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Elisa Holly Jan 2021
Who is the fool?
We are playing a game.
One of us is it.
Who is it?

I chase you in circles when,
I pin you underneath my thighs
Thrusting myself into self proclaimed
you escape.

And now, I am the hunted.
You sneak through open doors
Blinding any semblance
Of a vision
I had to be free.

Free of these games
Free of you

I walk away forfeiting
Only for you to remind me
Of the moments where
I almost
Had you.
And the game starts

You say the fool is me.
I say the fool is you.

I don’t know who is winning.
I do know
Be careful with a fool.
Be careful with a fool
Elisa Holly Jan 2021
****, you feel good.
Your mouth on mine,
******* all my love
Off my lips.

I know better.
I know being with you takes my soul to dark places.
But, once you start,
I can’t stop.

Every forceful touch,
Every heavy breath,
I willingly
Ask You

But then what are we left with?
#**** #prose #feels
Elisa Holly May 2020
Sleep has lost me.
trying to remember the steps
of how I once was there,
how in the beginning I felt so safe
I could melt
and dream
in her comfort,
I am awake
on the edge of the bed.
I stare
unable to find my way back
how I ever found her to begin with.
Elisa Holly Jan 2019
In between city buildings
Streets filled with crowded bodies,
Loneliness fills my ears like the high pitched frequency of silence.
I sit in my car staring at the landscape of apartments hovering one
on top
of the other

Desolate like a desert of cement.

My body thirsts for contact.
My heart for meaning.
New places
Elisa Holly Nov 2018
Monarchs come in seasons.
They migrate.
Making journeys so unimaginable
With the the ***** of their tiny wings.

You were the air.
I could feel you everywhere
Even when you were nowhere.

Your attention
Was exhilarating.
Raising the hair on my body
As my heart began to soar.

I was swept in your breeze.
Making the journey
The only one you can make
When you have
in your stomach.

But then I remembered butterflies
Those **** butterflies
Only came for the season
Leaving with the current of the wind.
When it’s just for now.
Elisa Holly Nov 2018
I sit on her couch
Sipping *****
from some mixed concoction
Scrolling through the social media experiences
meant to be a self reassurance
of how good we have it
when it’s just so
******* hard.

These little positives accumulated
to remind myself
that even in the midst of my hardest trials,
don't get caught in the failures
but relish in the triumphs.

I don’t even look at the other feeds
so self absorbed
at reminding myself
that each day my hustle
will be rewarded with the ultimate win: love.
But success isn’t love... or a like
and every minute I spend self absorbed on what I don’t have
I miss out
on the minute to minute love
I receive with each interaction
from people I share space with.
Life isn’t a feed.
Life isn’t happiness every day.
Life isn’t measured by the have or have nots.
Life is this moment.
Life is this experience
and the decisions we make in them.

So I closed the phone
and listened
to her

She wasn’t doing it for the hashtag
or the like
and I listened.

Sipping on my *****,
closing my eyes.
I didn’t care what was seen
as long as she kept sharing
this moment with me.

The feed.
Social media
Elisa Holly Oct 2018
I walk through the doors certain,
My decision determined.
Wishing I still had the keys
to some getaway car,
I lift my head
Just to see open arms
and sunflowers.
Smiles light up the room.
Gratitude for the time I spent,
Blessed at being accepted,
Reminiscent of all the good,
the fulfillment of knowing I will be missed,
Excited at the future I’m headed.
Glad there is no chaotic twist,
I walk out towards my car
And get in.
Unafraid of glancing at the rear view,
I smile and drive forward.
Every end is a new beginning
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