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 Feb 2017 Emma S
jenny linsel
I look into the mirror
And who is that I see?
Someone I don't recognise
Is looking back at me

The lines upon the forehead
That are called ‘worry lines'
Are caused by getting stressed
Far too many times

A line next to the right eyebrow
It’s the liver that's to blame
Due to excess alcohol
Or so the doctors claim

The line next to the left eyebrow
Is connected to the spleen
So much for thinking the body
Is like a finely-tuned machine

At the corner of both eyes
Are very deep crow’s feet
These are connected to all organs
As they admit defeat

We used to call them ‘smile lines'
But not much smiling has been done
When you have ill-health
Life is not much fun

Black bags under the eyes
Are signalling poor circulation
Or maybe just a lack of sleep
Nightmares without an explanation

The pancreas could be at fault
If there are ‘laughter lines'
But they could just be caused
By laughing numerous times

Lines above the upper lip
They could be caused by smoking
But they also indicate spleen trouble
Those lines are thought-provoking

Lines upon the neck
Otherwise known as a ‘double-chin’
Can be caused by too much gluten
Putting a thyroid in the spin

In the mirrors reflection
There are so many lines to see
Then I realise the person in the mirror
Yes, it’s me!
 Feb 2017 Emma S
 Feb 2017 Emma S
I hope she's happy
That she's hopeful
I've seen the way these demons play with her mind
With her weakness

I was once a pillar
In the desert
I can stand so strong forever
I could stand
And not the sands of time
Not the cruelty of the wind so hateful
Berating my own bare back
Not the sun
Not the hopelessness

I hope she knows
My hands grow weaker through the holding
My feet grow blistered from the journey
My mind grows weary
My legs may as well give out with my next step
I gave up long ago
But from the time I fought

I hope she's happy
And she's hopeful
That that sun that wants to shine
Will bring light into her life

I hope that she lets the next sun to rise
Be the one to mean her life

I have my own journey

And ill be a pillar
In a city
Forgotten about by time
The only solid truth amongst the ruins
 Jan 2017 Emma S
Cierra Hope
 Jan 2017 Emma S
Cierra Hope
If you look up at the stars,
Sometimes you'll see many clusters of stars,
But if you keep looking,
You'll find one star by itself,
Shining bright
With only the light of the moon surrounding it.
That is me.
That is my soul.
In a galaxy full of people,
I stand alone.
 Apr 2016 Emma S
Michael Blonski
Whatever happened to the boy
who dreamed?
The master architect of worlds
rarely visited.
Fragmented artifacts are discovered,
sieved out of the sand.
The body as whole remains incomplete

A lonely man singing along
with his guitar of woe
Sing to me your story,
tell me what brought you here
Failure to dream or overwhelmed
by choice?

I've heard of the living
I know of the afterlife
The walls between you and me
are physical
Follow the paths forged by the few
Liberate your passions
I see you in me.
 Apr 2016 Emma S
Hailey Ngo
 Apr 2016 Emma S
Hailey Ngo
You could stand there,
stand there waiting.
You could wait there
for the storm.
You could stand there,
stand there broken,
stand there waiting for the fire.
You could stand there,
stand there vacant.
You could remain there
empty inside.
You could stand there,
stand there hiding,
stand there cowering
from the shadows.
Yes you could stand there,
stand there lonely,
stand there without a soul.
 Apr 2016 Emma S
Soph T
 Apr 2016 Emma S
Soph T
What do all of these have in common?
They're opposites.
Just like you and me.
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