me, trying to send a signal fire to my sanity.

No.3 spiders, nothing poetic I just think they are creepy. Eight legs of **** and they have no need on my life!

No.4 I imagine being on an island stranded alone knowing no-one could find me, while I sit there huddle next to a tree with no reason to move forward. I feel a warm touch press on my shoulder. I open my eyes, everything seems different the white scattered sand is now my bed. waves which held me back from moving forward, now my blanket which seems to feel heavier than a tsunami of depression and deep thoughts. I lay there stuck being buried by the sand and drown by waves. Being held down by my past and worries of my future. two hands lifted all the weight off me, I looked up and there she was, she grabbed me by the...

No.5 my heart is beating faster and faster as I run an endless marathon. My palms get sweaty, it gets harder to breathe as if I was trapped in space with no air tank. I try to push through I will not let myself drop out of this one so early. I have a fear to love, not of love but to love. I want to find it but I'm too afraid of letting myself become vulnerable as if I'm joining a war with no gun just my heart hoping not to get shot down but be accepted with open arms. I have scars and battle wounds from past wars. But for no reason, you lent a hand to patch me up. You showed me not all wars are worth fighting Alone, so we joined hands and walked strong. I am afraid to love, I am not afraid to say I love. I am afraid to say I love anyone who isn't you.
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Eryri Aug 2018
We married not so young
After many years of fun:
That was the biggest
of my wife.

We doomed our partnership
In a Holy building
Cursed by a sunken ship
Weighed down by gold
Tossed in a storm
And battered by rock:
Marriage was
the biggest
of my wife.

I jest of course
- not of the ship,
that part is true -
The biggest
of my life
Was not marrying her sooner.
ThatBrokenOne Dec 2018
In this milky way galaxy there is a solar system.
In this solar system there is a planet, earth.
On this planet there is a continent,
In this continent there is a country.
In that country is a province,
In that province is a township.
In that township is a town,
In that town is a street,
In that street is a house,
In that house is a room,
In that room sits a person,
In that person is a mind.
That mind is me,
Tiny and small,
And yet it thinks it is the biggest of them all.
Why, why does it think it can have every thing,
While it has never had a great life.
Why does it thinks it knows all,
While there is yet so many things we don't understand, at all.
Why does it keep thinking,
While all it does is, making it self sad and full of pain.
Is there an off switch?
Is there any way to stop it at all?
Is there anything?
Or is it just an empty void?
Me is just to tiny and small,
And yet it thinks it is the biggest of them all.
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