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Jan 2015
Normal and I dated for a while,
Normal was a little high-maintenance,
Normal asks you not to laugh too loud, that's not very lady-like you know,
Normal tells you to always wear lipstick when you go out,
Normal demanded perfection.
Normal doesn't like it when your hair is messy or your nails aren't done,
Normal gets fussy when there are creases on your shirt,
Normal says, straighten that wrinkle, scrub that spot and align your smile,
Normal means business, there's no time to be sad,
Normal won't let you show your weaknesses, you must be perfect,
Perfect posture, perfect smile, oh! and don't forget that lipstick.
Normal unfortunately, wasn't for me.
So, we called it quits a while ago.
Last I heard, normal was seen trying to adjust the smile of his current love,
As for me, I fell in love with wanderlust and he's been good to me so far.
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