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Apr 2020
The morons of Michigan gathered to fight
and to protest the COVID lockdown;
To claim they're entitled, by God-given right
to do as they please in their town.

"You won't take my freedom", they rail and they shout.
"Don't care if I'm wrong or correct.
To Hell with the freedom of everyone else
that I claim every right to infect".

The strangest assortment of people turned out,
with Confederate flags and their guns;
Every anti-press, anti-vax, anti-brain lout;
Every fool and their daughters and sons.

Did their great orange leader entreat them to stop,
lest the crisis become far more dire?
Of course not! He praised them and riled them up
and heaped further fuel on the fire.

So take-up your pitchfork and pick-up a torch
and dress in your white robe and hood
and lay waste to truth and good sense as you scorch
all that used to be selfless and good.
This poem was posted in response to anti COVID-19 quarantine  protests in the state of Michigan on April 15, 2020, which spread in the following days to additional states.
Phil Bailey
Written by
Phil Bailey  M/Victoria, BC Canada
(M/Victoria, BC Canada)   
       Gideon, Francie Lynch, Fawn, annh and ---
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