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3d · 22
October II
When the leaves start to change
And the nights become longer than the days
Turn on the radio and a song that reminds you of me plays
And Novembers creeping up and you’re no longer there to celebrate birthdays
I’d like to think this time of year reminds you of me
Because it’s a celebration of our death anniversary

And how perfect for it to have ended in October
Where the trees lose their warmth as the nights grow colder
If you do think of me I hope you choke on your own breath
And you’re so nauseous you throw up till there is nothing left
And every time you look in your new girls eyes
You’re tortured with knowing she’s feeding you the same lies
Oct 1 · 1.3k
Serial Lover
Erica Girone Oct 1
Serial lover
Onto another
She may survive
But she’ll never recover
Sep 29 · 44
Erica Girone Sep 29
In the middle of a nightmare
I lucid dreamed today
I decided to fly
But I could only go one way
Even in knowing
I was in complete control
I wasn’t able to surrender to myself
My wings just wouldn’t go
There’s nothing more frustrating
Than knowing the power is right in your hands
And giving into your environment
Even though you decide the next plan
My dreams are only an outline
Of what it feels like to be me in real life
I’ve always be the author of my next chapter
So why am I the one holding my capabilities under the knife?
Sep 28 · 37
Erica Girone Sep 28
Her smile looked so bright today
But her eyes were dark and stormy
Her hugs are warm and her laugh high pitched
But her body language read another story

Her sarcasm is always witty and playful
But then she gets locked in her phone
And her ****** expressions become painful
And her mind gets stuck in another zone

Her heart aches but continues beating
While her head dreams of ending it all
She tries her best to hold it together
While she’s face to face with a wall

She snaps back into the role she was playing
No one likes a Debby downer
She cracks a joke while her phone keeps ringing
And she wishes the world would just move on without her
Sep 28 · 38
Erica Girone Sep 28
She was only three
When she was first introduced to mean
She saw it in her daddy’s eyes
And she heard it in her mothers cries

She was only five
When she realized she didn’t want to be alive
Because of her life being deprived
Of the love she needed to survive

She was only ten
When she first picked up a pen
And wrote her pain out in her journal
Of the day you hurt her, again

She was only eleven
When her Grandma went to heaven
Her best friend and the sweetest love she’s known
The aftermath, it made her cold

She was only fourteen
And judging by her recklessness should have foreseen
She’d be laying in a hospital bed after being abandoned by friends
Cause the relationships only ever brought her to dead ends

She was only Eighteen
When she accepted her abnormality
Of liking the same gender as she
Knowing her family wouldn’t ever agree

She was only twenty-one
When she first realized she could truly have fun
But it only clouded her brain
Knocked her common sense down the drain

She was only twenty-three
When she was taught the opposite of being free
And the world brought her to her knees
And showed how devastating it could be

She was only twenty-six
When she lost all meaning to live
She cried almost every day
Wishing all her problems would go away

She was only twenty-eight
When she realized this was her fate
To grow and heal from who she was
And look how far she’s come
Erica Girone Sep 7
A prison of the mind
Her thoughts will eat you alive
The places she can go
She’ll never know
Cause her worth is undefined

Those who know her know
All the places she can go
But she sits back and scrolls
At lives she wishes were her own
In another state or time

In her comfort she won’t grow
But she still waters the seed
And results won’t show
She tries so hard she loses speed
And crashes after one go
May 24 · 47
Erica Girone May 24
I was born in the wrong era
I’m tired of all this technology
Where everyone is so connected
But the reality is the opposite actually
We’re divided and more judge mental
Because our thoughts everyone can see
And if you don’t agree with the popular opinion
You become the internet’s enemy
When did the world become so sensitive
That we can’t have intelligent debates
And you can sign off a persons existence
Just because you cannot relate
The world would be terribly boring
If we all thought the same way
So the next time you jump to conclusions & leave
Why don’t you listen and stay
May 5 · 47
Erica Girone May 5
Lucid dreamer
She loves being in control
So the second she wakes up
The world appears dull
She’s a character in a book
But not of her own
Living in a script
Doing what she is told
So at night when she gets home
And she finally falls asleep
She returns to her dream world
Where she controls what she can be
Apr 23 · 37
Without you
Erica Girone Apr 23
I always wondered what life would feel like without you
And now that you’re gone I think I can explain
It’s like praying for sunshine but instead it’s pouring rain
And not being able to speak but knowing exactly what you want to say
It’s like being in the middle of the sea drowning in the ocean waves
And like being injected with novocaine but still feeling every ounce of pain
Apr 21 · 153
Erica Girone Apr 21
Only good enough when it’s convenient to you
Apr 19 · 44
Erica Girone Apr 19
Sad music and wretched eyes
Heartache on every corner
But we still put on a happy disguise
There’s friends that we can call
But they still don’t hear us on the other line
The words flow out like waterfalls
But no one hears the pain in our cries

So who do you turn to
When no one but you understands
When there isn’t a hand to hold
And you have to live to life’s demands
A life you never asked for
And a life that never goes as planned
When you’re too weak to move, but still told you must stand
Apr 18 · 40
A note to God
Erica Girone Apr 18
Hey there,
It’s hard to bring myself to you
But I hope you understand my heart
And realize every day
If not every hour
You pass my mind

Hello there,
I wonder all the time if you hear me
Sometimes I don’t have the words
So instead I let my tears talk
Do you understand each drop
As it falls down my face

Hi again,
Please give me the strength
My mental is more weak than my bones
But I need my mind to make my body move
And I know I can’t do it alone
This is me, saying I need you

Me one last time,
I know you’ve never left my side
But even so I feel so alone
I don’t know how to push through
Give me the courage
And the will to continue
Apr 10 · 148
The root of all evil
Erica Girone Apr 10
Money is fake
And is taught to be the meaning to life
But the true meaning is love
And that’s why many lose the fight
We get so blinded by deception
Which leads our hearts to oppression
When we finally learn the answer to our questions
Is when we will finally accept the objective
Apr 5 · 38
Erica Girone Apr 5
I miss the days I’d roll out of bed
Go straight to the tv
No worries in my head
Eating my favorite cereal
And staying in my pjs until 12pm
Then I’d get dressed midday to play with friends
We’d ride our bikes all around town
We’d laugh and joke
Smiles all around
If only I knew to cherish those days
Because one day you grow up
And the world just doesn’t feel the same
Feb 12 · 35
Erica Girone Feb 12
If only my tears could paint the words
Because my tongue does not do my feelings justice
There’s so much more to the picture
And you can get a glimpse but can’t touch it
I want to show you the bleeding heart in me
How at times it makes me feel so caged in
And at other times I feel so free
Because I’m at peace
With who I am
Even though I don’t understand
Why things are the way they are
If not all of the time most of the time
So I mellow out and pour a glass of wine
And try to write out
The feelings inside that are eating at me
That I wish I could paint out perfectly
But I’ll always just give you a glimpse
And you’ll never know the real me
Feb 7 · 27
Erica Girone Feb 7
I believe in second chances
And sometimes even 100 or more
I believe in loving with your whole heart
Even when it falls to the floor
I believe in treating others with respect
No matter what they do or where they come from
I believe in heartache and regret
Because God knows I definitely have some
I believe in sticking to your word
Even when things get hard
I believe everyone deserves to be heard
Even when you may disagree
And you should always try to make time
Because you never know what tomorrow may bring
Feb 2 · 33
Erica Girone Feb 2
Had a dream about you last night
But it wasn’t filled with love
It was filled with rage and repressed feelings
Of words I never got to say
I can’t figure out if I still care or if I hate you
Is it possible to be somewhere in between
Is it possible to want to kiss you
But first feel the need to scream
Is it possible to miss you
And never want to see you again
Is it possible I’ll hold these feelings forever
And that these wounds you made will never mend
Jan 24 · 34
Erica Girone Jan 24
So many messages
Just meaningless texts
She’s craving to be seen
She’s got 20 sent
And received
But not one that asked her how her day is
Or about any of her strange dreams
She wants to tell you about what happen 4pm that day
What video she watched, or her new favorite song to play
And she’s got so many messages in her phone always
But none asking if she’s even okay
Jan 23 · 52
Erica Girone Jan 23
I’ll go to the grave
With everything I want to say
I’m too fearful of the unknown
When really I shouldn’t be

It’s sad I would rather hide the truth
Because there’s people I’m scared to lose
But if opening my mouth caused them to flee
They truly can’t be that good for me

But still I love them with my all
Even though I know they wouldn’t understand
And everyday I’m closer to going to the grave
With everything I want to say
Jan 13 · 44
Erica Girone Jan 13
Making conversation with these 4 walls
Trying to make doorways out of concrete ends
Sleeping with my enemies
Only because they’re disguised as my friends
Dec 2020 · 35
Erica Girone Dec 2020
She’s always been a loner
As long as I have known her
She gives her heart away
To people that don’t know how to stay
She picks herself back up
With melancholy in her gut
She was taught to **** it up
When her life gets in a rut
Dec 2020 · 36
Erica Girone Dec 2020
A loss is not always a loss
A friend is not always a friend
Some memories are worth forgetting
And some wounds never actually mend
Dec 2020 · 31
December Rain
Erica Girone Dec 2020
She reminds me of December rain
Gorgeous to watch
But when you’re out in it
It just isn’t the same
Her eyes hold so much beauty
But also so much pain
Her hearts been destroyed
It doesn’t love the same

She holds so much inside
But won’t let you see
If you even catch a glimpse
She’ll start to flee
She’s been destroyed too many times
To trust a stranger
Because from past experiences
It’s only lead to danger

But I’d stand in the freezing cold
I’d walk in the December rain
I don’t care what may unfold
I’m willing to go through the pain
I’ll hold her the whole way through
Even while she curses my name
Because once I love you
It’s impossible to blow out the flame
Dec 2020 · 33
Erica Girone Dec 2020
I lost the one I loved
But sometimes the person you love isn’t always right
And although you love them with all your might
Sometimes the person you love isn’t worth the fight
And even though the loss feels like your hearts been sliced in two with a knife
Sometimes the person you love isn’t always right
But I promise you’ll be alright
Nov 2020 · 55
Erica Girone Nov 2020
You warned me
And I still got burned
Saw the ugly in you
But it didn’t make me learn
‘Cause I also saw the good
And the good was so good

I wanted to change you
I wanted to make the good overtake you
I wanted to show you, you had a friend in me
That didn’t phase you
You ended up erasing me
But you can’t make a lost soul believe

I’m sorry you’re so damaged
And that someone broke you eternally
You look gorgeous when you smile
But everything I say you don’t seem to believe
I hope you know I would never hurt you
Even though you do me, intentionally

So goodbye old friend
Maybe one day you’ll see me for who I am
Instead of all these false accusations
Your anxieties and trust issues have made you see
I wish you the best in your endeavors
And hope the weight over you disappears and you’re finally free
Nov 2020 · 516
Erica Girone Nov 2020
God knew what he was doing
When he made humanity
That much more beautiful
Just by a smile
Nov 2020 · 49
Erica Girone Nov 2020
He made her feel comfortable
In the midst of the flames
He gave her security
He unshackled her chains

The warmth in his smile
Also ran through to his heart
She never worried when he was near
Only when they were apart

He was the missing piece to her puzzle
Her sunshine after the rain
She became overwhelmed with love
Even just simply seeing his name

She cared for him dearly
So much she felt it in her bones
She thanked the Lord above
For giving her a companion that felt like home
Nov 2020 · 331
Erica Girone Nov 2020
She dreamt of a world
Where love was the language
Negativity didn’t exist
Hate was vanquished
People smiled at one another
And held open doors
You treated your neighbor as your brother
And the rich willingly gave to the poor
You never felt lonely
Or misunderstood
Depression didn’t exist
Racism was gone for good
She dreamt of a world
Where humanity was one
Her heart yearned for it
Because of what this world has become
Oct 2020 · 55
Erica Girone Oct 2020
It’s sad isn’t it?
How we’re conditioned to think we have forever
We don’t realize how fragile time truly is
Until it’s too late
Until the stories over
And we must turn the page
Never getting closure
So make sure you always say I love you
I know I would
If I could
Start over
Oct 2020 · 39
Erica Girone Oct 2020
I saw the world today
All of it’s beauty and it’s flaws
I felt the air inside my lungs
I looked at my human body in awe
I realized the true meaning
Behind our daily routines
The significance behind the air we’re breathing
And how even when it stops our stories proceed
Eternal beings embarking on a human journey
Everything in front of us is not what it seems
Lost in our own thoughts and own worries
Instead of just living and letting the day be
Erica Girone Oct 2020
A picture sometimes can be deceiving
Only showing you what they want you to see
The reality behind it becomes misleading
Viewing only what they want you to believe

I bet you didn’t see her crying
Hours before the camera flashed
How she contemplated living or dying
And filled up her empty flask

Social media or social suicide
I’ll allow you to be the one who decides
Where we compare picture perfect memories
When they are only picture perfect lies
Oct 2020 · 237
Erica Girone Oct 2020
Playing without me on repeat
Wondering why I allowed you to make me weak
Used to think you were my strength
But really you were my defeat
Used to be my confidant
But you’re my deceit
Sep 2020 · 58
Erica Girone Sep 2020
I think pretending is worse than sadness
There’s a freedom in expressing
And a pain in pretending
I don’t mind being sad
If I am allowed to embody it
Without judgement
Without guilt
Without pretending
Sep 2020 · 51
Erica Girone Sep 2020
I blocked you from my social
Burned all your clothes
Threw away every love letter
Deleted you from my phone
Tried to dead you in every way possible
But whenever I’m on my own
Every memory of you plays in my head
So I’m never truly alone
Sep 2020 · 416
Erica Girone Sep 2020
Darling don’t be a fool
You may love them
But do not do for others
What they wouldn’t do for you

You may love them
But you need to love yourself too
Sep 2020 · 39
Erica Girone Sep 2020
You’ve got me feeling like a fiend
Your touch, I crave it, it’s all I need
Without it, I can’t help but feel incomplete
I’ve got a hunger that only you can feed
You toy me around
You must enjoy the sound
Of desperation in my voice
It brings you satisfaction and joy
Knowing with just a look you can destroy
Every ounce of dopamine
Left in my body
Tell me how does it feel
To hold that kind of power over me
Sep 2020 · 57
Erica Girone Sep 2020
She’s one with the moon
She feels at home in the night
Like a flower in the sun she blooms
When she’s away from the daylight
Sep 2020 · 210
Erica Girone Sep 2020
She radiates melancholy
But with a smile on her face
Trying her best to be warm
With a distant cold embrace

I have got to say
I truly love her strength
God knows, she’s breaking
All with a smile on her face
Sep 2020 · 49
Erica Girone Sep 2020
She fell in love with Pennsylvania rain
New York lights
Colorado mountains from a plane
California in pictures
And New Jersey for more reasons than she could explain
No matter where this world takes her
In New Jersey a piece of her heart will always remain
Aug 2020 · 52
Erica Girone Aug 2020
She just wants to be loved
She longs to be seen
She has a heart of gold
She often wears it on her sleeve
She tends to come off too strong
Like a cheap whiskey drink
She’s gone through too many friends
And collects them like her old cd’s
And on the days she’s feeling lonely
She revisits the memories
She’s lost the glimmer of hope
She once had in her teens
Sometimes she even has moments
Where she forgets how to breathe
She just wants to be loved
She longs to be seen
She craves a hand to hold
Because of how difficult life can be
Aug 2020 · 72
Erica Girone Aug 2020
Every time I think it couldn’t get worse
It does
It feels like the world is testing me
But with each heartache
The stronger I become
Aug 2020 · 50
Fire & Ice
Erica Girone Aug 2020
My girl is sweet but full of spice
Unapproachable cover
She embodies both fire and ice
Complicated yet worth it
She sends me out of my mind
She doesn’t want to commit
But I don’t mind wasting my time
Aug 2020 · 41
Erica Girone Aug 2020
I look in the mirror
I’m more than what you see
There’s so much behind the eyes
Staring back at me
There’s numerous bad decisions
And also lessons learned
There’s first times and repetition
And also bridges burned
There’s betrayal and there’s love
There’s loneliness and there’s drugs
Some good and some bad
Happiness with the sad
Lost lovers and forgotten friends
Unforgettable summers
And wounds that will never mend
Aug 2020 · 355
Erica Girone Aug 2020
The girl in the mirror
Her eyes are a sea
Deep are the feelings
That lie underneath
Jul 2020 · 43
Red pill, blue pill
Erica Girone Jul 2020
To take the red
Or the blue
To learn the world all over again
Or to not have a clue
Is there bliss in not knowing
Or bliss in the truth
To see the world for what it’s not showing
Or to live your life as a fool
Jul 2020 · 67
Erica Girone Jul 2020
Everything seems to happen so fast
Just filled my tank and I’m already out of gas
Feels like life’s just begun but my youths already passed
Time is a concept I still have not been able to truly grasp
Jul 2020 · 65
Erica Girone Jul 2020
You’ve made me numb
To the thought of anyone
Thanks for the eternal scar
Jul 2020 · 47
Erica Girone Jul 2020
I’ve forgotten what it’s like
To smile with true meaning
I smile now only to hide the feeling
Of the hurt that’s harboring inside
Jun 2020 · 64
Erica Girone Jun 2020
No amount of distance
Will separate you
From those who believe
You’re worth the time
Jun 2020 · 139
Erica Girone Jun 2020
Where I long to be
Since the stresses of the world
Keep weighing down on me

My soul finally free
I dream of the very day
Oblivion and I finally meet
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