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Erica Girone Jun 28
The weight is heavy
When you have a heart
In a heartless world
Erica Girone Sep 16
She’s one with the moon
She feels at home in the night
Like a flower in the sun she blooms
When she’s away from the daylight
Erica Girone Apr 2019
Will I ever forget you?
It’s been 8 years of attempts
& I still find myself scrolling across your page

Would you laugh at my weakness?
Or would you just simply smile

I would like to remember you
For the reasons I fell in love
And not the tragedy we’ve become

Never would’ve guessed this would be our end
Is that how you’ll remember me?
Even after all the good now I’m just a bad memory

Or will fate bring us back together
And apologies be exchanged?
And feelings be explained

Or is where we’re at now
Truly for the better
Erica Girone Jan 2019
Shattered glass
Personalities masked
Normal on the outside
But her feelings contrast
Salt water tears
Familiar on her skin
From fighting a battle
She won’t ever win
Ripped t shirts
Bruised arms and knees
Constant reminders
Of what shouldn’t be
Beautifully broken
She smiles through the pain
One day there will be sunshine
After all this rain
Erica Girone Nov 2019
There’s beauty in the cracks
This life has taught me that
It’s okay to lose yourself
As long as you find your way back
Trials and tribulations
This world will surely attack
But don’t ever give up
Always remain on track
You’ll stumble, you’ll fall
Some days you’ll feel big
And others you’ll feel small
At times it might feel like there’s no one at all
But this too shall pass, be brave, stand tall
Erica Girone Jan 19
Loving her was blue
Each day a different shade
Today feels more like the ocean
While yesterday had a tint of gray
My favorite is at her brightest
Although I’ll take her any way
No matter what her tone is
I still love her just the same
Erica Girone Jan 12
I forgive you
But I’m not over it yet
My heart still hurts
It’s not easy to forget
The pain you caused
The damage you’ve left
The sorrow lingering on
Cause and effect
Erica Girone May 31
She dreams of a world
With cotton candy swirls
For skies
Bubble gum beaches
And hellos
Without the goodbyes
Erica Girone Nov 2018
I don’t remember peace
Chaos has never left my side
Not ever a sense of release
Not ever a place to hide
Watching my joy decrease
As my age multiples
I can feel myself breathing
But am I truly alive
Erica Girone Nov 2018
When we touch
Not a single feeling
Not even lust

When we speak
Nothing between us
That’s worth to keep

For the very first time
Empty, Deadweight
As you kiss inbetween my thighs

But I wish I loved you
Unfortunately though darling
That won’t ever be true
Erica Girone May 2019
Will I die tired?
Or full of fear?
Will I be alone?
Or will loved ones be near?
Will I have reached my goals?
Fulfilled the desires of my soul?
Or will I grow old
With nothing to show
Will I leave without regrets?
Or be the one they forget?
Blame it on the cigarettes
Or maybe the alcohol
A recipe for a slow death
Will you be upset?
Shed a single tear?
Now that I’ve disappeared?
Whenever that may be
I just hope when I leave
You’ll follow me
Into eternity
Erica Girone Mar 2019
On the outside I’m strong
Inside I’m fading
I say nothing’s wrong
While completely breaking
I laugh along
Like my heart isn’t aching
I don’t belong
In this world of faking
Erica Girone Aug 22
My girl is sweet but full of spice
Unapproachable cover
She embodies both fire and ice
Complicated yet worth it
She sends me out of my mind
She doesn’t want to commit
But I don’t mind wasting my time
Erica Girone Jun 19
She comes in all flavors
Some comforting
Some sour
Some from suffering
Some from power
Some colorful
And some dull
Some high
And some low
But each one
Makes up the beautiful girl
That I know
Erica Girone May 2019
I know you wish me the worst
Truly nothing more hurts

Because Darling
I loved you

Each time you fell apart
I’d be your glue

But once you were back together
I became whoever

And I deserve better

But I’ll still love you
Erica Girone Nov 2019
I’d lay down and die for you
Take the stand and lie for you
Waste all my time for you
No mountain I wouldn’t climb for you
Erica Girone Jun 9
Going through these growing pains
Where nothing quite feels the same
Lost some friends along the way
But moving onto another day

I’m going through these growing pains
In order to bloom first it needs to rain
Learned some lessons along the way
And left the old me at bay

Going through these growing pains
Nothing left to lose only to gain
Where I am now is where I need to be today
And everything is going to be okay
Erica Girone Mar 6
I wish I could take all your pain
Have it wash away with the rain
Roll you a jay, pour a glass of Cabernet
And fly us to a private get away
One where our worries are pushed aside
We’d laugh about non sense enjoying the ride
We’d have nothing to fear, no need to hide
Just joyful hearts and smiles stretched wide
I’d carry all the weight for you if I could
I know you feel trapped and misunderstood
Truthfully you deserve all things that are good
But this life doesn’t always go the way that it should
So lean on me when you don’t know what to do
I promise there’s nothing I wouldn’t endure for you
The journey in front of us is rough but it’s a wonderful view
Because after the storm, the sky goes back to being blue
Erica Girone Mar 2019
They tell me to be happy
To laugh & act care free
They tell me I’ll feel better
Why can’t they just leave me be?

They tell me to be happy
As if it should be easy for me
They tell me I’m not trying
I can’t help but disagree

They tell me to be happy
If I go to therapy they guarantee
That it will fix all my problems
Which sounds so silly to me

They tell me to be happy
I tell them I’m just fine
Sometimes there’s beauty in suffering
And I’ve found mine in rhyme
Erica Girone Nov 2018
Her love was like a song
But this one felt wrong
With a melody entirely out of tune
And a chorus filled with gloom

Her love was like a light
But this one didn’t shine bright
In fact at times not at all
She had too many barriers and walls

Her love some how was my favorite kind
Although it only messed with my mind
I would exaggerate all the great
While ignoring all that I would hate

Her love wasn’t complete
With everyone new she’d meet
She’d place her insecurities onto
So each one ended too soon

Her love was one I’ll miss
Since I still feel the imprints of her kiss
But unless she can love herself
I’ll have to find love in someone else
Erica Girone Apr 2019
You haven’t called in months
Not even a text to say hey
You say you’re sorry but it’s a front
To make the problem go away
Now it feels as if I’m missing a piece of me
I’m sorry I’m putting this all on display
It’s breaking my heart if you hadn’t noticed
And I miss you more with each passing day
You haven’t even gone anywhere
You’re only minutes away
But in my heart it feels more like a hundred miles
And you’re headed the opposite way
I’m begging you to come home
Change your direction back this way
Cause my love I miss you terribly
And tonight I’m not okay
Erica Girone May 15
I’m sorry I can’t take away your pain
I’m sorry I don’t understand
I know it’s rough and you can’t explain
I just wish I could lend a hand
It tears me apart to watch you cry
And not know the right words to say
I know some days you just want to die
But pretend you’re completely okay
I want you to know you’re loved beyond measure
And you brighten each and every one of my days
You make life worth living and so much better
I just wish you saw it that way
Erica Girone Jul 2019
I wonder at times if you miss me
If you ever get the urge to kiss me
It seems that you’ve dismissed me
Or is that what you’re trying to convince me
Erica Girone Nov 2018
Never have I known
Beauty such as your own
Erica Girone Apr 2019
You cannot hide
What resides inside
Anger and pain
Resentment and shame
Placing all your blame
For your personal gain
But karma’s a *****
And she gets her way
Erica Girone Mar 21
Words to me are everything
But different in each persons view
The meaning behind what I say runs deep
I cannot say the same for you
You’re full of sweet nothings
Beautiful to hear but untrue
Didn’t anyone teach you growing up
That’s the one thing you should never do
Erica Girone Apr 2019
Liar liar
You’re what I desire
Toxic to the soul
But flame to my fire

User user
My favorite abuser
Full of empty promises
And a professional seducer
Erica Girone Mar 2019
She’s a ripped page from my journal
The song I always skip
It’s not that I don’t miss her
I’m just emotionally unequipped
She still visits me daily
But never in my dreams
Only in my nightmares
Where I awake in screams
Beautiful Brown eyed girl
With a devil’s snare
She has cruel intentions
But beauty beyond compare
I wish I could forget her
Her memory tortures me everyday
One second she was my everything
And the next she ran away
Erica Girone Mar 2019
Soul as dark as the pits of hell
Hate flowing through your veins
Only the emotionally intuitive can tell
That you are mentally insane
The worst kind of damaged and broken
Addicted to causing pain
Going out and starting commotions
So no one forgets your name
There’s no loving someone like you
You’re nothing but **** in disguise
And even though he cannot see it
I have a wide third eye
I just like the good souls
See what I’m trying to imply
Thats why I never listen to what’s told
And always look inside
Erica Girone Aug 29
She just wants to be loved
She longs to be seen
She has a heart of gold
She often wears it on her sleeve
She tends to come off too strong
Like a cheap whiskey drink
She’s gone through too many friends
And collects them like her old cd’s
And on the days she’s feeling lonely
She revisits the memories
She’s lost the glimmer of hope
She once had in her teens
Sometimes she even has moments
Where she forgets how to breathe
She just wants to be loved
She longs to be seen
She craves a hand to hold
Because of how difficult life can be
Erica Girone May 2019
You’re loveless
Yet I’m expected to love you
Erica Girone Aug 2019
All these lows
With no where to go
Forcing me to grow
And accept the unknown
Erica Girone Apr 2019
Fancy liquor and sugar coated lies
Expensive habits for materialistic highs
Darling, don’t you know there’s more to life than the things you buy
Darling, don’t you know your meaning can’t be found in supplies
She’s gucci all the way down to her socks
Chanel, Versace, anything designer she rocks
Spent her whole paycheck on a pair of givenchy shoes
But can’t pay her parking ticket that’s been overdue
Erica Girone Jul 2019
Inhale you like a cigarette
Absorbing all your toxins
Later I’ll be full of regret
Running out of options
No better than a ******
Addicted to your lies
Spoon feed them to me
As my body slowly dies
There’s pleasure in the pain
I’ve never felt more alive
You’re dopamine to my brain
A true devil in disguise
A beast, untamed
Took me by surprise
Let them know I died ashamed
But at least I was by your side
Erica Girone Sep 2
She fell in love with Pennsylvania rain
New York lights
Colorado mountains from a plane
California in pictures
And New Jersey for more reasons than she could explain
No matter where this world takes her
In New Jersey a piece of her heart will always remain
Erica Girone Sep 2019
And broken
Guard up
I’m coping
The pain
I’m ignoring
But it creeps in
It’s potent
It consumes me
I’m choking
My sanity
It’s stolen
I’ve lost faith
But still hoping
Can’t let the curtain
Close in
Erica Girone Jun 30
Where I long to be
Since the stresses of the world
Keep weighing down on me

My soul finally free
I dream of the very day
Oblivion and I finally meet
Erica Girone Apr 4
It’s crazy how in one minute
Everything can change
One minute I loved you
Now I can’t look at you the same

Last year lovers
Today our love is in vain
Trusted you with every secret
And now it’s a crying shame

Lips once glued to one another
Now are used to complain
About how terrible the other is
Both claiming to be the only one sane

One minute you were my everything
My number one, my main
Funny how life plays out sometimes
In just one minute, it all can change
Erica Girone Nov 2018
I feel safe with my paper and pen
They’ve never let me down and are unable to offend
Never given me false promises or broken dreams
Never left me hysterically crying like that time in my teens
Never told me I love you only to say goodbye
Never left me questioning myself or wondering why
Never told me that I wasn’t good enough and deserved to die
They’ve only given me peace after a really rough time
So for anyone hurting give writing a try
It’s worth it to express what’s eating you inside
Before you let it take over and completely lose your mind
Once you let it all out you’ll understand why
Erica Girone Nov 2018
Hours felt like days
Sentences turned into stories
Finding comfort in each other’s sorrow
Allowing you into my territory

Felt something different
A feeling that was new
Should’ve known from the start
You were too good to be true

Some say I’m a hopeless romantic
So I didn’t want to accept the truth
That the person you showed me
Was someone other than you

Held onto what I knew
Until I pushed the truth out of you
Instead of a fairytale
The story of us was through

Short but heavy
Strangers but we knew
There in that moment
We were the perfect two
Erica Girone Aug 2019
Pretending to be okay
Just to get through the day
However the tears filling my eyes
Reveal the truth buried inside
I’m devastated, alone, and afraid
But this is the bed I made
And although I’d rather die
This is something I need to survive
Erica Girone Feb 12
Rose petal tears
She’s even beautiful when she cries
Although it kills me to see her upset
It pains me to watch her wipe her own eyes
Miss independent
She never needed anyone else’s advice
She’s always been on her own
Ever since she’s been alive
I wish she saw what I saw
Maybe then she’d have some peace of mind
But the trauma she’s experienced
Is buried deep within her inside
But still she loves whole heartedly
Like she was never hurt a day in her life
I admire that about her
A girl like her is rare to find
Erica Girone Jul 30
To take the red
Or the blue
To learn the world all over again
Or to not have a clue
Is there bliss in not knowing
Or bliss in the truth
To see the world for what it’s not showing
Or to live your life as a fool
Erica Girone Dec 2018
You said ride or die
But when I call no reply
And people wonder
Why others fantasize suicide
Just longing for a peace a mind
Or someone who thinks we’re worth the time
Takes our old definition of love and redefines
What we’ve been taught all our lives
Erica Girone Jul 2019
We went from I love you to leave me the hell alone
From savoring every moment but now we’re glued to our phones
Staying together just because we’re scared of the unknown
Staying together just because we’re scared of being alone
Erica Girone Apr 6
So accustomed to getting taken advantage of
It’s become like second nature
To have the world ripped from my finger tips
In just the matter of minutes
Erica Girone Dec 2018
Self Control
Have I lost it?
The second I have a grip
I slip
I fall so deep
I make a home where I land
And only end up further down
Than where I began
At times I’ll get the energy
To take a step in the right direction
Almost reaching the top
While fighting off depression
But then the weakness overcomes me
Self Control is lost
And I’m back to square one
Right where I begun
Erica Girone Jul 2019
Not alone but lonely
So don’t tell me you love me show me
Everything today seems so phony
So I need you to listen closely
I need reassurance sometimes
And most of the time I over apologize
I laugh when I don’t know what to say
And when things are bad say it’s okay
Not religious but sometimes I pray
That tomorrow I’ll see another day
Because in this life no one ever knows
When it’s going to be their time to go
Erica Girone Mar 2019
Her tears run like waterfalls
Devil red eyes
Her war inside is now undisguised
My love burns like a forest fire
At her very worst I still desire
Everything about her I admire
A million lifetimes wouldn’t make me tire

So come closer baby
Let me get drunk off your kiss
Your lips are the sweetest liquor
Your touch leaves my body in bliss
The most addicting drug I’ve ever tried to resist
So I’ll never be sober as long as you exist
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