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 Sep 2019 ruby
and I think the part
that gives me the most pain
is the fact that i will always love you
and you will never feel the same
Oh well
 Sep 2019 ruby
it's just izz
she was not the sun
nor the brightest star

she was the quiet, unassuming moon;
gentle gleaming light that tumbled
through my window sill,

silver strands of mercury woven
through her starshine hair
that beamed

just as bright
as anything else in
this galaxy
 Sep 2019 ruby
2:06 pm
 Sep 2019 ruby
i need to stop
setting myself on fire
to keep you warm.
i keep burning for you.
 Jul 2019 ruby
 Jul 2019 ruby
She was everything
She was cool nights and sweaters
Mint leaves and tea
She was the softest shade of a morning flower
And when she laughed
The leaves shuddered against the simple chime
Her long soft hair was the color of maple pancakes and coffee in the morning
And also smelled like so
The wind would twirl it around its fingers
And sing against her peach skin
Her lashes, so long, would shine against the stars
And when she looked down
They seemed to reach to her toes
Lady bugs would crawl along the soft hairs and daze off into sleep
She never seemed to mind
Her full pink lips
Were soft and pure
Her tongue never spoke a trick
Even though she could
Her smile could freeze the entire world
And turn it to winter in a second
Though she preferred the flowers
Her eyes were so big with wonder
They were the color of water and sky
And seemed to flow like a running stream
Her body was so light and delicate
That the trees held her against their branches
Afraid that if they let go she would evaporate like the dew on a cherry blossom
She was so beautiful and pure that she seemed too good to be true
She could cure the world’s problems with a single sentence
And turn hate into a blissful state
She was everything
She was the crisp air on an April morning
The soft fuzz on a lavender stem
She was lace bras and chapped lips
And she was a sight to see
I'm not a lesbian i swear lol
 Jul 2019 ruby
 Jul 2019 ruby
You are the moon
Dark and lonely
and looking for a friend
And I am the star
sitting right behind you
Praying for you to turn around
Please just turn around
 Jul 2019 ruby
 Jul 2019 ruby
because loving you
is like trying to stargaze
on a cloudy night
I'm sorry
 Jul 2019 ruby
 Jul 2019 ruby
You tell me
To follow
My heart
I ask you
Which piece
Lost and confused
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