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I heard a cry in the night,
A thousand miles it came,
Sharp as a flash of light,
My name, my name!

It was your voice I heard,
You waked and loved me so—
I send you back this word,
I know, I know!
I hope you are unhappy wherever you are.
And may you always lose the keys to your car.
May your underwear be uncomfortable all your life
and may you hit all the red lights whenever you drive.
May your upstairs neighbor party all night long
and may the radio never play your favorite song.
May your skin never reach the smoothness of silk
and may your cookies break when you dip them in milk.
Because I don't want you dead for just hurting me
But I wish for you that tiny extra bit of misery.
I would never wish for any exceptionally bad things towards my Ex. This is mostly for fun! ;)
 Feb 2016 Ana Wahyuni
Cat Fiske
your mommy has gone to bed early,
that's what the doctor had said,
and he didn't feel the pain you felt the year after,
every time someone asked you where mommy was.

Kids can be mean, and kids sometimes miss their mommy,
can't you leave it at that,
You could if you knew where mommy went,
But we don't,

now all I have is a box full of her memories,
her photos, her jewelry, her smells that wish to never fade,
the last bottle of whiskey you saw her drink,
put next to the bottle of wine saved from her wedding day,

mommy went to bed early,
that's what the doctor said,
I asked him when she would get up,
he said she hurt to much to wake,

without another cup, a nurse chimed in,
I asked him, when she could come back to love me,
come back to hug me,
and he shrugged with no reply.
All else
Falls away
When I see your face.

Please stay with me
it's 5 a.m.

you’re tired ,

that's the only time

you seem to want me.

whether it's alone

in your bedroom

under the sheets

or it's with your friends

in a crowded cafe,

it's only when you’re tired.

when you’re awake,

you won't put your lips on my edges.

you’re too busy touching over lovers,

rummaging through papers,

calling your friends,


you seem to forget who woke you up.

who made you warm.

and tomorrow you will be tired again

and i will still let you

put your lips

on my edges

though i know

when you're awake

you won't need me.


my heart is bigger

than my head.

i am

so so warm,

and you are

so so cold.

cold enough to use me.

i - warm enough to not care.


you are so much happier


you’re awake.
 Oct 2015 Ana Wahyuni
Aditi Kumar
Her body, tired.
Her limbs, overworked.
Her baby, forever wailing.

Laying bricks around,
That's who she is.
The little lady,
Who puts houses together
But couldn't build her own life.
That's who she is,
Forced to survive,
Forced to be something
That she was never born to become.

She goes to sleep after washing off the dust,
That she knows will collect in the same places tomorrow
And the day after that,
And the day after that,
And the lifetime after that.

Laying down the concrete,
That's who she is.
The old young lady,
Who mixes cement for a living
But couldn't glue her life back together.
This is the life of an average Indian female construction worker. She is forced to do back-breaking work and is still expected to cook and clean up for her husband, not to mention take care of her child without much support. There are many societal and economical challenges hindering her aspirations and dreams.
We are the kids in humanity that even with support, friends, and family we still feel like we are  missing something.
We will go all sorts of ways except the right way to find what we are looking for.
We are the kids who*  can't find themselves  living a future.
We are the kids who  don't want to go searching for our selves any more.
We are the kids who got  tired  and  couldn't take  feeling  lonely anymore.
We are  those kids.
We are  **the lost kids.
I do not authorize the authority to duplicate any of my writings, photography, or any other personal information.
 Oct 2015 Ana Wahyuni
From the nation of Greece
With a message of peace
I met a guy
Named  Elisavetio

He makes paintings
With the art in his eyes
And give writings
With the grace in his thoughts

He calls me sis
It's a lovely bliss

With all his pains
He lives courageously
But an accident happens
He gets head injury

I wish I was there
To take his care
But for now
I can do only prayer

Like all pains
It will also have gone
You are not alone

We are here
To pray for you
And you will be back
I have faith in you

Get well soon
The artist of Greece
You are having
The world's blessings

( Get Well Soon Bhaai )
A fellow poet Elisavetio is in a serious condition. He had an accident 4 days ago and having a brain injury...
He needs our blessings ...please pray for him
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