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Denisse May 2014
I wish to know nothing
So that I don't feel something that is aching
It's a surprise, an unexpected one
And while hearing that voices like doom, I wish I could run.

The joke is on me, I know
Because I let this tiny thing in my heart to grow
I give meanings with those little acts
Not thinking that one day, it will fade away.

I do my very best to hide
I smile, I act like there is nothing wrong
In short, I'm trying to be strong
But in everything I do, all I feel is a shade from you.

Those text messages, chats and undetermined sweetness
Those unusual looks when the sparks fly between our eyes
Those time when you are sitting next to me
I realize that all I think before is fantasy.

It's a bit painful to stay away
Ghost from you keep on waving and saying Hey
This story is only about to start
But suddenly it was finish already.
This poem was written, almost a year ago. SINCE YESTERDAY EVERYTHING HAS CHANGE is a famous line from Taylor Swift's song: Everything as Change. That song is all about falling in love after having some quality time together but my poem does not go in that way.
Denisse May 2014
I'll ride in a unicorn if I had a chance
Go visit the hidden garden and take a glance
I'll go drop and make a dance in the moon
Through the magic carpet and massive balloon.

I'll watch the star from falling
Tie a hanky and keep myself wishing
I'll fly with the help of the birds
Make a big conversation with the clouds.

I'll submerge in the sea to play with Ariel
Dance under water and collect shell
I'll travel to visit Alice in the Wonderland
Not minding the dirt in the sand.

I'll ride on the plane and go to Paris
Tour myself in the city of poetry
I'll go to Eiffel Tower to have my dream come true
I don't care if I will go alone, atleast I have my happiness upto my bone.

Paris will be an amazing trip, but it isn't enough
I want to go visit the Queen
In the place where my favorite boyband has been
The place called London, the land I wish I was on.

It's always an amazing thing to imagine
And there is no other place for this, only in this piece.
When you write poem, you can go where you want, you can do whatever you want, you can act without limits. That's an awesome thing in a poem. YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT.
Denisse May 2014
I will always have this 50 reasons why I love you
I will always have this faith of meeting you again
I will always keep this beats that I am feeling
I will always have this daydream walking with you.

I will always go back, turn the page of my life when we are on the same road
I will always imagine the sparks that flew from your eyes
I will always recall those long talks
I will always remember those butterflies.

I will always miss you
I will always be captivated by your eye
I will always want to hang-out with you in the rest of mt life
I will always want to keep you forever.
Denisse May 2014
The feeling again comes knocking in my heart
We shake our hands for many times and I always meanings
In my heart, you are always remembered
It was wrong, but maybe now: I love you like a love song.

The first time seeing you laughing up to your lungs
I'm gettin' crazy but I hide it in my bangs
There's a part of you that you look like Liam Payne
Member of One Direction that made me insane.
To all my friend, family and people who knows me, Yes! I do have this thing called "Crushlife" Haha :D
I love mysteries so much that I became one. (John Green's Papertowns inspired words)
Denisse May 2014
It feels like having a nightmare
It must be the sweetest daydream
But then, it turns to be a failure,
in the top of the balance beam.

Staying up all night with not so easy stuff
Being with that electric numeric thing without sleeping
Being crazy analyzing
There are loads of question marks everyday in my head.

This is maybe not for me
HE cut me down so I can see
It's not facing an avenue of broken dreams
There is just a time not to hold.

I'm falling but it doesn't mean I will stop trying.
This is one of the special poem I made for myself and for whoever read this. I have this special power called FAITH to continue with my dreams. As the Bible said: "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven" (Ecclesiastes 3) Dream big. Let Go[D]
Denisse Apr 2014
Different people in same ways
Same problems but different decays
In this life, we should always move ahead
So wake up, get up in bed.

Have you ever think how does a round pizza place in the square box?
Not fit and compatible as rice place in sacks
Have you ever wonder why glue doesn't stick to it's container?
Not like hell where perfect folks are sinner.

It was cool how life brings unanswered questions
That made us wonder and suddenly make conclusions
It's funny how life brings confusement
When the only tool is perfect arrangement.
Denisse Apr 2014
There's something about this past few days
I can't explain what's going on
I can't do nothing but to continue and hold on
All I know now is I am smiling without knowing how.

In the back of my mind, there is you lookin' at me in secrecy
I'll never forget the feeling I felt while you are waving
I still recall the playful conversation at the stairs
I don't know why, but I am captivated by your eye.
This is an incomplete poem. Haha, some words are not accurate to post in here because this poem is base from a real life experience, I mean all my poems.
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