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  Mar 2017 Janelle
I try to care.
I do.

Time clings desperately
hold to a past with such meaning.
Change has pushed apart
a friendship which was once so close.

Try to prolong connection
while new focuses divert our direction.
I put forth effort in such continuation
and grasp onto what is left.

You let me go so effortlessly.
Time has changed us. And you let me go.
  Mar 2017 Janelle
Nothing Much
You were always reaching.
Even as a child, you stretched your arms skyward
You tugged at loose threads and string
Let yourself unravel, tucked into nests by  birds

Even now, you still yearn
Reaching for something invisible and miles away
Your rose-tinted eyes haven't learned
That as long as you love, the ache won't ever go away
  Mar 2017 Janelle
Poetic T
My pen wrote love
   deep within you.

Moans of syllables,
     as the pen released motion.

I filled your page deep,
I was ready to read within you again.
  Mar 2017 Janelle
I was always looking at you, always at your back. Watching your every fall and every rise. It's too unfortunate I'm too close to you. I can't see your face because I'm always behind you, staring with my eyes from afar and with my heart from nearby. I'm afraid that if I touch your back, you'll turn out to be the person I wouldn't have thought of. I can't say hello just to say goodbye in the end. I'd rather have us stay this way, me tailing you and observing you grow. It is better for me not to get to know you and be disappointed with just myself, than have known you and be disappointed with you and myself. That way I can leave easier.
i have doubts too, of seeing wjh soon
  Feb 2017 Janelle
who am i
to have the right
to shoot an arrow
into your heart
to make you love me?

sadly my name's not cupid.

but then again,
nor does cupid exist.
  Feb 2017 Janelle
Phiness Guzman
i took one deep breath,
and exhaled you out.
for you are my favorite,
but you are toxic.

you, my dear, are my cigarette. i love you, but you are slowly destroying me.
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