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Tatiana Apr 2020
Teach young girls that they can say "No,"
to situations that make them uncomfortable.
Don't force them to hug someone they barely know
even if you know them well.
Teach young girls they can say "Yes,"
to situations that make them curious.
That they don't have to sacrifice their own happiness
for someone else.
Teach young girls that they can say "I'm sorry,"
but only when they actually mean it.
To assert themselves when they've been wronged
and to recognize when they were wrong.
Teach young girls to say "I'm worthy,"
no matter what path they choose in life.
Whether it's to be a doctor, an artist, a scientist, a wife
whatever it may be, let them decide.

Teach young girls to say "No."
And teach little boys to accept it.
Now, this isn't my most artistic poem but I still think it's important. I think all kids should be lifted up and not beaten down, but this poem is specifically about being a little girl. I know many young women who have trouble saying "no" or "yes" or they apologize too much or they feel they are worthless and a lot of stems from how they were raised. I've had friends who were taught to minimize their own thoughts, opinions, dreams etc for the benefit of others and it is such a widely accepted idea. The last line is to address one of the issues that keeps coming up. That's the issue of "'No' means 'No.'" Why do we continue to teach our boys to push a girl until her "no," becomes a "maybe" and then it becomes a "yes"? I've had the thought of "maybe if I say yes, he won't snap" many times when faced with a man who was a stranger to me. Do you know how terrifying that is? If a girl or woman says "no" then that's that. (And don't strawman me here, I mean this in reference to respecting someone's personal choice and autonomy) Obviously, this is one perspective and a bit on the heteronormative side and I'd like to hear other viewpoints. If you know of any other poems like this, can you point them my way?
Leave a comment below about what you think and if anyone decides to write a poem from a different perspective send it to me.
NO isn't just a word
It is a complete sentence
NO means NO
There's no in between
NO means NO
No matter from who it is
NO means NO
Even if it is your Wife
NO isn't just a word
It is an emotion
It is a decision
NO means STOP
Andrew Jun 2019
It is ok to say “no.”
There are moments
where a reply of
“not today” and
“maybe another time”
are more important
than pleasing everyone—

The Sun will continue to shine,
rain will continue to fall,
and grass will continue to grow—
Birds will sing their songs,
life will go on,
and taking time to breathe
could be just what is needed.

Those who understand
will accept your self-care,
and they will choose to love you—

A. I. Myles   o9 June, 2019
Self-care is important!
Maia May 2019
You think it doesn’t matter
Maybe I should just shut up and mind my own business
Leave your eyes to stare daggers
And your slippery tongue to burn castles

I’m not apologizing
For fighting back  
As you cut apart and dissect
Life into *** and breast,
Measuring beauty on a scale you’ve created out of blood
And buying worth out of bone you pulled from our spines.

How much do we have to give
For our voices to be heard,
Cause you best believe
We’ll give it all we got

No more standing in the corner
Watching sisters fall on their knees
Crying in front bathroom mirrors
Whispering promises you can’t keep.
No. Tonight we are standing
With her.

And your better know that this time
When we scream,
The world will echo back.
Hope Apr 2019
in today’s time and age
young women and girls are oppressed
by men
who can’t control their urges
in their early lives
they are taught to obey
to obey their parents
and to obey men
we are taught to
stay quiet

their fire
is stomped out
as soon as possible
and later in life
when a drunk man at a party
or a crazy man at a bar
or any person along those lines
is using them
and touching them in ways

they won’t say no
because they have been taught
to be obedient
and to stay quiet
Brandon May 2016
Might make them angry
It will make you free
If no one has ever told you
Your freedom
Is more important than their anger
You should never feel pressured to say 'yes' to someone or for anything. Sometimes saying 'no' is the best answer, and everybody should know their limits.
Erin-Taylor Apr 2015
It's been a while now,
I'm not the same person from before.
I'm still alive somehow,
And I know that on the inside I'm torn.

This broken path has led me far,
Going down heavy-hearted.
My body leaves many scars,
But I'm better off from where I started.

I didn't know one could hurt so much,
Or hurt so many in the process.
If I had only knew that with just one touch,
I would ever be so thoughtless.

— The End —