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Aug 2020
I had a lovely little drone
and every chance I had,
I'd fly so high, up to the sky
in weather good or bad.

I'd push the limits further,
and every time I flew,
my boldness knew no limits.
My confidence - It grew!

I'd fly until "connection lost"
and RTH* kicked-in;
a feature oh so good at hiding
multitudes of sin!

And so, more reckless did I grow
more daring I became.
I mocked the regulations
and derided them as "lame"!

And then, one chilly, blustery day,
I set forth to the beach.
I flew my drone out to an island,
almost out of reach.

The wind, it changed direction
and turned into a gale.
My lovely drone fought valiantly,
but nature did prevail.

A watery grave engulfed my drone
in cold and wicked sea.
I lost my lovely little drone
and little drone lost me.

So now I cry and save my cash
and count the days 'til when
I'll buy a lovely brand new drone
and do it all again!!!

* An automated "Return To Home" feature.
Drone flying is my latest passion. I started last April and found it a good way to pass time while social distancing and a good distraction from the craziness of the world. I haven't actually lost my drone yet, as the poem may imply... I'm just hoping the my poem isn't prophetic!
Phil Bailey
Written by
Phil Bailey  M/Victoria, BC Canada
(M/Victoria, BC Canada)   
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