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1.2k · Feb 2013
Rachel Procopio Feb 2013
I guess it's time to face the past.
All the love that didn't last.
All happened for a reason,
Life changes like the seasons.
In a cycle, until we come to an end.
Loving and losing, picking and choosing.
Done and finished, demolished and diminished.
We close doors, to bring us to others,
others that show us the way,
our way, your way, and my way.
What's done is done.
The rest has just begun.
1.1k · Feb 2013
The Old Lady
Rachel Procopio Feb 2013
On a Tuesday afternoon I stumbled upon a park,
There was an old lady staring at tree bark,
She told me she could give me some light to bring me out of the dark.
She started telling me a story and I heard her say,
Don't worry about the boy that got away,
Let him stray, just obey.
He doesn't know what he's doing,
Isn't that obvious enough?
You're the diamond and he's still looking in the rough.
He passed up the best thing that could ever happen to him,
Now his happiness will never meet the brim,
And his light is going dim.
Young lady, you must listen close,
Your man is not the man that brags and boasts.
Your man is the man who will bring you to all the coasts.
Young lady, you must listen well,
In finding love you will accel,
Don't let your demons drag you to hell,
Because you're an angel with wings.
Then, she rang a bell.
621 · Feb 2013
Rachel Procopio Feb 2013
I haven't had a curse,
It's a blessing,
I can overcome the stressing.
With each breath,
I feel the vibration of the earth,
Like the vibrations we felt before our mothers gave birth.
Now that we're not blind,
We see it rearranged,
And don't you think it's time for our entire planet to change?
Close your eyes and focus,
We would make whatever we believed.
The hope for our world of happiness would most definitely be achieved.
603 · Feb 2013
Rachel Procopio Feb 2013
As I feel the day come to an end,
My body sends down shivers again.
As I sit alone and try to ascend.
Breathing in, and breathing out.
Never yell, never shout.

Slowing down, I let my body lift.
I think I've discovered the greatest gift.
580 · Apr 2017
Opal Flowers
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
We wallowed in the valleys of the opal flowers, they danced until they showered into a storm, unlike the norm of others, they stood real still, then twisted until, their roots were in one another's. they grew real high into the sky, the clouds blew by, we couldn't believe what we were seeing, the opal flowers powerfully beaming, but then again they got real still, and the air got chill, was I going insane? The flowers turned into a hurricane! But they didn't move, they did this for a moment then it went askew, right in front of my eyes, i watched the opal flowers own demise. They twisted too much they turned to dust, but it fell gold and blue, with hints of purple too, and we tried to take some but the dust can't be moved, well life's a mystery, who's to say what is fair, no one can pick the opal flowers but they are still right there
written on 4/30/2015
527 · Apr 2017
Spilt Milk
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
They say don't cry over spilt milk,
But this isn't just a glass of milk,
This was the best milkshake I've ever had,
Complete with whipped cream and a cherry,
The smoothest blend of cream and sugar to ever meet my tastebuds,
And it wasn't just spilt over, it was knocked out of my hands.
Written on 11/12/16
514 · Apr 2017
No Remorse
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
We all had to be a water droplet,
a blade of grass,
a piece of metal and shard of glass,
We all had to be an air molecule,
a mess of dirt,
we all have died and we've all gave birth. We've all been insects that live in the earth. We all had to be fleas,
We all had to dogs,
We all had to be Lilly pads and had to be frogs.
We all had to give and we all had to take,
We all had to lose and we all had to make, We're all on one team so we all have a say.
We are the characters and life is a play,
A roles a role but still we must not delay.
Your path is the only thing in your way.
We've all been here before but we don't have to stay.
Enlighten and leave,
the cycles recede,
and birth is at death,
a spiritual world of love and light is all that will be left,
without our skin we look within and see at our best,
the problems we had in life were nothing but a test.
Individual strength brings you closer to the source,
so never look back in remorse.
Written on 2/20/17
481 · Feb 2013
A Better Place
Rachel Procopio Feb 2013
I got a life full of mistakes,
left untouched like a poisonous snake.
I have a soul full of fire,
I hear the angels sing out in a celestial choir.
I held my head and prayed,
and in that old field I laid.
I asked for a better place,
where my dreams are kept safe.
They said one day it will come,
it's in a pattern like the sun,
how it comes and goes,
like how it shines then it snows.
They told me to be patient,
everything happens within time,
so I hope that it's true because I'm still waiting in line.
Rachel Procopio Feb 2013
I won't let myself **** myself, not again. The winds, they blow for me. The sun, it shines for me . Don't you see it for yourself. I won't let myself **** myself. It's happened enough, my heart aches are worse than your kind. My heart was once so happy it exploded and lost itself, another time it was so sad that it healed and found itself. I won't let myself **** myself. Am I deranged or consumed with too many thoughts for one brain. Am I confused or am I just insane. Will I be forgotten or will I have fame? Are all my dreams wasted, my words useless, my strive undesired, my strength underestimated, will I always be that dusty book on your shelf? I won't let myself **** myself.
456 · Apr 2017
Angel Breath
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
Angels breath and crystalline skies,
The world I prefer to live in without lies,
Introspection for the wise,
For a life with love you must compromise.
To have light you must have dark,
If all you have is bark you can still make a spark. Believe in the spirit of your heart,
It's an under developed art. Know it and see it, do what's right to retrieve it. Anything is possible at your will, so breathe deep and let your loveliness spill.
Written on 9/21/16
436 · Feb 2013
What We Give
Rachel Procopio Feb 2013
Life gets hard when you can't see through the rain,
when you want to cry but you can't stand to feel the pain.
When you know you should let it go and start anew,
that's when the truth starts killing you.
When you can't stand to look at their face,
but you do it any way to keep the memories in place.
When you try to relate but they don't understand,
so they throw you out like you don't belong on the land.
When you try to control the thoughts in your head,
from manifesting, you shoot them down dead,
but they rise up again and try to take your power,
that's when you kneel down before the tower,
you pray to whatever you believe and shut your eyes,
you wait for the answers to your prayers and your cries.
Be light like a bird that flies,
and remember the angels can see through your lies.
In the end all we want is what we give,
a reason to smile and live.
434 · Apr 2017
I c u in M e
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
Maybe in the symmetry of life were all the same,
just mirrors in the flesh driving each other insane.
You think you're so different, you're the one to blame.
Imagine us as sand, were all just grains,
imagine us as grass, were all just blades,
imagine us as the ocean, were all just waves.
it's okay to be different of course, that's not what I'm dealing,  
but just don't gloat about being better like nobody else has feelings.  
We're all the same, all got brains,
unwanted pains, all binded by chains,
trying to escape the insane.
We all just want honesty.
written on 2/26/2014
414 · Apr 2017
Down And Steady
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
I feel like a burden, an inconvenience, a waste of breath, a waste of time, annoying all living things that come near me. I can't shake this feeling and I cry to myself, I cry myself to sleep, I hide my face as I weep, from my family and friends, even my pets. I don't want them to see me upset, to be more of an inconvenience. Don't ask me if I'm okay, don't waste your time, I've done enough of that already, I'm just down, down and steady.
Written on 4/1/17
399 · Feb 2013
Rachel Procopio Feb 2013
We're all angels, we've just been disguised.
Looking and searching for happiness in our lives.
If only we all came to know,
what' s meant to be known.
One day we will be shown,
How all of our beautiful flowers are grown.
387 · Apr 2017
For Evan
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
we set off 4 lanterns for you
4 letters like your name,
We lit them together,
All feeling the same,
4 like your day of birth,
2 days after you left this earth.
We watched them float into the sky,
As we comforted eachother
and asked ourselves why.
The tears came streaming,
We shared a cry,
Witnessing them carried away so high,
Forming different patterns, divine.
A shooting star flew in front of our eyes,
A gift from you from the after life.
Written on 3/15/17
386 · Apr 2017
Highs And Lows
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
Life has a way of giving you exactly what you need to grow. Blessings in disguise. Sometimes you need to completely breakdown to build yourself up again. Sometimes you need to waste your time to realize how precious time is. Sometimes you have to be cold so you can warm up again. Life is a balance of highs and lows. It comes and goes.
Written on 3/28/17
355 · Apr 2017
Choose Love
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
The seeds we plant will grow
Only if we water them
But be careful what you plant
And what you water with
You can grow flowers
Or you can grow weeds
You can water with hope
Or you can water with fear
You can grow forests
You can destroy fields
Of beautiful ever-afters
Of never thought of beginnings
Written on 4/14/16
331 · Apr 2017
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
I was going to buy you a star from the sky
But man doesn't own the universe
So they're all for you
Every last glimmer
Every last speck
Is for you
Written on 4/16/17
319 · Feb 2013
Break Free
Rachel Procopio Feb 2013
It's taken many hard nights to realize,
I have all the stars in all the skies.
I own the clouds and the grass,
I own the iron and the brass.
I have the vibrancy of the biggest stars,
I have the knowledge, I've been to mars.
I know the truth and truth knows me,
I'm as vast as the ocean sea.
I'm more than what I seem to be.
316 · Apr 2017
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
You have constellations on your skin
Tiny freckled marks
Creating fire from within
and setting off sparks
Written on 3/9/17
308 · Jun 2017
Anything for you
Rachel Procopio Jun 2017
Drink all the liqueur in every bar,
Jump in front of speeding cars,
Take my life to spare yours,
Get down on all fours.
    Anything for you.

Jump from Pluto to Mars,
Capture every single star,
Swim across the seven seas,
    Anything to make you stay with me.

Tie my tongue into a knot,
Stumble on the words I sought,
Rob the bank and dont get caught,
Look at all these things I bought,
    Anything for you.

Lose myself in a trance,
As long as you will have this dance,
I'll try not to step on your toes,
Let's just go with the rhythm as it flows,
Left, right, spin me around,
Spiraling down into the ground,
Something beautiful has been found,
What I've been searching for has been unearthed,
With you I feel re-birthed,
Refurbished, and renewed.
    All because of you.

Even if you throw me away like an old bill,
I will come running back, still,
    For you, I will.
280 · Apr 2017
From Dust To Dust
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
We turn back into dust everyday
We slowly decay
Some of us corrode much faster
Some of us turn into dark matter
Some of us turn into foam
Some of us are left alone
Some of us stay here forever
And this is my souls greatest endeavor
Life after life and lesson after lesson
Dissecting the product to get the blessing
Shining light into my heart to receive the message,
Live and let go, no time for stressing.
Written on 6/27/16
276 · Apr 2017
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
The apocalypse is coming,
I heard them scream,
It will only take a minute to wake from this dream,
Then I turned and I saw peaceful waters turn into a violent stream,
I looked up and I saw our light blue sky turn dark green,
I noticed the animals running away at their fastest speed,
I heard the wind say "this is what the earth needs."
Has a minute passed, when will I wakeup?
I want to get out before the land below me is shook up.
I looked up again at the sky,
I saw the earths reflection way up high.
Is that a mirror in the heavens,
So we can watch our own demise?
Time stood still, the wind ceased,
The wrinkles in my forehead creased,
The sun exploded, only moments away from impact, but the earth imploded and I was still in tact.
written on 6/18/15
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
How will you go out?
Some of us will ride off into the sunset on a horse, some of us will take the safe way and stay on course, some of us will get lost on our way, only to be found, some of us will turn into snow and fall softly on the ground. Some of us will grow real big wings and fly into the sky, some of us will stay on earth and ask ourselves why. The road is long but the trip is short, we've got to live in love, or something of the sort. One day we'll be judged like court, but the jurors are dimensional beings, masters of the tide, and we'll only get to transform if they see love in our eyes. So will you go out like a rocket? Will you float off like a ship? Will you travel the world with bright eyes and a busted lip? The world is yours and the world is mine, we're just on a journey through struggles, space and time.
written on 4/15/16
267 · Feb 2013
Rachel Procopio Feb 2013
you only said that cause she's sitting there crying,
would you say the same thing if she was laying there dying?
would you walk out of that door without a second thought,
would you run away scorning that you fought?
would you still say you were sick of her then,
if you knew you were never going to see her again?
would you be able to live with yourself,
knowing that she only wanted what was best for you and your health?
would you take back all the mean things you said,
if you knew that she was soon to be dead?
it's never to late to make it right,
say your prayers every night,
and say what you truly mean, it doesn't need to rhyme,
just make sure you tell her you love her while there's still time.
262 · Apr 2017
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
I wanna be free, I wanna run,
I wanna fall asleep with the moon
And rise up with the sun
Written on 10/9/16
259 · Apr 2017
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
I am much more than this body.
I'm a temple, I'm a soul, I'm a mind.
Sometimes I'm a movie stuck on rewind.
Reminiscing and replaying,
All the times I was decaying.
I am much more than this body,
That will fade with time,
Nothing lasts forever,
Not even this rhyme.
Written on 1/26/16
258 · Apr 2017
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
Sometimes them certain people come around, those beacons of light in a world consumed in darkness. A spark of hope, to light the fire, of love and true desire. A break in the wind.
Written on 2/15/17
257 · Apr 2017
Tame Your Brain
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
How buried is your brain
Is it so deep you've gone insane
Or is it centimeters from achieving fame
Whether it is or not you are not to blame
It could take your whole life to tame
Is your heart still beating
Is the flutter fleeting
Or is it planting seedlings
Is it big and strong
Or weak and wrong
Whether it is or not you are not to blame
It could take your whole life to tame
Are your eyes still pearly white
Or are your eyes full of fire and fight
With the light, you'll have your sight
Not every day but on quiet nights
Are they still breathtaking in a good way
I know it's hard for you to say
Whether they are or they're not you are not to blame
It could take your whole life to obtain
Written on 1/24/17
256 · Apr 2017
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
Keep your mind clear
And hold on to your halo.
There's distress in the night,
But there is nothing to fear.
Forgetting Everything's All Right,
Creates delusions that steer,
In the wrong direction,
Stay true to yourself,
Allow introspection.
Give thanks and get your blessing.
This ain't nothing but a session,
Get straight A's then decay into the message.
Written on 6/24/2016
254 · Nov 2018
See You Later
Rachel Procopio Nov 2018
I am grateful
For life
And time spent with you
Though minutes turn in to hours
Turn in to days, without you
I am happy
We had years
Though many tears
Now pour
Thank you for being here
While you could
I’m sorry if I ever misunderstood
I will still smile
At memories that we made
And know that they
Will never fade
249 · Sep 2017
Rachel Procopio Sep 2017
I'm turning in tidals
I'm sleeping in waves
I'm crashing in metal
I'm living in graves

I'm cursed like a sailor
Born to enslave
A memory of trials,
A gloom made of grays
247 · Apr 2017
Invisible Demons
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
Invisible demons
Swirling through my brain
Some days they stay silent
Some days I go insane
They can be relentless,
Like cancer causing pain
A needle ***** to the finger,
Or a hundred heavy chains
Inside my head they're safe,
They've found their hiding place,
Comfy as can be, eating off my plate
Killing off my brain cells and feeding the beast, oh my what a mighty ******* feast
Written on 12/10/16
245 · Apr 2017
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
Sacred under bruises,
The book which confuses,
Our true nature.
Which is to overcome and never carry,
We shouldn't step to the drum when things get scary.
To stand in the face of fear is to master,
Conquering your demons in the place of disaster. Undermining envy and greed,
Excavating the land that delegates the seven seas. Closing our eyes and revealing, that spirit that connects us is so appealing. Uplifting, shedding, through the sifting, we're forgetting. But remembering so much more, the soul that combines us to the core.
Fear less, and love much more.
Written on 10/26/16
244 · Jun 2019
You’re Just Like The Wind
Rachel Procopio Jun 2019
Carrying a fallen leaf,
Over the grass, to cement,
Kept afloat through the torment,
Through the shadows
and down dark halls,
Fluttering above and never falls,
Although unseen, it’s felt throughout,
Lifting up, and clearing doubt.
Disappearing for a moment or two,
Always to return,
Lifting up the leafs’ weak body again.  
Guiding once more through cellar doors, Elevating through the window to tomorrow’s forevermore’s.

Although unseen, it’s clear as day,
You’re just like the wind.
244 · Apr 2017
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
When I'm gone I'll be in the land, I'll be in the wind, I'll be in the sand. I'll be in the the leaves, and in the trees, I'll be gone but I'll still be here, you may think I'm far but I'm really near. Even your prayers I can hear, know there's nothing to fear. I want you to smile because it's not the end, we'll rejoice when we meet again.
Written on 3/5/2015
224 · Apr 2017
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
Am I the only one who feels like a hermit in a shell,
Keeping to myself and escaping from hell,
Wanting to stay in all I can,
I don't even want to go out if they gave me a hand.
It's easy to misinterpret, I know it's hard to understand.
I feel like I don't belong on this land.
This earth, this here, this atmosphere, this fire, this air, this waters not fair.
How could I trust, the humans here,
scary and cause so much fear, like the devils inside them and bringing him near,
So I stay to myself, like a hermit in its shell, am I the only one who feels this way, I will never tell.
I don't want to leave, I just want to stay, inside my thoughts, every day, I'm safe here, can't run away,
My own lifeguard, here to save the day.
It's easy to misinterpret, it's hard to understand, I kick myself when I fall down then I  give myself a hand.
I need to let down some barriers and knock down some walls,
Energy needs released, can you feel it at all?
Written on 4/30/2015
222 · Apr 2017
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
Spread light, love life,
Spirit high, never deny,
The true energy within my soul,
Never gets cold, never grows old,
Living life bold, could never sell my soul, it's made of gold, makes the lesser fold, over like a domino, shot like all my foe, they alWays low.
Need to get higher, quit being a liar,
And speak the truth, and live it too,
Be your greatest good, you always should,
shine bright like the morning light,
that wakes you out your sleep,
quit catching Z's, through counting sheep, meditate and elevate your mind, so much inside you could never find, unless you try.
So keep at it, don't lose your cool,
a big wallet will keep you going
but with an empty mind you will
always be a fool.
206 · Apr 2017
Never Lose Sight
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
You're now gone and I'm still here

I know that you are far but near

Yet sadness still slowly steers

Our bodies deteriorating gears

Spinning amidst the atmosphere

In dark days and light nights

I see you shining bright

A legendary light

And it is so clear

I will never lose sight
Of your light

Because you're now gone
and I'm still here.
Written on 5/12/2016
201 · Apr 2017
sorry for your loss
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
In times like these we cannot be selfish with our pain.
It's ******* okay to feel sad.
it's okay to get mad.
It's okay to sit and reminisce and miss,
It's okay to pray that things can get better from this,
It's okay to get drunk, it's okay to get high,
In these times it's okay to do whatever you have to do to feel alive,
But just know that that's a crutch and when that's gone, you might feel crushed.
So it's okay to ******* scream
It's okay to ******* yell
It's okay to curse from heaven all the way down to hell.
Written on 3/7/16
186 · Apr 2017
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
I saw that the world I was living in was really all lies, I felt my soul reach the height of the supernatural current, I saw dreams come alive, all of this was during, a simple breakdown of my mind, body and soul, I was hesitant at the beginning thought I lost control but that's what it's about, just letting go and letting love, giving in but never giving up, see the truth you won't be stuck, keep on moving, keep up.
written on 7/20/2013
182 · Apr 2017
G o n e T o o S o o n
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
You never know who it will happen to
You never know when it will be
You never know where or how

But then it happens
T h e y ' r e  g o n e

Without a warning,
Without a goodbye,
Their body is left empty

And there is no going back
And this happens again
It happens a lot
And you never expect it to
But it does

And the sayings that have been pounded into your head all of your life come to mind,
Live like every day is your last &
Don't take anything for granted
Written on 11/28/2015
173 · Apr 2017
Don't Grow Cold
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
The autumn rain,
Turns to snow,
Without pain,
We never grow.
The temperature drops,
Everything turns to ice,
You search in shops,
To find some advice.
The sky is so clear,
The moon looks so near,
Love is nothing to fear,
Stay close to me dear.
written on 3/5/2015
172 · Apr 2017
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
******* anxiety,
For dragging me down,
Through the dirt where no hope is found,
******* anxiety,
For making me think,
So many bad thoughts till I hit the brink.
******* anxiety,
For sounding me out,
I'll have a good thought
Then you drown it out.
******* anxiety,
For making me sweat,
My palms can't even light up a cigarette.
******* anxiety,
For making my heart race,
A billion butterflies with a bitter taste.
******* anxiety,
For holding me back,
Reminding me everyday of qualities I lack.
******* anxiety,
For shaking me to my core,
Like an earthquake ready to explore.
******* anxiety,
For making me miss,
A hundred beautiful memories full of bliss.
******* anxiety,
I'm done with you please,
You might come back begging,
On your hands and knees.
******* anxiety,
I'm done with your disease.
Written on 3/4/2016
170 · Apr 2017
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
During the day we have light and shadows, in the night we have darkness and stars.
No matter what time of the day it is, or what day, cause everyday, you got to remember you have to have a little bit of darkness to appreciate the light.
Written on 3/15/2015
165 · Apr 2017
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
Sometimes I wish I could pull out my heart
so you can see it for yourself
and I wouldn't have to speak
written on 10/21/2013
165 · Apr 2017
Bad daze
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
Everyone's a critic but they got nothing to critique,
I punch my hand through the mirror,
blood fills up the sink,
I try to keep my calm but I'm always on the brink,
they tell me it's all good, just calm down and think,
but that makes nothing better,
it's like putting on a sweater in 90 degree weather,
suffacting my soul, trying to take control,
my mind has a mind of its own,
I tell it to stop being a child, I'm grown,
but that's never shown.
Maybe I'm just weak, people think that I'm a tweak, can't keep my cool, I'm such a fool.
Written on 1/16/2015
162 · Apr 2017
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
the earth melted, I saw it coming. The ground folded, I found it funny. The sky turned green and the grass turned blue, i forgot to tie my shoelace but I'm  not wearing shoes. The birds swam and the fish flew, I breathed water, and didnt turn blue. I came in last but I won the medal, I won the foot race but actually pedaled. I broke the law and won a prize, I lost my mind but didnt cry. I saw a ghost it was in real life, I got shot by a gun in a dream last night.
written on 7/10/13
162 · Apr 2017
New Giants
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
There's some giants, who are shunned for being defiant, they sent tigers, they sent lions just to see if they could find em. They killed one, killed two, giants not sure of what to do, killed three, killed four, could there be any more? Killed 5 killed 6, how do they all fall for the tricks, it's sad to say that till this day, the giants are still shunned, their hearts at bay, so they stay, hiding from the sun, and like these creatures, we have features that aren't so much fun, but we lie so well, no one could ever tell, that we wear the same shell, were quite the same, but if they knew, they would hunt us too, and we'd only have ourselves to blame.
Written on 4/20/2015

— The End —