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"I'm an open book"
She says

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rootsbudsflowers Nov 2018
Scared to hurt you
Scared to commit

Afraid of kindness

In search of
  Oct 2018 rootsbudsflowers
Nigel Finn
Take a break, because life is long
But nothing’s as bad as it seems,
When the reality around you’s all gone wrong
And the night just brings bad dreams.

As endless as life seems to be
Know nothing lasts forever
If not for you, there’d be no me
When my tomorrows turn to never

I don’t care who you are to me
If we’re strangers or we’re friends
My love’s for all humanity
And tomorrow never ends…
Found this in an old collection of notes that were almost lost forever. I'm leaving this one here so that I won't forget to work on it in the future. I feel like it has potential.
rootsbudsflowers Oct 2018
You say
I have

K i n d. E y e s.

I say
"Wait till you
Get me to

C l o s e. T h e m."
rootsbudsflowers Jul 2018
Come home to me
I beg of you
My love.

You want flowers?
I'll grow them for you.
I'll learn to cook.

You'd like some music?
I'll create it.
A special song?
I'll sing for you.

All my riches?
Take my wallet.
A brighter sky?
I'll paint it blue.

Anything you ask
I will provide for you
My love.
Come home to me,
I swear that I'll be
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