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Feb 2015 · 710
Being Human
apintofwords Feb 2015
It's not easy being human.
People make mountains out of mole hills,
But then again, what's a mole hill to someone is a volcano to someone else.
It's not easy being human.
We were created to be flawed,
To make mistakes, to fall, to break and to mess up as badly as we can.
We were created to get back up, wipe away the mistakes and start over again.
It's not easy being human,
We bottle up our feelings and then hope that it all fizzles out somehow,
We speak about honesty and then we lie and cheat to get our own way.
It's not easy being human.
We are all drama queens, we make mountains out of mole hills,
We sometimes forget the keys to our happiness in someone else's pocket and forget where we hid the spare!
We ***** up, we fall down and break into a billion pieces,
In the end, we glue ourselves back together and walk toward the next adventure,
It's  not easy being human,
We were created to be flawed after-all.
Jan 2015 · 1.6k
Normal and I
apintofwords Jan 2015
Normal and I dated for a while,
Normal was a little high-maintenance,
Normal asks you not to laugh too loud, that's not very lady-like you know,
Normal tells you to always wear lipstick when you go out,
Normal demanded perfection.
Normal doesn't like it when your hair is messy or your nails aren't done,
Normal gets fussy when there are creases on your shirt,
Normal says, straighten that wrinkle, scrub that spot and align your smile,
Normal means business, there's no time to be sad,
Normal won't let you show your weaknesses, you must be perfect,
Perfect posture, perfect smile, oh! and don't forget that lipstick.
Normal unfortunately, wasn't for me.
So, we called it quits a while ago.
Last I heard, normal was seen trying to adjust the smile of his current love,
As for me, I fell in love with wanderlust and he's been good to me so far.
Dec 2014 · 944
apintofwords Dec 2014
She was like the wind, everywhere at once and suddenly not there at all,
She was madness, she was irrational, she was blinded by love,
She was passion in itself, her soul always one step ahead of her body,
She was the girl who always loved too much, always gave too much and always hurt too much,
She conjured up lightning with her words,
She spilled oceans onto pages and then drowned in the storm,
She was the dreamer who never really woke up,
Love was always just out of reach, laughter was always a step ahead of her,
She was madness, she was lightning and she was love,
"I must get my soul back from you", she said, "I'm killing my flesh without it".
She still lingers on, in between the pages of the Bell Jar, hiding in poetry that touches your soul,
She still lingers on, waiting for the day he returns her soul back to her so she can laugh in colors again.
Notes on Sylvia Plath. The once-in-a-lifetime woman!
Dec 2014 · 1.4k
The Zen Master
apintofwords Dec 2014
I went hiking up a mountain,
I couldn't tell you where it was, I was hopelessly lost,
My compass was broken, my backpack was heavy and my legs were tired of walking,
I couldn't stop for fear that I would never find my way backwards or forwards,
I couldn't stop, the fear of suspended animation was too great,
Then I saw a man, sitting at the edge of a cliff,
I couldn't decide if he was lost or if he was just suicidal.
I was taught not to talk to strangers,
Be a good girl, don't tell everyone everything, keep your secrets, keep your pain, always smile, don't let them see who you really are.
I ventured a timid hello, and he turned around and smiled like he'd known me forever.
I couldn't help but smile back and put my backpack down for a little while,
My shoulders were aching from all the weight I was carrying,
We didn't talk much, we just sat there, staring ahead, each lost in their own thoughts,
I couldn't tell you how long we sat there.
My watch was broken you see and time seemed like it didn't matter,
I had no hope of ever going back to where I'd come from,
I had no way of knowing if I'd ever find my destination,
The fear was back and as I stood up to leave, he didn't stop me,
But, just looked at me with kindness and asked me to leave my backpack behind,
'It's too heavy a burden for you to carry', he said, 'you don't need it where you're going.'
'Where am I going?', I asked
'You'll know when you get there', he replied before turning away,
So I left my backpack behind and I walked on,
Faith was all I had and for the moment that was enough.
Dec 2012 · 3.3k
apintofwords Dec 2012
karma isn't the *****,
It's us.
We're all a little bit ****** up in the head.
karma tries hard to tell us this isn't how it works,
this isn't how life is supposed to be,
this isn't the path that we ought to choose,
karma isn't the *****,
its us.
we're all a little bit ****** up in the head.
we make the wrong decisions.
we depend on the wrong people.
and in the end, we sit around waist deep in the mess we made,
and blame karma.
but karma isn't the *****.
its us.
we're all a little bit ****** up in the head.
Sep 2012 · 1.4k
Something Blue
apintofwords Sep 2012
You smile at me,lying there almost half asleep
I'm wearing your blue shirt and your hand is my pillow
And i feel like my heart is about to burst
I clutch your blue shirt closer to me and breathe in your scent
I lie next to you and let you hold my hand
This might be the closest we get to perfection
Before morning comes and spirits you away from me once again.
Sep 2012 · 4.4k
apintofwords Sep 2012
She was an afterthought,
Like salad,on the side
Like a footnote to a long letter,
Like curry leaves to gravy,
Like the dregs at the bottom of a cup of tea,
Like the second man on the moon,
She was an afterthought,
Always a step behind,
Always a second choice,
Never sought after or valued,
Neither loved nor cherished,
Like a faded old photograph,
Like an out of tune guitar gathering dust in the attic,
She was an afterthought,
Quickly replaced,easily forgotten and never remembered
Sep 2012 · 1.4k
Purple Days
apintofwords Sep 2012
I wake up and i'm a little disoriented.
It takes me a moment to realize why i feel so light inside.
I don't really need to dig you up from memory,
because I've clearly not stopped thinking about you.
I look at me in in the bathroom mirror,
and it takes me a second to recognize the person in the reflection,
The smile on my face feels foreign,like it belongs to someone else.
And i know i am right, this smile does belong to someone else,
just like how you don't really belong to me.
I know we come with an expiry date, a big conditions apply tag;
and somehow i surprise myself by pretending to be OK with it.
I surprise myself by looking forward to making more purple days with you,
when i know i should be painting shut all those windows that you've managed to pry open.
I surprise myself when i tell you that, 'i love you, oh so much!',
The words feel foreign to me, like they should be said by someone else,
and i know i'm right.
I'm stealing someone else's lines and saying them to you
yet it feels right somehow,
in a twisted,parallel universe kind of way where there is no right or wrong.
I'm walking around on this little purple cloud that you've puffed up at my feet,
and i know that lightning can strike any moment.
i surprise myself again,when i don't seem to be scared if i fall and there's no you to catch me.
And when this is finally over,
and you walk away into that sunset with who you really belong to,
i'll be left with that little box of purple days that you and i made not so long ago.
Maybe i'll let it sit in some corner of my for a while
or maybe i'll lock it up and throw away the key.
So while it lasts; i want you to know,
that you're all things purple.... to me.
Sep 2012 · 715
apintofwords Sep 2012
I breathe in... I breathe out.
Yes, my lungs fill with air
And if I hold my breath
I suffocate.
All these - proof of me being alive.

My soul silently screams for freedom, so I tell her “GO!
Get away while you can”, and she turns;
Tip-toes out my door;
Leaves without glancing back.

Experience whispers in my ear:
“Let her go. She would never have stayed anyway”.
I reach in, grab my feelings and stuff them into an empty bag
And lock them up with my thoughts
And put them away in a dusty corner
Where I keep my smile.

I take me apart and try to fix me
But I can’t fit the pieces back together
I’m too far gone to be repaired.

Sunlight glints off the broken pieces.
They drench my room in shades of red, blue and white.
It takes my breath away
And for a brief moment there
I feel a little alive.
Sep 2012 · 719
Sweeping up silence
apintofwords Sep 2012
today i broke a bit of silence,
it fell to the ground with a bang,
shattered and fell through the tiny cracks on the wooden floor,
it got under everyone's feet and made them bleed,
it fell into their bowls of soup and made them choke,
pieces of it made tiny rainbows when the sunlight hit them,
the grit blew away with the wind and fell into people's eyes;making them go blind,
someone tried sweeping it up and throwing it away,
but the pieces were too tiny and too many,
so,today i broke a bit of silence and it didn't do much good to anyone else.
Sep 2012 · 1.5k
The Stud
apintofwords Sep 2012
Your poetry is pretentious.
Your letters tell me how deeply shallow you are.
Your smile,so genuinely fake,
Your wallet filled with titanium cards.
That expensive perfume which fail to mask the stink of your many deceptions.
Your eyes glazed over with last night's whiskey,
That two day stubble which makes you feel like a man,
At the end of each day you look in the mirror,
and you see yourself,for one brief moment for the scared little boy that you really are.
But you turn your back on the mirror and flash those pearly whites at your next conquest; and thus begins,another,extremely meaningless day in your life.
Sep 2012 · 998
apintofwords Sep 2012
I wish I could deny you this love,
Deny you my heart,
Deny every kiss,every touch,
But I see that its too late for me,
And denial now, is not an option
But tell me this my love, how can we not deny this love, when I know you are not mine to claim?
How can we love without fear when I know that the evidence of every moment you spend with me must be wiped clean,
before you turn your back on me and walk back into your perfect life,
How can we not lie to each other when I know you will never choose me in the end?
Denial,it seems,is the easy way out for you,for me,for us.

— The End —