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Phil Bailey Aug 2020
I had a lovely little drone
and every chance I had,
I'd fly so high, up to the sky
in weather good or bad.

I'd push the limits further,
and every time I flew,
my boldness knew no limits.
My confidence - It grew!

I'd fly until "connection lost"
and RTH* kicked-in;
a feature oh so good at hiding
multitudes of sin!

And so, more reckless did I grow
more daring I became.
I mocked the regulations
and derided them as "lame"!

And then, one chilly, blustery day,
I set forth to the beach.
I flew my drone out to an island,
almost out of reach.

The wind, it changed direction
and turned into a gale.
My lovely drone fought valiantly,
but nature did prevail.

A watery grave engulfed my drone
in cold and wicked sea.
I lost my lovely little drone
and little drone lost me.

So now I cry and save my cash
and count the days 'til when
I'll buy a lovely brand new drone
and do it all again!!!

* An automated "Return To Home" feature.
Drone flying is my latest passion. I started last April and found it a good way to pass time while social distancing and a good distraction from the craziness of the world. I haven't actually lost my drone yet, as the poem may imply... I'm just hoping the my poem isn't prophetic!
Phil Bailey Apr 2020
The stable genius spouts his wisdom from the podium.
All doctors, scientists, generals - Compared with him, are dumb.
He has the best words and ideas no others could conceive.
He'll cure you of the COVID-19 if you'd just believe.

So eat some Tide Pods™, drink some Lysol™, boof some Listerine™.
Spend twelve hours on a tanning bed and you will come out clean.
No more virus, no more suffering, no more pain or strife.
You will be cured of COVID, by being cured of life!

And as your soul departs your corpse, if might occur to you.
The orange man's thoughts and ramblings might not all be true.
But if you live, my Trumpist friend, I'm sure you'll be content
to cast your vote to re-elect that fool for President!
Someday, a vaccine will be developed by doctors and scientists to eliminate COVID-19, but will there ever be a cure for the disease of ignorance, fear and hate, as embodied by Donald Trump and his followers?
Apr 2020 · 522
Social Media Troll
Phil Bailey Apr 2020
I lurk on social media.
I post all day and night.
It strokes and stokes my ego
to pick a verbal fight.

When I see inspiring stories
or such videos I watch,
my cruel and vicious comments
will take them down a notch.

Oh feel my power and my wrath,
my insults, mean and shocking,
like "Loser", "Snowflake", "Re-****", "***"
(do you tremble at my mocking?)

I hate the world, I loathe myself,
my friends all went away.
Girls say I'm scary and a creep.
My rage grows every day.

My impotence consumes me,
I respond with posts of rage.
Anonymous through GMail
and my fake Facebook page.

My hatred grows as my soul shrinks
and so my spleen I vent.
Safe, deep within my bunker,
down in my mom's basement.
Sorry, that was rather dark, but I really don't like trolls.
Apr 2020 · 397
Joe Sixpack
Phil Bailey Apr 2020
Hey there, I'm Joe Sixpack,
an American full of pride.
I don't want no welfare state,
I don't want no free ride.

And I don't want no charity
'cause freedom don't come free.
I just got four priorities,
they're ME, ME, ME and ME!

I just can't stand the government.
Tax, I don't wanna pay.
Don't want no lazy welfare bums
to **** it all away.

Don't want no ******* FEMA
after flood or hurricane.
Don't want no public healthcare
to fix someone else's pain.

But if my house blows over
or if I get unemployed,
and I don't got insurance
and my health's getting destroyed...

Well, then you'll see me change my tune
and I'll be first in line.
Sayin' "I deserve a handout",
"Oh poor ME" I'll ***** and whine.
Calling out hypocrisy is one of my greatest pleasures.
Apr 2020 · 1.9k
Phil Bailey Apr 2020
Oh COVID, oh COVID, oh COVID-Nineteen
Last year in Wuhan, you emerged on the scene
Your entrance was brutal, your path so direct
Not caring how many nor whom you infect.

So while we all quarantine, let us discuss
What this terrible crisis tells us about us.

On the one hand, we've all seen, with horror and shame
People pointing their fingers and trying to blame
The media, China, conspiracies, science
Endangering others through reckless defiance.

On the other hand, good people step in harm's way
Giving care and compassion and support every day
By inspiring us all and by doing their part
Using their head and opening their heart

So when it's all over, what will be the effect?
Will kindness take hold or compassion be wrecked?
Will reason prevail or will selfishness matter?
I hold hope of the former, but I fear for the latter.
Apr 2020 · 1.7k
The Morons of Michigan
Phil Bailey Apr 2020
The morons of Michigan gathered to fight
and to protest the COVID lockdown;
To claim they're entitled, by God-given right
to do as they please in their town.

"You won't take my freedom", they rail and they shout.
"Don't care if I'm wrong or correct.
To Hell with the freedom of everyone else
that I claim every right to infect".

The strangest assortment of people turned out,
with Confederate flags and their guns;
Every anti-press, anti-vax, anti-brain lout;
Every fool and their daughters and sons.

Did their great orange leader entreat them to stop,
lest the crisis become far more dire?
Of course not! He praised them and riled them up
and heaped further fuel on the fire.

So take-up your pitchfork and pick-up a torch
and dress in your white robe and hood
and lay waste to truth and good sense as you scorch
all that used to be selfless and good.
This poem was posted in response to anti COVID-19 quarantine  protests in the state of Michigan on April 15, 2020, which spread in the following days to additional states.

— The End —