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Erica Girone Jun 8
Do you sleep better at night
Rehearsing lies as your lullaby
Erica Girone May 5
Searching for love in all the wrong places
Searching for familiarity in unfamiliar faces
Trying to make black into white
Trying to make light out of the night

But she knows better and ends up alone
Cause she’s trying to make strangers into a home
And once she snaps out of it and gets back in her zone
She realizes she loves being on her own

And maybe one day it’ll fall into place
And she’ll find familiarity in an unfamiliar face
But this time it’ll feel more like home
And she’ll no longer love being alone
Erica Girone Apr 2
Sometimes end
Fake love
Can’t pretend
Real love exists
In jealousy’s playground
You didn’t care for me
But kept me around
I try to be understanding
And love every difficult side
But when the love is one sided
All I can say is that I tried
I still wish you well
You deserve love too
Even though you kept it away
And let your bitterness shine through
Erica Girone Mar 4
I mean what I say
And I say what I mean
But just like the trees
I’m always changing
I’ll flow with the breeze
And I can even handle storms
But I can’t stay under a cloud
That’s always raining
Erica Girone Jan 19
Tension in the air
Its radiating off your stare
Can’t tell if I’m drunk off the wine
Or your captivating glare
Sweet like candy
Living life without a care
I’ve never been more present in a moment
You’ve got me fully aware
The face of an angel
I know there’s more behind the expression you wear
You’re a beautiful disaster
And I’m fully unprepared
A taste of honey
Warm and sweet
Dripping down my tongue
Delicious and unique
Sticky and messy
Could make a grown man weak
I can’t get enough
I’ve fallen defeat
You’ve got me wrapped around your finger
Burning from your heat
I’m yours only for the hour
So kiss me and make me feel complete
Erica Girone Dec 2021
Sometimes the worries of the day
And the hardships we face
Consume my daily mood

But when I think of you
And my memory is filled with your face
I know there is nothing I can’t do

What a joy it is to know
To truly know
And love you
Erica Girone Dec 2021
I really wish I could go back in time
Not to change anything
But to cherish what was mine
I miss waking up to Saturday morning cartoons
Getting excited for bike rides
And hanging out in my older sisters room
Spending Sundays at Grandmas
And playing basketball after school
Hoping on AIM to talk with friends
And shopping at the Limited Too
They say to just push forward
Don’t live too much in the past
But the memories bring me comfort
Because the moments don’t ever last
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