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Dec 2021 · 107
Loving Him
Erin-Taylor Dec 2021
Tease my mind,
Save my soul.
Break my heart,
Take control.

Consume my body,
With your existence.
Take what you may,
Although I’m resistant.

Hesitating…sitting here,
Patiently waiting.

Will there be an explosion
Or will it be calm like an ocean…
Or just like the sea, we never know,
Whether it’ll remain still or tumultuous under the surface.
Feb 2018 · 493
The Mayfly Effect
Erin-Taylor Feb 2018
When we’re young, all we can think about is growing older.

I remember when I was 11 years old, I could hear myself saying how all I wished was to be 16 years old. (Funny, I know, but when I was 11, the cool age was 16!). And now that the time has gone and passed, it feels eerie thinking about how young I once was and how you never really see how much you change over time.

I look at myself now, 20 years old, and haven’t come to terms with how I don’t want my life to pass by too quickly. Everyone says that high school goes by before you know it; for me it did. Even as I go through the motions of college, it’s flying by me.

Each day on the calendar is another mark I check off as passed.

Everyone is always looking forward to something; like a work party next Friday or even dinner on Sunday, but no one ever really stops to live in the moment.

We as people, are always looking forward and reminiscing the past, but never live in the present. And funnily enough, as each day passes, you can’t tell you’ve grown or aged.

As each birthday passes, do you actually feel any older?

Until one day you wake up in the house you own with your significant other, possibly with kids, going to the same job for 15+ years, what happened to your life?

Did you feel yourself getting older? I know this is out of the blue, but it’s scary to think how quickly life passes you by, until one day it’s over.

That’s why we should always remember the good times in the past, but not stay in them; we should always think about the future and strive for better things…but we should always remember where we are. Right here and right now.

Live for today, before you run out of tomorrows.
Jun 2017 · 483
Old Times
Erin-Taylor Jun 2017
Do you ever look back at old photos..and just the memory is so strong,
That it brings you back in such a deep pull,
That you can almost place yourself right in that photo, sitting in your best friend's car...
You can almost smell your surroundings, like the interior of her car and the freshener.
You can almost remember exactly how you felt in that moment--
You can think of how happy you were, how things were changing for you...

But now they're just memories and they can not be relived again, only remembered.
I miss that.
May 2016 · 486
this does not have a title
Erin-Taylor May 2016
i thought i could be the girl

who would change you for the better

and everyone would know me as

the one who saved you from yourself.
The title is actually what it reads
Apr 2016 · 716
The End of You & Me
Erin-Taylor Apr 2016
I think I'm the most upset because I've never not been in a relationship and I'm willingly walking away from this one and I feel like I'm going to be all alone. I feel like, if I'm by myself, no one will care about me or love me. Maybe I'm just in denial and insecure, but I've never actually taken the chance to find myself and that's all I think I've ever needed. I need approval from myself before I need it from any guy.
Jan 2016 · 396
Universally Poetic
Erin-Taylor Jan 2016
Life is a confusing maze you fumble through,
Hoping that once you get out,
It will have been worth something..
Jan 2016 · 492
I didn't cry tonight
Erin-Taylor Jan 2016
I'd like to say that I've conquered all of my demons...but I haven't.
I still think of you.
I still listen to the voicemail I saved that you sent me a year and a half ago.
My heart still pounds when I hear your voice, just continuously hoping you'd say, "I love you" again.
But tonight, I willed myself not to give in.
I can't give in to you anymore.
Besides...there's no use in crying over a lost cause.
I can't stop thinking
Jan 2016 · 2.6k
Do you remember me?
Erin-Taylor Jan 2016
Sometimes I wonder and,
When it's late at night,
I get cramps in my stomach,
Thinking about what used to be

I wonder if you ever think of me,
Like I think of you.
I don't think you really know,
Just how much I loved you.

You were my first love.
My first heartbreak, my first....
And of course, no one ever forgets their first,
But will you?

Do you remember me?
Or was everything that we shared,
A year wasted on me, on us?

You erased me out of your life.
But I get it.
It's not easy to have loved and then lost,
It's easier to have loved and to forget.
I'll always remember
Nov 2015 · 367
Erin-Taylor Nov 2015
I feel like ****.
Because .
I miss you like hell.
Go away. I should be happy
Aug 2015 · 310
Flower petals
Erin-Taylor Aug 2015
I miss him...
I don't..
Maybe I just miss the memories...
I do..

Or, quite possibly, I miss the past when we were one and you were the sun...
Yes, I do..
I miss this part of my life so much. Going to start writing again.
Apr 2015 · 911
Erin-Taylor Apr 2015
It's been a while now,
I'm not the same person from before.
I'm still alive somehow,
And I know that on the inside I'm torn.

This broken path has led me far,
Going down heavy-hearted.
My body leaves many scars,
But I'm better off from where I started.

I didn't know one could hurt so much,
Or hurt so many in the process.
If I had only knew that with just one touch,
I would ever be so thoughtless.
Sep 2014 · 712
This Puppy Love
Erin-Taylor Sep 2014
I sit here astounded,
Amazed by how my heart pounded.

You are now everything to me,
You make up the air I breathe.

Life has become so crystal clear,
My pulse thunders when your near.

Everytime you're away I start to fall apart,
But when you return I can feel the beating of my heart.

I feel beautiful and pretty, **** and smart,
You make me so happy, I dont know where to start.

I love you to the moon and more,
And there is no one else I'd rather adore.
I love him.
Aug 2014 · 459
So Close Yet So Far
Erin-Taylor Aug 2014
His eyes are like glass, but stone cold.

I feel like the one who is close to shattering. I can't be the strong one.

What's wrong with me.

I miss him.
Aug 2014 · 585
Cloud 9
Erin-Taylor Aug 2014
I've found someone.

Someone I know loves me for all that I am.

And I love him too.

I've never been happier than right here and now.

He makes me feel wanted..

And that's all anyone ever wants to feel.

He makes me happy. C.D.P.
Jul 2014 · 617
Our Feeble Hearts
Erin-Taylor Jul 2014
You told me,
Not to cry over you,
But that was before
You got pleasure,
Out of breaking,
Fragile hearts.
Message me or something. Feedback appreciated
Erin-Taylor Jul 2014
No matter how many times someone tells you that you are smart or that you are stupid, you are no more or less intelligent after those comments.

No matter how many time someone tells you that you're pretty or that you are ugly, you are no more or less beautiful after those comments.

Only your opinion of yourself matters.

No one can change the way you feel about yourself unless you let their comments influence you.

You are whatever you want to be.
You are whatever you aspire to be.
You are you and that's all that matters.
Feeling very positive and upbeat. Please give feedback!
Jul 2014 · 754
Crystal Clear
Erin-Taylor Jul 2014
My hair is flowing and I defy gravity.
My body is floating away.
It's so quiet down here.
So quiet that my heartbeat is the only thing  I can hear.
It beats so loud, but slow.
Slow, slow, slower.
I start to lose breath.
I forget about time.
But its so clear down here.
My thoughts consume me.
The water fills my lungs.
I am drowning and everything is finally
Crystal clear
I like this one
Jul 2014 · 535
Erin-Taylor Jul 2014
With my bones broken and my blood flowing, I'll continue to love you, even though you're killing me...
Trying something new
Jun 2014 · 619
The Hopeless Siren's Song
Erin-Taylor Jun 2014
If I were a song, I'd be a long sadistic chord full of woes and sorrows.
My song would make the angels cry and bring even the mightiest to their knees.

If I were a song, I'd be forever; an infinite thing. I'd never be forgotten.
My song would live in infamy and no one would forget this song full of broken dreams

If I were a song I'd sing until I no longer could. I'd scream until my heart gave out.
My song will be everlasting.
It will live on...I will live on...
Erin-Taylor Jun 2014
What the **** is this feeling inside my chest?
It feels like I'm floating and most certainly blessed
To have you in my life as my one and only,
I wish you'd just come here and hold me.
I miss you so much it hurts when you're away,
So if you don't mind I'd like for you to stay.
If you break my heart, surely I'll crumble,
But even then, I'll still be there to catch you when you fumble.
I love you baby, please dont leave,
Otherwise "my paper heart will bleed"...
Well I wasnt going to write a poem, but it turned out like this. Its really bad but I just started writing haha. I guess this my attempt at a certain kind of rap, if you will. But yea, I havent posted in a while. Did you miss me?
Apr 2014 · 1.2k
My Unreciprocated Love
Erin-Taylor Apr 2014
I miss you.
I wanted to be yours and I loved that you were mine,
but I guess you didn't feel the same.
I didn't realize that you were on a tightrope of a thin line.
There is no one else to blame.

I want you.
You were the sun always shining on my rainy days.
I miss the you and me; rather than the me and my.
Life is wild now, like an endless maze.
I wish you never ended you and I.

I think I love you.
You were the only one.
I see you in my dreams, through day and night.
Like I said before, you were my bright sun.
If I could only see you one more time, it would be such a lovely sight.

If only you felt the same...I would ask you:
Do you miss me? As much as I miss you?
Do you want me? As much as I want you?
Do you love me? Do you think you do?
Because I know now that I'm in love with you.
I think I love you D.J.M.
Mar 2014 · 533
Unfinished Words
Erin-Taylor Mar 2014
Love is a game of give and take,
But what happens when that heart starts to break?

Too much love and too much sorrow,
Causes a yearning of a better tomorrow…
Feb 2014 · 510
My Love, I Still Wait
Erin-Taylor Feb 2014
I remember the day my love sailed out to sea,
but that was years ago; that was when he was with me.
It's never been the same again, nor will it ever be.

He told me that he'd be home before I knew,
I guess he underestimated how hard the wind blew,
Or how mighty the waves were, knocking off and drowning his crew.

And no matter what others say,
I know that there will be a day,
When you return for me and rest your head to lay.

So, I will wait until then,
Until you're home once again.
The way that it's always been…


I still wait…
It's been 50 years now.
I will wait forever more.
I know you will come home.
Feb 2014 · 735
Erin-Taylor Feb 2014
I know I'm a bit bitter,
And I may be a tad sour,
But didn't you say those same things to me,
When we were together?

You make me want to laugh at your childish ways.
You make me angry and sad at the same time.
I'm a wave of emotion and I know I shouldn't care.
But I do.

You've shown how to identify boys versus men.
Boys will lie and say sweet nothings, only living for the moment.
Men will be thoughtful and think before they speak, planning on forever.

So, next time you want to be "there" for me,
Don't even try.
I don't converse with hypocrites,
Especially not boys who have broke my heart.
Jan 2014 · 570
The Unsinging Cannibals
Erin-Taylor Jan 2014
They said to sing out our hearts,
But they didn't know that our hearts were already severed.
Already in two and apart,
Nothing could mend them together.

So one said, "Go ahead rip it out!"
Another, "Yea! Let's eat our hearts out!"
They tore and clawed through the muscle, but didn't feel a thing,
And ate out their hearts so they never again had to sing.
Jan 2014 · 861
Our Ocean Of Denial
Erin-Taylor Jan 2014
Through my own deadly self-consumed bitterness,

I catch sight of you…

Drifting by your lonesome…

No, drowning…

In an ocean of denial,

Your ocean.

Able to reach depths,

that no one can find.


Out of something like pity,

I guess I'm kind of indenial too.

Waiting for you to realize that you need me.

I'm hopeless without you.

You're disfunctional without me.

I need you.

You need me.

So come to me, when the sea is in chaos,

It will hardly notice your absence, unlike how I do.

Come to me, so that we may float in Our Own Ocean of Denial.

We'll never drift apart, for when we're together…we are one.

Come home.
I don't know, just rambling I guess.
Jan 2014 · 534
Erin-Taylor Jan 2014
Let go of this hold you have on me,
Let me be the person I've always wanted to be,
Let me finally breathe,
So that I can be free
Dec 2013 · 654
Mother's Meals I Never Ate
Erin-Taylor Dec 2013
I sat on my bathroom floor, body shaking uncontrollably.
I had just thrown up another meal, I couldn't stop it from happening.

"Oh yes, dear mother, the food was delightful…"
Little did she know, that nothing I ever ate, stayed to be digested.

People might ask, why would she do this to herself?

Well, she might answer:

There once was a girl who wasn't the tiniest, the prettiest, or skinniest, who longed to be someone else.
She weighed 130 pounds, although one might not think this as heavy, all the other kids did.
She was bullied and called names: she was fat and ugly. Evenutally, there came a point to where she broke down.
Becoming what she is, was the best decision, she'd ever made…but laying there on the bathroom tile…she wasn't sure.
Dec 2013 · 611
More Bitter Than My Coffee
Erin-Taylor Dec 2013
I have a confession.
I didn't know you'd be the one to hurt me.

I have a question.
Why wouldn't you try harder? For us?

I have a confession.
I'm ready to cut the ties.

I have a question.
Did you really ever even love me?

I have a confession.
I wish I knew how to cope with loneliness.

I have a question.
Was it all a lie? All a joke?

I have a confession.
I'm as a bitter as the coffee I was drinking that dreadful morning, when you broke my heart.

I've learned a lesson.
Never trust the ones who seem harmless, they, like all people, will just end up hurting you.

You know……you said that you'd never hurt me……
Well thanks for the ******* lies.
******* too.
Dec 2013 · 597
Not Across The Road
Erin-Taylor Dec 2013
She didn't do it for the attention.
She just wanted the pain to end.
She didn't know people would stare,
When the cuts started fading in.

It was just a temporary dose,
Of a different kind of pain.
Physical, instead of mental.
She knew that she wasn't insane.

She wasn't crazy as everyone might say.
Everything just got out of hand,
And the kids at school bullied her.
She cut, so that she could travel to a different land.

So one night while her parents were fast asleep,
She cut down the river, but went too deep.

Her life flashed before her eyes and everything went black,
She had got what those kids had hoped for, and never came back.
Nov 2013 · 758
I Remember
Erin-Taylor Nov 2013
My name is Sabina Low (Green) and I survived the Holocaust.
I was born on March 21, 1922 in Ulanow, Poland.
I lived a pretty normal life for my first 10 years.
I was one of four kids in a Jewish family.
Then after I turned 11, kids at school started to avoid me, my friends would no longer speak to me.
They  weren't  allowed.
I remember crying about it to my mother and her comforting me, reassuring things were alright.
I stayed through school without a friend for the next 6 years...
And then war broke out on September 1, 1939.
We could hear our Jewish community scream every night as Poles entered their homes and took what they wanted.
1941, Germany invaded the USSR and occupied Ulanow.
1942, there was gunfire heard near the town. I wandered to my Uncle's house which was also nearby, curious to know what was going on.
I reached the house but it had been broken into. I searched all inside and then finally checked the back.
There my uncle lied on the ground shot and his stomach tore open...I thought he was gone, but he was alive.
I rushed inside to find something to cover him with and found a pillow.
When I picked it up, something heavy fell out.
It was a dead child, my cousin.
I rushed back outside to cover my uncle and the last words he spoke were, "I  pray  that  you'll  survive".

Later, I was aided with false papers and fled to Stryj, and I remained there until the Soviet army liberated the area in 1944. Then moved to Israel in 1957 and came to the United States in 1960.

I may have survived, but I have not forgotten. I relive my past every single day. I  remember, but will  you?
I recently went to the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C., and recieved an "I.D." revealing a true story of a Holocaust victim. This is completely factual. I learned to respect this terrible occurence in our history and yearned to tell Sabina's story. I, in fact, have no clue as to if she is still alive today. Thank you for listening to Sabina's story.
Nov 2013 · 862
Erin-Taylor Nov 2013
I know this sudden, but I don't really care.
I'd follow you to the ends of the earth, nothing can compare
To you or the way your blue eyes shine in the sunlight,
Or the way you look at me, as if I'm the only one in your sight.

My love is deeper than the ocean blue,
And I promise to keep you as long as you're true.

My love is everlasting and pure as the color white,
My heart beats fast but feels so light.

Where have you been all my life,
The question feels like a knife.

If I would have met you first, I wouldn't have known,
How mean boys behave and act like they own
Me or her or any other girl,
But I'm glad I met you know, my shinning pearl.

The words that were so hard to say come out easy and free,
I love you so much my dear and I'll love you Endlessly.
Nov 2013 · 712
You Didn't Save Me
Erin-Taylor Nov 2013
I stared at the bruises, the scars, and the aches
And wondered just how many times her heart must break.

She was torn and broken,
But a word had yet to be spoken.

Alone and never okay,
By herself from the beginning with nothing to say.

I stared at my reflection and wondered why,
No one ever helped me and left me to die.
Erin-Taylor Oct 2013
I remember laying with you, your arms wrapped around me, thinking, "Oh god, can things get any better?"
My mind flickered to an image of us together, wrapped in tangles of hair and heated air. I wanted to kiss you. Right then and there, on that crowded bus.
You asked me, "Are you ready to kiss-kiss me?"
I giggled at the question but on the inside I was dying from the sweetness of him asking for permission.
Slowly, I looked up and whispered, "Yes."
You pulled me tighter and kissed me tenderly.
Warmth spread throughout my body.
Could you be anymore perfect?
Oct 2013 · 1.1k
My Ginger Has A Soul
Erin-Taylor Oct 2013
I can't get over the fact that this happening.
This relationship of ours.
You're perfect for me.
I never would have guessed.
I'm falling so hard, it sounds so silly.
I like you. Alot.
You make me happy.
You make me smile and laugh.
You make me feel beautiful, even when I know I don't look it.
Thank you honey, stay with me for now.
You're my anchor and won't let me drown.
I will forever get lost in your Steel Blue eyes, I love your red hair. You're adorable and sweet.
The best guy I think I'll ever meet.
When I say your name it's like a forbidden secret on my lips.
I love it.
I love it.

Not one of my best, but alot of my thoughts are jumbled and I really like this guy.
Oct 2013 · 603
Steel Blue
Erin-Taylor Oct 2013
His eyes are so amazingly blue that they could fill an ocean with their depth.
They're almost crystalized and fragile.
Glass eyes; if they shed a tear, they would surely break.
His eyes see more than just plain sight; ironically, it's almost as if they can see into the souls of all around him.
His eyes can see the real quality of a person for all they are.
Underneath all of the games and masks, he can see who I am.
Eyes that blue could make the sky jealous of it's vastness and color.
Steel Blue, my favorite shade.
His eyes are beautiful, and if possible, I'd like to lose myself in them for a while.
Oct 2013 · 848
The Misery of the War
Erin-Taylor Oct 2013
The smoke fills the air all around,
Soldier's voices become strangled sounds.

They drop dead quickly all about the field,
All their emotions and fears are concealed.

To die for their country would make their families proud,
No one knew that the silent screams of the dead could be so LOUD!

The smells of the fallen are so strong,
It will be forever in survivor's minds life-long.

The stories and the sadness fill their hearts,
No one could tell that on the inside they were falling apart.

Some died in the ****** cracks that smelt,
Never to be heard of again in the deathly trenches of Hell.
This is a project I had based on the Horrors of WW1.
Oct 2013 · 822
Need, Want, Desire
Erin-Taylor Oct 2013
Say my name, like a whisper among the trees.
Say my name and make me weak; I'll fall to my knees.

Cloud by senses and deceive me.
Let me know that nothing is easy.

This world and you just don't fit right,
The pieces of your puzzle are too tight.

Nothing works out in your delusional world,
Neither in fantasy or reality, all of your wishes swirl.

So say my name just this once, my dear.
If you do, the answers will be crystal clear.
Aug 2013 · 842
Erin-Taylor Aug 2013
Alone, she floats aimlessly in the ocean's waves.
Lost, she has no sense of direction.
Gone, are her hopes and dreams; they've been washed away and pulled to sea.
Quiet, are the tears she cries; they're salty just like the ocean.
Her friend, Water, takes care of her; protecting her from the dangers of the land world.

She is safe when she is lost.
She is better off when she is alone.
She is calm when she has nothing to live for.
She is happy wheb she cries tears of loneliness...

But she doesn't want to be safe or calm.
She breaks through the surface of the water and steps onto the shore...

And is finally **Free
Aug 2013 · 893
Don't Leave Me
Erin-Taylor Aug 2013
The words, "I'm leaving" hurt to hear,
My heart breaks even more with every tear.

Goodbye is something no one should ever say,
Or replying that you're fine, when nothing's okay.

Don't leave me sweetie, I don't know what to do,
Without you here, my world will turn blue...

But then again, I'm being selfish and care-free,
How can I expect you to stay if we can never be?

I love you my darling and don't ever forget,
The day we first met...
And stole glances during sunset...

Please do not ever let this slip your mind...
You'll Always Have My *Name
"It hurts more than a bullet through my heart...torn, ripped, and split apart.
I have given the cards I have been dealt...even if it means giving up what I've felt.
True love comes from the heart...nothing can take it apart.
Even if this world puts up things to block us from being know deep down in your heart that you are mine and I am your think of me on a rainy day to change the weather...."
(I love you forever)
Aug 2013 · 1.1k
Losing Him
Erin-Taylor Aug 2013
Nothing could stop their tears from flowing.

How could things be alright in the world if two little girl's daddy was gone? If daddy is gone, who will walk them down the isle? Or intimidate the boys who come over to meet him?

Or the son whose death leaves his mother and father empty; dying slowly more everyday.

The brother would said, "Me and you, sis. We'll grow old and raise our kids together."

The uncle and godfather that will never be seen again.

The family that was broken, will take forever to heal. The pain won't ever go away and they'll never get used to him being gone, but they'll learn to live with it. Live with the pain of not seeing that beautiful face everyday, with that dazzling smile.

Even though the man who tore the family apart will now be punished for his crime, it still won't bring their departed back.

******* they wish it did.

The only thing that killer's family will lose is a little time. They can still talk, feel, and touch him, but the other family can't. They've lost him forever in their natural lives.

They'll have to wait what feels like an eternity to see him once again.
My family has been through a very tramatic 2-3 years dealing with my uncle/godfather's death. His "killer" has finally been proven guilty for the death of him and is going away for 29 years, dealt heavy fines and will never be able to drive again because of all his recklessness as a driver. Kevin Botta died January 7, 2011. My family and I miss him dearly. He left behind 2 beautiful daughters. I love you so much Kevin. <3 Rest in peace big guy.
Jul 2013 · 1.2k
Erin-Taylor Jul 2013
Tears are said to taste salty,
But I would never know,
For I wipe them briskly away,
So they'll never show.

Love is supposed to be healthy,
And give you all that you need;
Not stab you where it hurts,
And make your heart bleed.

Voices are of encourgement,
To boost up your day;
But now, all they do is spread rumors,
And no one knows what to say.

Nothing is right anymore,
And this world has turned to hell,
No one is safe here,
And even God isn't left to tell.
Jul 2013 · 933
You Have My Name
Erin-Taylor Jul 2013
You're something exquiste,
Unique and different.
You have opened my eyes,
to the unfair world we call our lives.
Late night talks about our forevers,
but seperate.
It could never be.
You're Romeo, I'm Juliet,
it is forbidden and in the end, we'd only be committing suicide.
But you have my name,
you have my trust,
you have my interests....
Most importantly, you have my heart, if only  a piece of it.
You have my soul.

You Have My Name.
Jul 2013 · 855
River of Tears
Erin-Taylor Jul 2013
In the middle of the night, when everyone is asleep,
I let myself cry, and I let myself think.

Daddys are suppose to remember when their daughters turn 13...14....and 15.

And Mommys aren't suppose to be sick and ill.

Best friends are suppose to be forever and never let you down.

Love is suppose to make you happy, not second guess everything.

And so, as I lie on my bed, in this dark, dark room,
I let myself cry, for all of my life's woes.

I try to be silent and not wake anyone up, but it's so hard, don't you know, when you're all choked up.

I want to cry myself a river.

I want to cry myself a river and float away.

Cry me a river and drown my sorrows with each tear that falls.

Drown myself in a River of Tears.
Jul 2013 · 868
Erin-Taylor Jul 2013
Nothing helps my dear,
Nothing can stop the flow of my tears.

My life is perfect and I should be so grateful,
And I know that I'm selfish for feeling weak and unable,

To deal with the pains and heartaches of life,
Yet too afraid to pick up the knife...

I want relief and I want to be calm,
I want to be strong and move along.

But, you know, it's better said than done,
Especially when you're the one who's holding the gun.....but can't seem to pull the trigger.
Jul 2013 · 660
Via Text Message
Erin-Taylor Jul 2013
Friend: Hey!

Me: Hey!

Friend: How are you?

Me: I'm great! I'm happy...I think.

Friend: You think?

Me: Yea, like sometimes I think I'm really happy...and then other times, I'm not sure if it's all just a mask.

Friend: I understand completely. If you need anyone to talk to, I'm always here.

Me: Thanks. :)

Friend: You're welcome. :)
I could speak forever and as loud as I could...but no one would ever hear me, no one ever would...

This is not fictional. This is a very real conversation via text message between a friend and I. I thought this in poem form would be more impacting.
Jul 2013 · 562
Someone Like Me
Erin-Taylor Jul 2013
I've finally found someone who knows every inch of my life, and I don't even know her.
Our lives are somehow connected and we share similar stories.
I wish my friends knew just how much I write...but this "someone" does.
Together, we seperately write of similar tales revealing heartache, self-harms of sorts, loneliness.
I'm glad I met her.
Someone like me.
I'm no longer alone.
She is my inspiration.
Jul 2013 · 562
Erin-Taylor Jul 2013
Everything is falling into place,
Of course they are.

And I should be happy of course!
..But..I'm not.

You had to walk into my life like a freight train and knock me off of my feet.

You had to make me believe in everything you said, and throw everything else away.

You had to confuse me.

And now I don't know what I want...but one things for sure....*you
Erin-Taylor Jul 2013
My name is Erin Taylor,
I'm a quirky, sometimes shy girl who loves endlessly.
I easily get into trouble and make bad decisions.
My favorite color is Teal, because it reminds me of the 50's.
I don't have many close friends...but I think you already know that.
Yet, I'll bet you didn't know that I write about you; poems about you.
I have self-esteem issues and sometimes cry myself to sleep.
And I'll bet you didn't know that you're the cause of my self harm.
I like to sing and dance, and this year I became Color Guard Captain.

The saddest part in all of this is that you wouldn't know these things, even though you should.
I guess you don't care even to know.

And I'll bet you didn't know that I constantly think of you and wish things were as they had been before.

..But one thing I think you do know is that you've totally messed up.
You haven't been a good father or friend.
In some ways...this is meant for my Father, but in others it's meant for a few other people I used to be close with.
Jul 2013 · 555
Nothing Left To Say
Erin-Taylor Jul 2013
I stand rigid, looking into my shattered mirror.
The glass cutting all of me.
I didn't do this.
This isn't me..
The figure standing in front of me, skin and bones, bleeding out, could never be me.
Because I'm huge, and I wish I could be skinny.
The shards stick out everywhere I look.
This body is not mine.

The world around me starts to spin...I become dizzy and nauseous.

I have no control.
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