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 Oct 2016 Marie-Chantal
I will hear the Swan's song soon.
Pale, as the moon shines.
A fading shade and then gone.

My feathers will become fossils.
My bones will become relics.
My memory will become heirlooms to be pass down.

What more could I desire to leave behind?
When this fire goes out, do not doubt.
The ashes shall preserve my bittersweet leftovers

Standing as a haunting reminder to all
More ghostly than any ghost
That I shall survive for as long as there are those who remember

And that is it.
Remember me as I fade into the darkness
 Aug 2016 Marie-Chantal
Rosie Dee
When you
Fine Wine
But when you
Fine Wine
Must be
Just a silly little poem in dedication to my wine loving friends, with some inspiration from the likes of Dr. Seuss
 Jul 2016 Marie-Chantal
Before I went in the morning
I left you my heart
Not wanting to disturb your rest
I quietly ripped it out of my chest
And stored it in a cardboard box
I'd imagine you'll be quite flummox
Debating whether this was sane or insane
So allow me to plainly explain:
I had to depart from you
But my heart could not bear to be apart
I felt it distressing in my chest
For it loves you so freely and pure
Tearing it out was the only cure.
Don't ask why or how
Just know it is yours now
I don't mean to impose on you
Just propose you care for it
Like one would care for roses
Place it at whatever spot you feel it should grace
Treat it right and it will treat you right
Just please, please don't let it go to waste
It won't last forever - for my heart is finite
But there is still many fine nights to come
So enjoy it while it lasts
What use do I have of it now?
Banana slug dance in evening, waiting for the fire to tire
Seashells beg for rain
While in summer, electric blue midnight comes to an end
Too true too are dripping droplets on sandy patch
Shore lapping and rose hip land locked in garden was trapped

Moon hangs upside down, casting beams on boulders where stacks of snails stare transfixed by licks of light on glistening trails
And beneath it all, a lonely lobster sings a sorry song
A lament to the lost and the already gone
My body,
host of the latter beast of being  
Has infected me
abhorrence flowing through the veins as if a sweet ****** remedy
What earthly holds it has on the simple minded
What policies it makes of the limited.

Would you kindly redeem me?
And take the aching bones and implications from underneath me
Lord take my flesh.
Have it for your own.
And as for my brothers and my sisters
remove the cursed metaphors and fixations that contain their inept perceptions of identity

Allow the spirits to Dance,
On their infinite spectrums
O We'll make a routine of it.
 Jun 2016 Marie-Chantal
Pretty things should be eternal
Instead of being rather ephemeral.
Roses whither away.
Buildings weather down.

Time will end love every time.
It reveals all and destroys all.
Nothing last forever.

Better a blissful weekend of love and nothing more -
Than to watch what you love -
Unravel, shatter and die.
Mere mortals thus miserable
 Nov 2015 Marie-Chantal
Mark Ball
Do not weep for me,
For I no longer weep
In anticipation of you.

Long gone are the days that
I stooped to conquer, or
Be conquered by you.

I would come.
We would see.
You would conquer.

So do not weep for me,
As I won't weep for you.
You've never weeped for me,
So I will stop so for you.
 Nov 2015 Marie-Chantal
Thomas EG
Peppermint sigh
In the calm twilight
The moon yawns
And stretches, over the sea

Glowing, beyond the extent
Of vision, of knowing
Slowing, down now
Freezing, right where it is

One big mystery
Forever left unsolved
We get away with it
Time for Plan B

I clutch my chest
My heart beats quickly
Then hesitates before
Stopping abruptly

It's nauseating
We are waterproof

Cheap bystanders
In the headlights
Not the headlines
If only vision were clearer

Closer, stronger
Hold on to me
Loosen your grip
On reality

Let go
I'll always be here, for you
Let's go
I'll always be yours, my dear
Composed: 09/07/15
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