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William Robinson Jun 2016
oh **** oh **** oh ****!
I missed the garbage truck
I have a bin full of trash
full of people I want to smash.
Pain is the only thing they give
a people plague that pollutes  
the life I live.
But when the garbage truck arrives
and it will tomorrow morning
I will throw these people out
without a single warning.
Sometimes you can't always remove the people that pollutes your life so you have to wait for the right moment.
William Robinson Mar 2016
I pondered
if there is more to pain?
the installs jabbered to me
the counselor of pain trounced my love
I reasoned
if there is more to pain?
would the pain ever end?
I vredens tider
Med de triste munde
Er det vigtigt at huske
På de gode stunde

Kroppen bliver bundet
Af sindets tanker
Og udvikler sig efter
Til et emotionelt anker

Når vreden den rammer
Og bliver til fysiske skrammer
Bliver sund fornuft
Sat bag stål og trammer
William Robinson Feb 2016
I am speaking with a homeless man.
He got 7 dollars in his pocket.
A smile on his face.
And his heart is warmer than most penthouses.
I listen to his old voice while I listen
To music by a star who is far more poor.
You can be rich in so many ways but sadly love and kindness won't keep you full or dry from the rain.
  Feb 2016 William Robinson
Little Bear
Sometimes I wish I was invisible.
Not to go around and be sneaky.
Doing **** that upsets people or hurts them.
I just wish I was invisible because
I'm just so ******* tired of being seen.
Having to hide my insecurities.
Having to lock up my emotions.
Having to keep myself safe.
Just being out there.

I rock.
Not the kind where i'm awesome...
The kind where I find I hug myself.
Where I move back and forwards.
All the ******* time.
When I eat.
When I write.
When I read.
When I do anything.
Just gently rocking.
Always have and probably always will.
But it comforts me.
I comfort me
That's so ******* weird.
But it's honest.

I wish I was invisible.
So that the world could leave me alone.
Because it gnaws on my bones.
Like it has the right to do that to me.
I just want to be invisible so I can live quietly.
Doing my own thing.
And no one will know I am there.
And hopefully no one will see me.
And, if I close my eyes.
And rock quietly, and slowly.
I think that's the closest I will ever get.
To being invisible.
Anxiety *****. Being an introvert in a world of extroverts is so draining. Just makes me want to be invisible for a while.
William Robinson Feb 2016
When I was young.
I would take things personally
I would become sad.
But one day.
I said **** that
It stuck around.

I said **** it,  **** that and **** all your stupid ****
**** the past and **** the bad things up in the ***
**** everything what a way to live.
But now I am happy and I've run out of ***** to give.
**** notes
William Robinson Feb 2016
My head is awfully stupid.
"Remember this equation" I yell.
I know it will be on the test.
My brain responds by
remembering all the lyrics
to a song by Taylor Swift.

I cry as I fail my test in physics.
My head is an anarchist, remembering what he wants.
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