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Oct 2018
your body
mirrors mine
your soul
is that of
a girl i’ve known
since i was 10 years old
you are
where the grass
is green
you are who
i drown in
you are where i feel
like me
we are far from holy

hold me
scratching love letters
down my back
and whispering
down my neck

who needs amen?
breathe in
all the love
& lose the fear
& remember
that bullets pass
right through you.
& your heart beats
for women
like me
& your
gunshot holes
resemble everyone you’ve lost
since you were 10 years old

let me
fill those holes
with the marrow in
my bones
hold me
dig nails
into my palms
Dear God
don’t let me go
Inspired by the poem by Ocean Vuong: Ode to *******
Written by
Em  Pittsburgh
   Makayla Jane
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