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  Sep 10 drey
Bryan Lunsford
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,
And I've analyzed your beauty over and over,
With your beauty that gets me high, even though I am sober,
All I've been able to do is fall for you like the leaves in October
drey Aug 28
I wish I were lovable, like Noah.
his utter sense of control and his ability to light up the room with his glowing personality
his laughter and his calm, somehow settling the storm within me
I wish I were funny, like him
I wish I were more like him
I wish I were deep, like Alex.
his ocean of a mind and his words that flow too easily, like honey on his tongue
his always knowing what to say and his tenderness when he holds me together
the side of him that is soft, like a warm blanket on a fall afternoon
his sensitivity, his tears on my shoulder
I wish I were loving, like him
I wish I were brave, like him
I wish I were strong, like Alexya.
her way of matching my thoughts and always knowing how I feel
her way of walking through the storm while keeping herself composed
I wish I were pretty, like she is, always
I wish I could contain myself, like she does
even if her mind is screaming
I wish I were giving, like her
I wish I were beautiful, like Katy.
her playful soul and utter beauty, her alluring mind and her poetry that seemingly drips from her fingertips with ease
her way of challenging her demons when they arise
I wish I were strong, like her
I wish I were more like her
I wish I were smart, like Brynna.
her knowledge of absolutely anything and her movements, full of grace
like a swaying willow tree
the way she speaks about things she admires, like books and italy
lemon tea and picnics, everything calm, like the eye of the tornado
her heart, full of love
driving through the night, living in the moment
when none else matters
she makes me feel infinite
I wish I were smart like her
I wish I were free-spirited like her
I wish I were loving, like Taliya.
her warm smile and her ability to carry herself forward
even when her body aches
her heart and her love, always giving and keeps on giving
I wish I were warm, like her
I wish I were gentle, like her
I wish I were more
I wish I were more.
i wish i were enough
drey Aug 9
good luck to you, my friend
their words are more wounding than their
fists will ever be
drey Mar 13
today is the day
the first day i've spent without you
and i'm already happier.

thank you.
drey Feb 10
can we even look at each other the same?
just going to leave this here.
drey Dec 2019
"I promise."
watch yourself, *****. you know **** well who you are.
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