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Oct 2019 · 483
the florist
ruby Oct 2019
holding on to what we've been
is like keeping a flower that died
and all my tears are water I'm wasting
trying to bring it back to life
Oct 2019 · 198
Let there be life
ruby Oct 2019
Sometimes I like to come up here
where the sirenes fade
and where's less smoke in the air
Under me the ruins and the ash
glowing in the red light of these last days
I can't see any living beings
only the broken hope of a world we lost
So I turn my head
watching the stars instead
watching the universe in this lonely night
let there be life
let there be life
let there be life
Sep 2019 · 52
Mind the ocean
ruby Sep 2019
I don't beg you to stay when you choose to go
But you should remember
who fought the waves that tried
to wash away your colours back then
It wasn't those perfect shiny girls
you hang out with now
It wasn't him
you spend the nights texting with now
It was me, and I almost drowned myself keeping you above water
And now you learned how to swim,
and you don't need me anymore
I'm just a part of the past you want to forget
So go ahead, I'll be okay,
Done with hiding
under this sparkling blue surface
Done with holding my breath
You got to make it through the next storm on your own
Because I won't spend my life in freezing water waiting for you to need me.
Sep 2019 · 175
behind the light
ruby Sep 2019
And no one ever tries
to look behind the light
'cause beauty shines so bright
makes everybody blind
they don't care what's inside
the chaos in her mind
a world that's self-designed
where everyday's a fight
Can't reach across that line
can't keep away the night
still she will be alright
one time
Sep 2019 · 44
shouldn’t force love
ruby Sep 2019
And maybe I should just accept
we had our try, I don’t regret
Things start and end and life goes on
You came, you stayed and now you’re gone
Just wish I had a few days more
finding out if you’re who I’m made for
But I see it’s better this way around
cause you shouldn’t force love where it won’t be found
Aug 2019 · 549
someone else's sky
ruby Aug 2019
You think we matter
and you think we’ve gone far?
I will teach you better
how much matters a star?

Not a lot, insignificant
It's just one tiny light
but we look the same
in someone else's sky
Jul 2019 · 667
ruby Jul 2019
You were so broken
that I destroyed myself
trying to fix you.

Now I'm the one falling apart
while you found someone else to hold you.
Jul 2019 · 70
ruby Jul 2019
take away my fear
that I'll not reach the stars
take away my thoughts
about how nothing lasts
wash away my silence
the words caught inside me
wash away the past to see
the girl that I could be
Jul 2019 · 442
ruby Jul 2019
And yes, it feels like I’m falling apart
trying to hold everything together
Jul 2019 · 67
ruby Jul 2019
Tell me what’s the point in trying
when no one seems to see,
What’s the point in listening
when no one speaks to me?

Why am I standing at your door
knowing you won’t open it
Why do I try to get your love
knowing there’s not left a bit?

I’m aware I should stop hoping
cause I put my dreams too high
I’m aware I’ll have to stay on earth
cause I’m not made to fly
Jun 2019 · 157
ruby Jun 2019
you tried to catch a shooting star
and didn't see you were the one falling
Jun 2019 · 214
Standing in the shadow
ruby Jun 2019
You say you can’t see me
It’s not like I’d hide
Just standing in the shadow
That’s caused by your light
Jun 2019 · 690
closed doors
ruby Jun 2019
You've always been a closed door
which I was standing in front of
hoping you'd let me in
but some doors are just
not meant to open
because our ways
do not continue
behind them.
May 2019 · 167
ruby May 2019
and though we didn't move
the space between you and me grew
just like a universe expanding
and all those words unspoken
are galaxies seperating us
May 2019 · 317
I'm still here
ruby May 2019
so you made me choose
between losing myself and losing you

and I'm still here
May 2019 · 599
ruby May 2019
You know people
who shine so bright
they don’t know darkness
and you are jealous
but you forget
that a star is the brightest
right before it collapses
May 2019 · 80
the universe forgets
ruby May 2019
And when we leave
the universe forgets.

But I won’t.
May 2019 · 153
ruby May 2019
when we met there were those forces
that kept pulling us together
now I know it has been gravity
between matter
and antimatter
May 2019 · 1.1k
ruby May 2019
so both we jumped
but we forgot
that you could fly
and I could not

— The End —