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John Ruiz Nov 2020
Can you catch the carton
as it tumbles off the shelf?
Or will your shame be recorded in 
your cold, white reflection
on the kitchen floor.

And will you be reminded by
the banana peel on your car dashboard
as you contemplate, in the churning
between dashed and solid lines.
KAE Jul 2018
Gemini are notorious for having “split” personalities, and I am no different. I have two sides of me that are always at war within me.

Both the Devil and the Angel within me are trying to influence me, in the form of thoughts running through my head that makes it seem like i'm talking to myself.

I emphasizes on the fact that my character is composed into two parts, the ‘angel,’ the one that wants to do good not only for myself but also for others, and also the ‘devil,’ the selfish, more arrogant division in my persona that drives me to do things that’ll make me stray off the path of righteousness.

Elena and Katerina, which again connotes the incredible duality and polarity of my character. Even though it seems like they’re almost two different people, they’re most definitely one whole character.

My inner good realized what I am doing is dangerous, but my inner demons insist on coming out at night. When I say “not closing the curtains”, im showing the real dark half of myself.
Hannah Beasley Jan 2018
Writing out my every thought
For thousands of you I have bought
Your ink spilt on paper, forms such beautiful words
we could write amazing music, much like songbirds
You portray all my emotions
Which could fill many many  oceans
Your ink, it comes in a rainbow of colors
When reading your work my heart flutters
You are, always there when I fall
Help me, for we could build mountains quite tall
Free like a butterfly
You leave a trail for everyone nearby
Beauty in your gracious flight
You are the victor in every fight
Building a skyscraper
As your point dances across paper
Its as if you know everything
You make me wanna sing
You show a world of pure imagination
Proving the beauty of creation
Drawing the blood from my hand
To write stories of wonderland
You are like a bridge of communication
You do this with much confrontation
Spewing life's essence with every swift movement
But staying in the limelight
You shout so loud, without even speaking
brain matter leaking
Leaving every brow furled because
You control this whole **** world
Ryan Holden Nov 2017
Loose lips - loose we sit,
rain drops - love birds kiss
Spilling emotion
with rain that drips,
Hands on your cheeks,
Hands on your hips,
We dance in the rain
We share all our pain,
We fall and we trip
We clutch and we slip,
into ones arms grip
Then just like that
all of the love
held in was spilt,
with just one tip.
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
They say don't cry over spilt milk,
But this isn't just a glass of milk,
This was the best milkshake I've ever had,
Complete with whipped cream and a cherry,
The smoothest blend of cream and sugar to ever meet my tastebuds,
And it wasn't just spilt over, it was knocked out of my hands.
Written on 11/12/16
D Mar 2017
I got it
I finally understand
it was never you that I wanted
but instead
the drama that you presented
some would even call it a plot conflict
You see, I'm a writer
I see the world through different eyes
eyes that sometimes aren't mine
so sometimes
my mind is taken over
and my thoughts, they stray

I'm a hopeless romantic
but that doesn't equate
I've never before been so afraid
of my own self
of the words that could come out
because I understand,
and now I have to learn to separate
the who I am from the who I create
it's exhausting being me every single day
the fantasies pop up and leave me dismayed
always in a sour mood, unsure of who I am
of the choices I've made

a line has been drawn and I'm sticking too it
I know that these thoughts aren't me, but lighter fluid
and it's me that holds the power
the lighter only a tool
passion is fire
my inspiration is crude
been toying with this idea for a while
Zoromir Jan 2016
I met you there with a nervous smile
and left knowing you'd be here awhile.
You were different to anyone I've ever known,
used to have a tendency to drink alone
but something about you,changed me somehow.
You gave me your best and I gave you my worst
Why let me in to just get hurt?

But moments stay,
when people leave
and I still remember

Late nights and buses
Running and laughing
'Till I would starting crying,
you were so drunk out your mind

But moments stay,
when people leave
and I still remember

Dancing in the kitchen in the refrigerator light
and sitting on the roof late at night
seeing all the world from above

Kissing and fighting
Running and laughing
I loved last December
Don't think I don't remember

Moments stay,
when people leave
and I still remember,
that night in December.
Not sure about this one but meh

— The End —