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Apr 2015 · 477
Blue #1
Elisa Holly Apr 2015
What do you gain from still calling me?
You're so caught up in my perception of you.
It was always about you.
You seem to have it figured out,
Until the dust has settled
And you're left standing
Scared of who you truly are
And what you really want.

I was always the dramatic one.
The crazy one.
But I was the honest one,
Chasing cars and screaming what I believed.
I was fearless.
And now you are standing
In my tracks
Waiting for the dust to settle.
Apr 2015 · 525
Gray #5
Elisa Holly Apr 2015
Your lips.
Your eyes.
Your body.
Your sighs.
Your breath.
My mouth.
My neck.
My thighs.
My head.
My heart.

You’re gone.
Apr 2015 · 466
Gray #4 [10w]
Elisa Holly Apr 2015
I breathe you in
like water,
consistently choking
on regret.
Apr 2015 · 450
Gray #3
Elisa Holly Apr 2015
Brown skin. Shaved head. Dark eyes.
Sprawled out on my bed.
His body hair curls
adding to the shadows
against his vulnerability.
Just shy of 5'6,
it is surprising
how much damage a man,
of such small stature,
can do.
His eyes meet mine.
My breath is gone.
He grabs my *** so hard;
I feel the fat squeeze against each other
causing dimples in my skin.
He throws me on top of him.
His eyes shut as he lies under me.
I lean in
gently kissing
the middle of his forehead
as I graze my hands
against his five o’ clock shadow.
His lips lightly reach my ear and whisper,
“that was too loving.”
The words flood my heart with anger.
No matter how much I try
the only thing he loves
are my legs wrapped around his waist.
I smile
as if unfazed by the rising resentment
building from my belly.
He pulls my hair
causing my back to arch.
His tongue deep in me,
I secretly wish
my thighs would suffocate him.
I sigh and release.
Apr 2015 · 485
Gray #2
Elisa Holly Apr 2015
It’s raining.
I feel it on my face,
Dripping down
In defeat.
I look up.
I am the leak.
You always said,
I brought in the sun.
I guess you took it with you.
Apr 2015 · 769
Gray #1
Elisa Holly Apr 2015
Gray skies fill my window.
My heavy eyes open.
Those were the days
When you would hold me
-Wash away
All my doubts.

— The End —