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Erin-Taylor May 2013
I'm slowly dying,
Can't you see?
What you say,
Is killing me.

Is it too hard to keep,
The mean words to yourself?
Or is this some kind,
Of currency, adding to your wealth?

I swear to you, we will be,
The cause of our own demise.
All fake and full of *******;
With way too many lies...
Still in the mood to write about this type of Bullying.
Erin-Taylor Dec 2012
The soreness of my heart engulfs my being,
Now that your gone, I'm finally seeing.

Who you are and what you did.
How you cowered behind and hid.

The lights are out and it's finally clear.
After all this time, after a year.

It still hurts so badly to know,
That everything we did, and all that was done was just a show.

Never again shall you do me wrong.
I wish I had known this all along.
Erin-Taylor Jul 2013
My name is Erin Taylor,
I'm a quirky, sometimes shy girl who loves endlessly.
I easily get into trouble and make bad decisions.
My favorite color is Teal, because it reminds me of the 50's.
I don't have many close friends...but I think you already know that.
Yet, I'll bet you didn't know that I write about you; poems about you.
I have self-esteem issues and sometimes cry myself to sleep.
And I'll bet you didn't know that you're the cause of my self harm.
I like to sing and dance, and this year I became Color Guard Captain.

The saddest part in all of this is that you wouldn't know these things, even though you should.
I guess you don't care even to know.

And I'll bet you didn't know that I constantly think of you and wish things were as they had been before.

..But one thing I think you do know is that you've totally messed up.
You haven't been a good father or friend.
In some ways...this is meant for my Father, but in others it's meant for a few other people I used to be close with.
Erin-Taylor Jun 2013
Why is death referred to as a painful truth?
Because everybody dies and not everyone lives?
Why is life considered a beautiful lie?
Are you really living a full life or one short and full of heartache and pain?
The truth of life is that you die, but when it's all over, are you happy with it?
Have any regrets?
Is death painful?
Do you really go to Heaven or Hell?
Or do you never open your eyes again, and lie in a coffin 8ft under, rotting until you turn to ash and bone?
No one really knows, but it's up for you to decide:
Is Life a beautiful lie?
Is Death a painful truth?
Or is it vice versa?
Which will you choose?
Erin-Taylor Feb 2013
I don't know your story.
And you certainly don't know mine.
But we share the same things.
The same thoughts and pain.
I wish I could ease your broken soul.
Help understand, and make you see..
That you are more than you think you are.
You are a beautiful being...with a voice.
Your words paint a canvas of beauty.
The poems you write are inspiration.
Others look and read your work in amazement,
Thinking, "How does such a young girl...know so much pain."
I get chills, just piecing together what I know.
But just know....that you are **Beautiful.
To a new friend, who is amazingly talented. Her work makes me cry. It is simply heart-wrenching, but written so well. Thank you for writing, Rebecca~
Only madness knows my name.
Erin-Taylor Apr 2013
The wind blows across my face, my hair smacking my cheeks with a sting.
The smell of flowers and fresh air fill my nostril with their sweet aroma.
I love the way the sun shines brightly, heating my body with its warmth.
It’s wonderful to have spring in my life.
Spring is the season of new beginnings.
It represents the start of a life.
While winter is dreadful, representing death and cold,
Spring is happiness in the gift of beauty.
Erin-Taylor Apr 2013
Is this how it feels?
To feel empty and hollow inside,
Not caring about anything?
To want to cry every second of the day?
I feel fat.
I am self-concious and depressed.
I just wish I knew how to help myself.
This is a hurt that can only be supressed by icecream.
Ben & Jerry's come save me.
Erin-Taylor Jun 2014
What the **** is this feeling inside my chest?
It feels like I'm floating and most certainly blessed
To have you in my life as my one and only,
I wish you'd just come here and hold me.
I miss you so much it hurts when you're away,
So if you don't mind I'd like for you to stay.
If you break my heart, surely I'll crumble,
But even then, I'll still be there to catch you when you fumble.
I love you baby, please dont leave,
Otherwise "my paper heart will bleed"...
Well I wasnt going to write a poem, but it turned out like this. Its really bad but I just started writing haha. I guess this my attempt at a certain kind of rap, if you will. But yea, I havent posted in a while. Did you miss me?
Erin-Taylor Apr 2013
Oh, god.
Please not this again.
But here we go.

Can we please just talk this out,
through this imaginary friendship of ours that I've made up in my delirious mind.

I want to you stop hating me,
or if you do not hate me, to stop giving me death glares every time I walk by?

You're so beautiful and you have no clue. His sister said you should be a model and I think it's true.

Ugh, how I envy you. How I wish to be even a glimpse of you.
I wish I could be you, but I know it isn't going to happen.
So for now, all I ask of you is to be my friend...
But that will never happen either, for neither of us will give up our stubborness and be the first to say "hello".

But I'll be the one asking over and over again in mind, "Can I be you...? Please...? Or can we be just be friends?"
Erin-Taylor Jun 2013
How do you get the pain to subside?

Do you drink so much that your liver drowns?
Numb the pain to make it go away?
Or maybe shoot some, get high and feel good now that you're in your happy place? Drown yourself with tears of sorrow?      Or does time heal all wounds?
Time does heal all wounds, but you'll forever bear the scars, reminding you of them.
In reality...the pain never does remains whether out in the open or in the closet, always with you.
Erin-Taylor May 2013
Sometimes I feel like I can't get through the day...
And I often wonder why no one reaches out to help me.
But then I realize,
I feel like screaming to the top of my lungs, but nothing comes out.
I find out that that is just my imagination playing tricks.
I never called out for help at all.
And I probably never will.
Erin-Taylor May 2013
But the rose is dying,
Can't you see?
The Beauty and the Beast,
Could never be.

With one glance, the rose looks,
as if it is in full bloom,
Yet, it is far from it my friend.
And it leads the unlikely couple to their doom.

Beauty and the Beast.
Love conquers all,
But every castle has a battle,
that leads to it's fall.
Erin-Taylor Aug 2014
I've found someone.

Someone I know loves me for all that I am.

And I love him too.

I've never been happier than right here and now.

He makes me feel wanted..

And that's all anyone ever wants to feel.

He makes me happy. C.D.P.
Erin-Taylor Jul 2013
Nothing helps my dear,
Nothing can stop the flow of my tears.

My life is perfect and I should be so grateful,
And I know that I'm selfish for feeling weak and unable,

To deal with the pains and heartaches of life,
Yet too afraid to pick up the knife...

I want relief and I want to be calm,
I want to be strong and move along.

But, you know, it's better said than done,
Especially when you're the one who's holding the gun.....but can't seem to pull the trigger.
Erin-Taylor Jan 2013
It's something like a fuzzy feeling,
That makes you all warm inside.

Your emotions are very revealing,
It's getting harder to hide.

Does he notice?
Does he even care?

You're starting to lose focus,
Try not to stare...

You're unraveling at the seams,
He's driving you insane.

He's playing an active role in your dreams.
WIith this unhealthy addiciton, what is there to gain?

His love! Oh his love!
You wish he could see!

It's a sign from above,
Oh how perfect you could be!

But as of right now, he doesn't need to know,
It's just a simple CRUSH, there's no need to tell him so.
Erin-Taylor Jul 2014
My hair is flowing and I defy gravity.
My body is floating away.
It's so quiet down here.
So quiet that my heartbeat is the only thing  I can hear.
It beats so loud, but slow.
Slow, slow, slower.
I start to lose breath.
I forget about time.
But its so clear down here.
My thoughts consume me.
The water fills my lungs.
I am drowning and everything is finally
Crystal clear
I like this one
Erin-Taylor Jul 2014
With my bones broken and my blood flowing, I'll continue to love you, even though you're killing me...
Trying something new
Erin-Taylor Apr 2013
I wish I wasn't broken.
I wish I wasn't so "vain."
Apparently I'm "egotistical"
And drive quite a few people insane.

But how is this so,
When I'm so insecure?
And I can't ever help myself,
for always wanting more.

Why judge one for smiling,
Because you're not?
Just because I'm making sweet memories,
And you're making less than lot.

Don't judge a book,
By it's cover.
You never know exactly,
what lies under.
The first two stanzas are something I was working on all morning. Recently someone noticed how many pictures I take of myself, and they called me "egotistical". It kind of hurt my feelings, but I blew it off and instead of being rude, I wrote this. I take photos of myself enjoying the scenery and people around me. If they have a problem with it, then confront me about it. I don't see how it bothers others, if what I'm doing doesn't even effect them. End rant. :)
Erin-Taylor Aug 2013
The words, "I'm leaving" hurt to hear,
My heart breaks even more with every tear.

Goodbye is something no one should ever say,
Or replying that you're fine, when nothing's okay.

Don't leave me sweetie, I don't know what to do,
Without you here, my world will turn blue...

But then again, I'm being selfish and care-free,
How can I expect you to stay if we can never be?

I love you my darling and don't ever forget,
The day we first met...
And stole glances during sunset...

Please do not ever let this slip your mind...
You'll Always Have My *Name
"It hurts more than a bullet through my heart...torn, ripped, and split apart.
I have given the cards I have been dealt...even if it means giving up what I've felt.
True love comes from the heart...nothing can take it apart.
Even if this world puts up things to block us from being know deep down in your heart that you are mine and I am your think of me on a rainy day to change the weather...."
(I love you forever)
Erin-Taylor Jan 2016
Sometimes I wonder and,
When it's late at night,
I get cramps in my stomach,
Thinking about what used to be

I wonder if you ever think of me,
Like I think of you.
I don't think you really know,
Just how much I loved you.

You were my first love.
My first heartbreak, my first....
And of course, no one ever forgets their first,
But will you?

Do you remember me?
Or was everything that we shared,
A year wasted on me, on us?

You erased me out of your life.
But I get it.
It's not easy to have loved and then lost,
It's easier to have loved and to forget.
I'll always remember
Erin-Taylor Nov 2013
I know this sudden, but I don't really care.
I'd follow you to the ends of the earth, nothing can compare
To you or the way your blue eyes shine in the sunlight,
Or the way you look at me, as if I'm the only one in your sight.

My love is deeper than the ocean blue,
And I promise to keep you as long as you're true.

My love is everlasting and pure as the color white,
My heart beats fast but feels so light.

Where have you been all my life,
The question feels like a knife.

If I would have met you first, I wouldn't have known,
How mean boys behave and act like they own
Me or her or any other girl,
But I'm glad I met you know, my shinning pearl.

The words that were so hard to say come out easy and free,
I love you so much my dear and I'll love you Endlessly.
Erin-Taylor Feb 2013
Am I obsessed? What's wrong with me?
Why am I so jealous of you?
Why do I care so much about your opinion?
I want to be your friend....badly, but I don't know why.
You hate almost everyone, including me, but I wish we were friends.
Your hair is long and straight, wherever it falls, it looks perfect.
Your eyes are big, brown, and beautiful; eyelashes long and dark.
Your voice is so nice and your laugh is the adorable type that every girl wishes they had.
You speak your mind and don't care what people say.
You have the perfect body and the nicest clothes.
Your face is so pretty, with no acne in sight. You aren't even vain...
While you look gorgeous over there, I'm over here with all of my insecurities laid out in front of me for everyone to see.
So I have to ask: Is this an obsession?
What's wrong with me?
I don't know these answers, but I do know one thing.
....Envy Will Ruin Me....
Erin-Taylor Feb 2013
Your mouth like poison,
Your lips like wine.
Intoxicate my senses,
Every single time.

My vision's hazy,
Blurred with a high.
Makes you look more desirable,
With every single lie.

My heart starts to beat,
Eradictly so.
Hurting my chest,
With all of its woes.

You confuse my thoughts,
I can't tell up from down.
Stop making me feel this way,
It hurts to cry and not make a sound.
Erin-Taylor Mar 2013
I flew so fast, racing down towards my demise.
My pride was injured, that is all.
No need to cry now.
When I fell, no one was there to catch me...
They let me get cut and bruised.
I never wanted to feel this way.
They made me curse and shout and deny their "wrong"
But truth be told, I wasn't right either.
When up so high on that power of smugness,
I took a hard fall and crashed down from my pedistal...
Erin-Taylor Mar 2013
Never let them see you cry...

Never show them how much you die inside.

All it ever leads is to heartache,
broken dreams, and wishful thinking....
Erin-Taylor Feb 2013
Push him back! Awaken the fears!
Scream very loud, so that everyone hears.

Stomp on him, the way he did you,
Let him know how it feels, from your point of view.

Spit in his face, that disgusting thing we all call 'man'.
Say, "how does it feel 'baby', try to catch me now if you can!"

With his nose bleeding, kick him some more,
For all the pain he's caused you, make it times four.

Never again shall he beat you down.
Not if you know, he won't be around....
Erin-Taylor Dec 2012
The water is liquid fire…scorching my flesh like acid…with delight.
Numb, the pain doesn't reach me.
My skin, tingling and red show signs of burns.
Burns which will turn into scars.
So when you see me again, you'll know you're the cause of them.
Scarring my body and heart for all of eternity.
Everyone will see what you've done to me.
I played with fire and got **burnt…
Erin-Taylor Aug 2015
I miss him...
I don't..
Maybe I just miss the memories...
I do..

Or, quite possibly, I miss the past when we were one and you were the sun...
Yes, I do..
I miss this part of my life so much. Going to start writing again.
Erin-Taylor Aug 2013
Alone, she floats aimlessly in the ocean's waves.
Lost, she has no sense of direction.
Gone, are her hopes and dreams; they've been washed away and pulled to sea.
Quiet, are the tears she cries; they're salty just like the ocean.
Her friend, Water, takes care of her; protecting her from the dangers of the land world.

She is safe when she is lost.
She is better off when she is alone.
She is calm when she has nothing to live for.
She is happy wheb she cries tears of loneliness...

But she doesn't want to be safe or calm.
She breaks through the surface of the water and steps onto the shore...

And is finally **Free
Erin-Taylor Jan 2013
Nothing could have prepared me for this day.
The day my soul dispersed.
The day when you went away.

Life is now gloomy and gray.
I knew from then on I was cursed.
Nothing could have prepared me for this day,

There was nothing no one could say.
Words just made everything worse.
The day when you went away

My feelings will now decay.
Turning me around in reverse.
Nothing could have prepared me for this day,

That moment just chooses to replay.
The day death got you first.
The day when you went away

Now forever my heart will stray.
Wishing the day you died, it burst.
Nothing could have prepared me for this day,
The day when you went away.
Erin-Taylor Mar 2013
A faceless entity,
coming to take you.
When you no longer are
destined to live,
he's summoned onto
your presence.
The chill of bones
reach out to grab you.
The fear you get when
looking into the depths
of scarlet colored eyes
on a faceless creature.
He means to take you with him.
No one can fight it.
Not even God.
For the Grimm Reaper
is a deity of his own.
A deity who is just as
powerful as God, but
controls the dead.
He laughs in the faces
of those who wish
to defy him.
A sickening
scrape sounds,
not like a laugh at all.
More like a scream.
So just make sure
you're prepared,
for when he comes for you...
You won't be able to fight it...
Death that is.
Erin-Taylor Feb 2013
Do they notice?
Can they see what she's doing to herself,
To become Perfect?

Her mind is overwhelming her with thoughts like:
"Is that a whole bite of food?"
"Wow, packing on the calories."
"Why can't you be skinny?"
"Why the hell are you so **** fat!?"
"Wow, you're really letting yourself go."

So she puts it down and nibbles instead.
Each day decreasing her meal size.
And no one notices, oh but she does.

She looks into the mirror and stares at her body....
She smiles at her ribcage poking out,
At her hips bulging unnaturally.
"I'm finally perfect," she says, "I can finally stop doing this and eat."

Then she's slapped back into her reality. "Are you kidding me?!"
"Look at those fatty thighs!"
"And oh that tummy has got to go!"
"That needs to be changed immediately!"

So she continues with her ways.
Just needing to be Perfect.
But do they notice?
.....Did they ever?......
Erin-Taylor Mar 2013
Life can be cruel sometimes,
so cruel that you have to ask,
"Why am I here?"
Fate has so many twists and turns.
From one extreme to the next.
I never knew my life would
amount to this.
God, help me get through these
following years of Hell on Earth.
Give me the strength to pull through....
Erin-Taylor Dec 2012
Beauty dies, angels blow away.
I scream with my memory forever of you.
Makeup covers your lips and cheek.
I scream, you really pick a fight.
Not there, one night,
No one saved the love.
Always in my heart,
I only dream I’ll fall in love with someone else now.
Running more,
Hoping to never remember you.
Erin-Taylor Mar 2013
She looks into the mirror,
stares at her baby blue eyes, speckled with gold,
and wonders how such beautiful eyes could be placed with such an ugly creature.
"Her black hair is too long," they say, "it has many split ends!"
So she cuts it, right up to her chin.
"Her body is too curvy," they say, "lose a little weight!"
So she eats less and less every day.
"Her lips are too pink," they say, "let them be pale!"
So she stops dressing warm.
"And that voice! Hush child with the singing!"
She cannot seem to stop once it is she stops speaking altogether.
Most people only judge her from jealousy...but they do not realize the toll their words have taken on her.
Little do they know, she hasn't eaten very much in the past few weeks, nor has she gotten much sleep.
But all you can see that now resembles beauty is those beautiful blue eyes deeply set into her unhealthy body that's being weighed down by others insecurities lashed out at her.
Are you happy now that you've ruined her life?
Erin-Taylor May 2013
After a while, the pain starts to subside,
And leaves you with a dull numbness.

However, the feelings never go away.
Your senses are fogged as are your thoughts.

Not knowing which way is up and which is down;
Right from wrong.

But then again, none of that matters.
All you are now is broken

Oh how the heart aches and
Ruptures your whole being.

It's funny how this vital ***** can make
You feel dead even though you sadly keep living.

Hilarious how it effects your soul and body.
Mind is cloudy.

Your thoughts are no more.
You are no more.

Now, you are just your heart-ache.
A painful throbbing inside your chest...

Reminding You Of What Used To Be.
Erin-Taylor Feb 2014
I know I'm a bit bitter,
And I may be a tad sour,
But didn't you say those same things to me,
When we were together?

You make me want to laugh at your childish ways.
You make me angry and sad at the same time.
I'm a wave of emotion and I know I shouldn't care.
But I do.

You've shown how to identify boys versus men.
Boys will lie and say sweet nothings, only living for the moment.
Men will be thoughtful and think before they speak, planning on forever.

So, next time you want to be "there" for me,
Don't even try.
I don't converse with hypocrites,
Especially not boys who have broke my heart.
Erin-Taylor Jan 2016
I'd like to say that I've conquered all of my demons...but I haven't.
I still think of you.
I still listen to the voicemail I saved that you sent me a year and a half ago.
My heart still pounds when I hear your voice, just continuously hoping you'd say, "I love you" again.
But tonight, I willed myself not to give in.
I can't give in to you anymore.
Besides...there's no use in crying over a lost cause.
I can't stop thinking
Erin-Taylor Jul 2013
Tears are said to taste salty,
But I would never know,
For I wipe them briskly away,
So they'll never show.

Love is supposed to be healthy,
And give you all that you need;
Not stab you where it hurts,
And make your heart bleed.

Voices are of encourgement,
To boost up your day;
But now, all they do is spread rumors,
And no one knows what to say.

Nothing is right anymore,
And this world has turned to hell,
No one is safe here,
And even God isn't left to tell.
Erin-Taylor Jan 2013
I'm sitting in a dark room
Alone by myself in a corner
Where no one is able to reach me
Where no one is able to reach my cold stone heart
You'll never see who I really am
No one will
It's just not possible for me to open up
After I've been shut tight for so long
So don't ask why I won't let you in
Wonder with your imagination
All the pain I've felt
Then you'll know just exactly why
I'm so **cold.
Erin-Taylor Jan 2013
After this terrible heartbreak,
We know your right there by heavens gate,

Watching over us, protecting us as we live on,
But we cant get over the fact that your actually gone.

We miss you dearly, and no one could ever replace you,
You were our superman, flying through the sky oh so blue.

We are living a type of hell, wishing you were here,
But we know we'll see you later, and raise up our glasses of beer.

We take a shot of Jameson, a toast to you old man,
Whether playing the role as daddy or brother, no one can do it better than you can.
This poem is in loving memory of my Uncle and God Father, Kevin Botta, who died unexpectantly on January 6th, 2011, as a passanger in a car crash.
Erin-Taylor Dec 2012
Hoping is a lost cause,
Everyone can see her flaws.
No one will look at her with a new light,
She’s out of mind, out of sight.
No one likes her,
Passing by people like a blur.
No one can see the pain she feels,
No listens and no one hears
Her cries and shouts,
She’s dying to get out!
To be noticed, to be loved,
Stop being shoved.
Please let someone care,
She’s tired of someone not being there.
Erin-Taylor Nov 2013
My name is Sabina Low (Green) and I survived the Holocaust.
I was born on March 21, 1922 in Ulanow, Poland.
I lived a pretty normal life for my first 10 years.
I was one of four kids in a Jewish family.
Then after I turned 11, kids at school started to avoid me, my friends would no longer speak to me.
They  weren't  allowed.
I remember crying about it to my mother and her comforting me, reassuring things were alright.
I stayed through school without a friend for the next 6 years...
And then war broke out on September 1, 1939.
We could hear our Jewish community scream every night as Poles entered their homes and took what they wanted.
1941, Germany invaded the USSR and occupied Ulanow.
1942, there was gunfire heard near the town. I wandered to my Uncle's house which was also nearby, curious to know what was going on.
I reached the house but it had been broken into. I searched all inside and then finally checked the back.
There my uncle lied on the ground shot and his stomach tore open...I thought he was gone, but he was alive.
I rushed inside to find something to cover him with and found a pillow.
When I picked it up, something heavy fell out.
It was a dead child, my cousin.
I rushed back outside to cover my uncle and the last words he spoke were, "I  pray  that  you'll  survive".

Later, I was aided with false papers and fled to Stryj, and I remained there until the Soviet army liberated the area in 1944. Then moved to Israel in 1957 and came to the United States in 1960.

I may have survived, but I have not forgotten. I relive my past every single day. I  remember, but will  you?
I recently went to the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C., and recieved an "I.D." revealing a true story of a Holocaust victim. This is completely factual. I learned to respect this terrible occurence in our history and yearned to tell Sabina's story. I, in fact, have no clue as to if she is still alive today. Thank you for listening to Sabina's story.
Erin-Taylor Nov 2012
Beautiful and delicate, giving off a sweet aroma, intoxicating the naive. Like a rose, you are dangerous. Preying on the innocent with false smiles and deceiving looks. Not everything meets the eye. You engulf the ignorant in a dark abyss of unlawful hopes and desires. You trick them, like the monster you are. Like a rose, you don't know how you lie. When looking at a rose, you stare at the beauty, not the danger. Thorns sneak up and ***** your finger, drawing out your precious red, plentiful fountain of life. However, without it's petals, it would be nothing but a thorned stem. Like you, your nothing without your lies. The rose loses it's beauty and alluring scent, and you lose your looks and charm. Underneath, you are just a hungry thorn on a stem, waiting toget a trickle of blood upon your tip.
Erin-Taylor Dec 2012
I'm going to stay strong even though I feel as if I can't go on.
I'm going to smile like I'm not dying on the inside.
I'm going to pretend like everything is perfect when everything is falling apart at the seams.
I'm going to act fearless when actually I'm terrified.
For life must carry on, with or without me.
I can stick through it....
Erin-Taylor Aug 2013
Nothing could stop their tears from flowing.

How could things be alright in the world if two little girl's daddy was gone? If daddy is gone, who will walk them down the isle? Or intimidate the boys who come over to meet him?

Or the son whose death leaves his mother and father empty; dying slowly more everyday.

The brother would said, "Me and you, sis. We'll grow old and raise our kids together."

The uncle and godfather that will never be seen again.

The family that was broken, will take forever to heal. The pain won't ever go away and they'll never get used to him being gone, but they'll learn to live with it. Live with the pain of not seeing that beautiful face everyday, with that dazzling smile.

Even though the man who tore the family apart will now be punished for his crime, it still won't bring their departed back.

******* they wish it did.

The only thing that killer's family will lose is a little time. They can still talk, feel, and touch him, but the other family can't. They've lost him forever in their natural lives.

They'll have to wait what feels like an eternity to see him once again.
My family has been through a very tramatic 2-3 years dealing with my uncle/godfather's death. His "killer" has finally been proven guilty for the death of him and is going away for 29 years, dealt heavy fines and will never be able to drive again because of all his recklessness as a driver. Kevin Botta died January 7, 2011. My family and I miss him dearly. He left behind 2 beautiful daughters. I love you so much Kevin. <3 Rest in peace big guy.
Erin-Taylor Dec 2021
Tease my mind,
Save my soul.
Break my heart,
Take control.

Consume my body,
With your existence.
Take what you may,
Although I’m resistant.

Hesitating…sitting here,
Patiently waiting.

Will there be an explosion
Or will it be calm like an ocean…
Or just like the sea, we never know,
Whether it’ll remain still or tumultuous under the surface.
Erin-Taylor Nov 2015
I feel like ****.
Because .
I miss you like hell.
Go away. I should be happy
Erin-Taylor Dec 2013
I have a confession.
I didn't know you'd be the one to hurt me.

I have a question.
Why wouldn't you try harder? For us?

I have a confession.
I'm ready to cut the ties.

I have a question.
Did you really ever even love me?

I have a confession.
I wish I knew how to cope with loneliness.

I have a question.
Was it all a lie? All a joke?

I have a confession.
I'm as a bitter as the coffee I was drinking that dreadful morning, when you broke my heart.

I've learned a lesson.
Never trust the ones who seem harmless, they, like all people, will just end up hurting you.

You know……you said that you'd never hurt me……
Well thanks for the ******* lies.
******* too.
Erin-Taylor Dec 2013
I sat on my bathroom floor, body shaking uncontrollably.
I had just thrown up another meal, I couldn't stop it from happening.

"Oh yes, dear mother, the food was delightful…"
Little did she know, that nothing I ever ate, stayed to be digested.

People might ask, why would she do this to herself?

Well, she might answer:

There once was a girl who wasn't the tiniest, the prettiest, or skinniest, who longed to be someone else.
She weighed 130 pounds, although one might not think this as heavy, all the other kids did.
She was bullied and called names: she was fat and ugly. Evenutally, there came a point to where she broke down.
Becoming what she is, was the best decision, she'd ever made…but laying there on the bathroom tile…she wasn't sure.
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