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Denisse Apr 2015
Two strange jump but collided in the same way
Months and years of for keeps
The memory of having each other
Seem like everything will be okay.

Intertwined destinies in the paths of ecstasy where regrets and tragedies have no place indefinitely
Tears in pairs in joy and sorrow
fears impaired in fogs of hollow despairs as loved is shared in the friendship declared

Crazy, silly, happy and all extreme feelings
Stepping together in the sane destined path from the universe
Oath of having each other's back
And their galaxies explode into a beautiful disaster
So here's another collab with Jamie King. It's really fun to have collabs. It's difficult but tha magic is two ideas cooperate with another then it results a very nice poem.
Denisse Nov 2014
You help me to recover in the state of confussion
In a room of uncertainty where things are all in blurry
The million thoughts in my mind
You gave me a reason to pour it down and inked it.

You'd shown me how clueless it will be if it is left stored
Maybe your touch told me to break the barriers
Because i read in your eyes a classic story
That made me realize that I can still made the most meaningful form of poetry.
You clean up the mess.
You've touched my heart through a very small spark,
Just as a flower blosoms after the winter
And the ship settle after the storm.
A poem I made about two weeks ago. It's like you extremely want to write but you are terribly low and when you try to write, everything messed up. And one day, all the passion came back bacause you found another reason, another story to write.
Denisse Oct 2014
The sun wakes up every morning
Stretches as he yawns
Excited for the brand new day
His rays will bring along

As the sun shines and smile
His head starts to think of what and why's
Those excited feet that jump in the bed
There's nothing but an idea to always move ahead

So move ahead is what he does
As he puts his rays in motion
Across the sky from East to West
From one to another ocean

From planet Earth to the universe
A memory from wonderful journey
The day is over, and the darkness in the sky are there to cover
The body retire in bed, but the mind in thinking's edge.
This is a collaboration poem of me and Mike Hauser. This is a fun idea! You know the feeling when you talk or work with tge people who have sane passion as yours? It was a great feeling. Im cool about collaborations. You can send me private messages. :)
Denisse Oct 2014
I love words until I became one
I am made up of incomplete phrases
Not everyone knows who I am
And at some points, no one wants to understand

My mind is a dictionary of joy, pain, love, happiness and sadness
My heart is a pile of poetry
I can be the prettiest written song
Or the most beautiful sonnet that chills thy bone

My words can be a perfect haiku
I can turn every single thoughts in my mind to be a perfect sentence that complete the story
I can be the longest-endless novel
Or I can be the most  special prose that you'll never get bored of reading..
We write to express ourselves and at the same time to know who we are. I love my life, i love to blend it in the most beautiful metaphors. My thoughts are composed of poetic voices and to minimize the casualty, I know I have to inked them.
Denisse May 2014
We are all not sure about everything in our life
Today might be okay but tomorrow has no assurance
Some will stay and some will go away
You can do what you want, you can be productive, fool, pretty, smart or stay being the same.

Every minute of our life is a matter of reason
Others may use it wisely and willing to catch bullets
Some will let the opportunities to past to prevent aches
Well, that's life! We are living in world with different opinion.

If you are new in this game, try everything that's good for you
If you are afraid, take the risk, who knows?
If you are pressured, take it easy! Stay clam.
If you are exhausted, give your self a break.
This poem is not literally for life starters only, it is for every one who's losing their way, who's forgetting their purpose in life. Live life to the fullest, it's too short to be wasted on doing things that's not good for your soul.
Denisse May 2014
They always thought that it was my last choice
I want to tell them no, but it seems like I don't have a voice
They told me that I'll grow up not having one
That I'll get my dream job, finish my studies, read all the novels and still in the line.

It's not my intention to give them motive
But they said that I'm always busy about my priority
What they don't know is I am searching too
Looking for someone that will love me like what others do.

I also wanted to be wanted
Sometimes I have this feeling of being haunted
I aw always dreaming for someone who can hold me
I am always praying for a fairy tale.

In my daydream I am always longing for a Prince Charming
No matter how busy I am in my priorities,
I'm still looking forward in the time when the GREEN LIGHT STOPS
The time that I can GO.
Usually in the traffic light, GREEN LIGHT is the sign for GO. And this poem is about waiting for that moment, PATIENTLY WAITING WHEN THE GREEN LIGHT STOPS, the moment WHEN I CAN GO.
Denisse May 2014
I'm in a haunted place before
Many problems that easily cuts me to the core
All I know is to cry
I prison myself because I'm scared for another try.

All I've got is a massive darkness
I can't even find the door of happiness
But He truly loves me
Because two lads knocked to rescue me.

I learned that if someone locked me in the room of darkness
There's always a window to get a shade of brightness
All I have now is possivity in my life
That with His plan, I know Im safe because of His Son.
"Because two lads knocked to rescue me" Im talking about Latter Day Saints or Mormon missionaries. Yes I'm LDS.
I thank Him so much because He always extend His loving arms to everyone.
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