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MissPine Jun 2019
by: MissPine

One look, one stare
One Hello, one smile
You look, I stare
Say Hello and smile in awhile
MissPine Mar 2019
by: MissPine

Baby kiss me good night,
And say 'I love you' to me,
Then hug me so tight,
'Cause it makes me feel free.
MissPine Mar 2019
I love you —
Like nobody else could.
I love you —
'Cause nobody else would.
MissPine Feb 2019
by: MissPine

Happy is the man who gives love,
Even the moon and stars can't have.
At the beginning of every journey,
Rise thy spirit of love until eternity.
Thou shall not doubt nor ponder,
Since love is from now and forever.
MissPine Jan 2019
by: MissPine

Just as I thought in this time of year,
Astonished by the new day, I fear.
Nothing I could do, smile nor cry.
Unusual it is, seems that smile I'll try.
An endless vast scenery is where I am at.
Rigidly I calm as I cover my face with a hat.
Yearn for joy, I desire, for one day, I will be.
MissPine Dec 2018
by: MissPine

The city at night;
All lights so bright.
It always stay & I might.
The beauty of it is a sight.
MissPine Dec 2018
by: MissPine

The farthest moment I could remember
is when she and I rode out of town.
She, sitting on my lap or right beside me,
either way, still glad ‘cause we were together.

Until we got to the island where she grew up,
two of us watching the places we passed by.
It was always when the sun nearly sets,
the bangka finally reached its stop.

As far as my mind can flash different memories,
little did I know how a loving person she is.
Always she tells me how tasty a steamed fish is,
how healthy it is, and I thought definitely it is.

She never skips a single compliment,
which I receive from her every time I smile.
“I smile because you smile”, that's what she ever says.
“You are my eternal love”, that’s what she meant.

Her guitar, her favourite song in mind, and her voice,
three things I surely linger, always will remain in my heart.
No fairytale could exactly explain the moment she and I have.
We know ours is as best as a child holds his toys.

The time when I am with her is my everlasting happiness.
The kind of bliss I will truly keep for the rest of my life.
Now that she is walking towards the road of immortality,
indeed, loving someone - loving her is timeless.
This is for my great grandmother. I decided to make this into a boy-girl 'sort of' relationship. By  the way, the word 'bangka' means boat.
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