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Amelia Sapp Dec 2019
come with me
to the secret garden
let us dance with fairies
and eat wild berries

a cobblestone path
leads us to a witch’s hut
she casts a love spell on you
but not on me

frolic through lavender fields
the bees tell us stories
i am listening to their every word
you are listening to my heartbeat

eat these magic mushrooms
that the caterpillar gave us
i can see your aura and i can smell your words
but you know that feeling every time you look at me

i want to leave, this is not my realm
but you were born here
I close my eyes and in the darkness
I see you, my enchanting ecstasy, walking
Down a cobblestone street in silhouette.
Carefully placed footsteps echoing the
The pavement - without the slightest of regret.
Through the faint gas lit corridor
Vintage smells and a whispering wind
Accompany my meandering thoughts.
No matter where I go -
No matter when I go –
Footsteps going forward
Revealing the past.

In a cumbersome transom blended
With a tap-ta-tap, tap-ta-tap
Of a horse drawn carriage –
Therein a song is revealed.
Where else but in silent music do dreams
Blend reality with one’s emotions?
Aye - there in my mind’s eye -
Tap-ta-tap, tap-ta-tap, tap-ta-tap.

Do I have any life but this? Tap -
If not - let me lead it from here. Ta -
No death there be ‘lest - Tap -
Dispelled from there. Tap -
Nor any ties to earths to come. Ta -
Nor any action in any effort of new. Tap -
Except in the blessed extent - Ta -
Of this other realm of loving you. - Tap -

And in my mind’s eye –
The music,
Tap-ta-tap, tap-ta-tap -
Of cobblestone and hoof –
Returns me to ....

Nostalgic piece about thoughts of times long past and about the sounds, sights and smells that time travel one to previous times.
A Sep 2017
You share my blood, yet for so long
We never quite saw eye to eye.
You still grasped my hand and held it.
You never let go.
A twin, I suppose, is what you are.
A mirror image of me, a dream-self.
In a richer life. One full of lustrous adventures.
Marching down a cobblestone street;
Sipping sweet secrets in a foreign land;
Fighting the enemy, calling out in triumph.
Perhaps you are a lesson, maybe a vision.
One that beckons me to go further.
Calls to keep growing. Becoming.
For four fervent years
We have shared our hearts, every fiber of our soul
Has bled into each others veins.
And when the day comes, please know.
Colten White Apr 2015
Come with me on this cobblestone river,
to make happy our new-found days,
and fill our hearts with the art-
of each other's eyes,
and the song of our endearing words.
March 10, 2015

— The End —