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Just Grace Jul 2020
There is a level of pain
that comes with shame
that I never knew before

I wish there was a way
to let all the good potential
love without fear

We are lost
if we are not brave
Just Grace Jul 2020
I like that
I’m no longer a fantasy
in someone else’s eyes
Not a niche
last item to tick
On an oppressive
list of things to conquer

Instead I am primal
But not of any known animal
Not untamed
But a wild refinement
As a spectrum
Melded as a prism
Not just a lens 

artificial insemination
artful intention
When death is mainstream
is a fetish
Just Grace Jul 2020
I’ll let you be my prism
I’ll be your muse
Don’t you ever forget
I’ll always love you

I don’t know why they say
“Be careful, they are just words”
What if
Words are all I want from you
Master of mined legends
In this time and place we can no longer be close
I am happy in the company
Of such beautiful words

Vibrantly hazy
soothingly distructive
The inner one
Leaving traces are the best ways
to find your way home
Just Grace Jul 2020
The texture of
My lips

Slur the notes
That drape my hips

Across my midline

Look for us
Just Grace Jul 2020
Doesn’t have to be a bad word
Doesn’t have to mean “empty”
And “missing”

When I listen
It means there is a container
Wrapped tight
And taut in something warm
The hide of a once wild
and free animal
is now a fate reverberated
as another passionate, wild being
Strikes it
Sparks the potential aflame
Into a sprout of a heartbeat

Or it is
The fog
Once aimless and reaching
Until it finds a lighthouse
Its beam also reaching for it
So when light strikes the micro droplets
Each effervescent molecule
Is lit in the turn of the path
In each passing round
An orchestra plays

That is the word
To me
Just Grace Jul 2020
Tinkered lullaby
Pastel my waking life
Love notes, in melodies
Score my nights
Loop endlessly
Delicate feathers
Primal heartbeats
Serenade me into insanity  

You set the tempo
I lay the drums
You do that bittersweet color
My voice will ache, though
Catch it, mood-layer
Send it
Repeat, player

Green room,  your living room
Headphones, lie on the floor
Give me your most beautiful dystopia
Inspire me, please show me more

I can’t see you, so join me in the liminal place
Melancholy, ache
Love me through the waves
Plush vibration, touch my face
Float me through your dream
Whichever path it paves

When it crests over
Your eyes are the conductor
Make my skin reach, my body rise
with the orchestra swells
We haunt and torture
Layer upon layer
I’ll never truly sleep

I'll look for you
You'll look for me
Then I hope we land.
Just Grace Jul 2020
Read to me
the story of the sun
and how our first lovers
were the stars

Your mind beams penetrate me
radiate my cells
pump my blood

I'd swim in my hair
like you do

Some melodies
don’t need a literal space, you see
world traveler,
you don’t know this place

I like that
you can’t give me an animal
intercepted patterns
unchartered moments
primally coded
in me and you
Don’t be afraid
Whatever happens
it’s only Love

— The End —