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Take my hand
Follow me
Let's waste away

Let the music fill your head
Your soul
Ignite the fire
And let me burn for you

Gaze into my eyes
Let me fall for you
And make things better

The vinyl spins like I do
When our lips meet
Joining as one
Under the moonlit sky

I'll wait for you
For a chance
A moment to seize
To see your eyes glisten
Like the stars and beyond
Gazing into my soul
Where I ache for life

Let us adventure
Into the wilderness
A dark forest awaits us

The unknown beckons
Calling us to act
Discovering more than we know
And reassuring our minds

I see your thoughts
Not too fast,
You might trip and fall
But I'll be there to catch you
I hope you know

Open your heart to me
Let me hear you sing
The song of the ages
A beautiful voice

And when you fall
Deep into slumber
I'll wonder what you dream
As I hold you in my arms
And admire it all

 Nov 2017 Emma S
Sarah Elizabeth
Do I always mess things up?
Friendship into crush into lack of said friendship.
Do not intentionally like those who seem to get me best,
But I,
Do not know how to not mess this up.
do not know how to not like her.
See I,
I have a girl crush.
The first since I was 15
So please
Don't take this, or my feelings too lightly;
Because I'm not in a rush to
Tell her how I feel
Manage to be complacent with her friendship,
And her company.
See she
Could either become my best friend,
Or my nothing.
Because girl crushes,
For me,
Have always been nothing but unrealistic
Feelings unrequited,
So I
Shovel them into the mass grave of
And emotions
In hope that,
One day,
She'll dig them up like buried treasure
And treasure them
As if they were her own.
But how
Will she ever find their tombstone
If she doesn't even know what she's looking for?
I ask for Her advice.
Always seems to have the best advice:
"follow your heart." she offers to me,
Little does she know that means I would have to follow her all day and
Don't care much for being a shadow.
Ask her how to tell someone the truth about my emotions and she answers:
"With honesty"
And honesty
May always be the best policy for her,
But for me,
Only lies are worth living while I
Lay with someone else,
And the lies I tell myself.
So she
Stays in the dark of my feelings
And the real questions I want to ask
"Should I let us remain friends? Or should I try to make us more?"
Make me
Her companion
Two girl coven
With no room
For anything other than magic
And unmade memories
Empty grimoire
Filled with
Blank Polaroids,
Uncast spells,
And unspoken words
Of feelings unshared.
Don't mind the idea of a relationship unhad
But my brain
flickers like a broken street light
In warning that my feelings towards others are only fake
Refusing to let me ignore that he
Is nowhere close to she,
And that she
Will never truly care for me.
Not so long as she is oblivious,
And I am dishonest.
Complacency doesn't have to be negative, does it?
 Nov 2017 Emma S
[ leaving ]
 Nov 2017 Emma S
if there is anything in this world that I know
it is that sadness doesn’t just leave
it prefers to hang itself on my almost-sure shoulders
it prefers to kiss my knuckles when I am at peace

if there is anything in this world that I know
it is that darkness doesn’t disappear during the day
it loves sneaking into the cracks in my troubled thoughts
it loves the solace of my empty bones

if there is anything in this world that I know
it is that nothing will ever be quiet for me
there are the words I shove back down my windpipe
there are the blue symphonies crying for me

but then again
there are early-morning greetings
and the promise of a cup of coffee that I won’t touch
the chill of the morning seeping into my pajamas with the stars

then again
there are tangles of phrases between my fingers
and the music of leaves dancing
the sun turning my eyes into different worlds

then again
there’s your shadow on the vandalized walls of this city
and the tilt of your smile that I’ve tattooed somewhere in my mind
the tug of your hands on my wrists

so for days that I stopped counting
all that I was sure of was the way I belonged in the crook of your neck
I felt the uncertainty unclasp itself from my spine
the choke of my tears faded into a memory

the dusk paints masterpieces on your serene features
you weave another story of your day
I hold onto your words like they are the only magic I know
I hold onto the bumping of our shoulders in the dying light

the dawn illuminates your drowsy stumbling through the streets
I hold you as we walk through abandonment
you laugh at the sound of your name
and I laugh at the thought of what we could be

for a time that I all but forgot
the sunshine somewhere in me ceased the rain
all the songs sang of you that I found
it was I who kissed your shaky hands

and still time finds a way through the ties around our wrists
maybe it was a lost cause from the beginning
how we fall into each other to fill in the gaps the universe has left
and how once again all of who I am is too much

the promises we made during midday hazes
the dreams that we recited with every flower we picked
the hope we had instilled in each other
the goodbyes that I knew would never be the end

and now all I know
is that the unquiet will never leave me
even when you do.
 Apr 2017 Emma S
Kimberly Lore
Just remember that it's ok to feel out of place sometimes
Afterall, even Earth's orbit is naturally askew
yet it still turns and we are still here
and life goes on
"askew" from A Daughter of Smoke and Bone
You sit alone and stare at the wall
And darkness is all that you will find
Messing around with narcotics
Is sadly destroying your mind
Just get yourself some help
And take your life back
Remove yourself from the negative
Move towards the right track
 Apr 2017 Emma S
Kimberly Lore
When I was younger
I looked at my parents hands
As they engulfed mine
And I wondered when I would
Be big enough to carry so much
Whether it be groceries or burdens
And now, as an adult, my hands
Are still so much smaller
I hope my hands can hold onto
What I love
 Apr 2017 Emma S
Ryan Kane
 Apr 2017 Emma S
Ryan Kane
You and I were miles apart,
but connected through the stars.
I guess their lights must've burnt out
because now you're nothing but a memory
I sing to a empathetic tune on my guitars.
(c) Ryan J. Kane 2017
 Apr 2017 Emma S
 Apr 2017 Emma S
can I never find
what I want to hear
but I cannot say
what I want to read
but cannot write
A million other
stories and tales
poems and novels
but none contain
what I can never
 Apr 2017 Emma S
Bury my soul in autumn leaves
So that the wind might blow away
Memories of mistakes I made
That breaks my heart today

Sticks and stones may break the bones
But words can crush the spirit
Raise the bar but once again
And I’ll still try to clear it
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