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Erica Girone May 24
I was born in the wrong era
I’m tired of all this technology
Where everyone is so connected
But the reality is the opposite actually
We’re divided and more judge mental
Because our thoughts everyone can see
And if you don’t agree with the popular opinion
You become the internet’s enemy
When did the world become so sensitive
That we can’t have intelligent debates
And you can sign off a persons existence
Just because you cannot relate
The world would be terribly boring
If we all thought the same way
So the next time you jump to conclusions & leave
Why don’t you listen and stay
Erica Girone May 5
Lucid dreamer
She loves being in control
So the second she wakes up
The world appears dull
She’s a character in a book
But not of her own
Living in a script
Doing what she is told
So at night when she gets home
And she finally falls asleep
She returns to her dream world
Where she controls what she can be
Erica Girone Apr 23
I always wondered what life would feel like without you
And now that you’re gone I think I can explain
It’s like praying for sunshine but instead it’s pouring rain
And not being able to speak but knowing exactly what you want to say
It’s like being in the middle of the sea drowning in the ocean waves
And like being injected with novocaine but still feeling every ounce of pain
Erica Girone Apr 21
Only good enough when it’s convenient to you
Erica Girone Apr 19
Sad music and wretched eyes
Heartache on every corner
But we still put on a happy disguise
There’s friends that we can call
But they still don’t hear us on the other line
The words flow out like waterfalls
But no one hears the pain in our cries

So who do you turn to
When no one but you understands
When there isn’t a hand to hold
And you have to live to life’s demands
A life you never asked for
And a life that never goes as planned
When you’re too weak to move, but still told you must stand
Erica Girone Apr 18
Hey there,
It’s hard to bring myself to you
But I hope you understand my heart
And realize every day
If not every hour
You pass my mind

Hello there,
I wonder all the time if you hear me
Sometimes I don’t have the words
So instead I let my tears talk
Do you understand each drop
As it falls down my face

Hi again,
Please give me the strength
My mental is more weak than my bones
But I need my mind to make my body move
And I know I can’t do it alone
This is me, saying I need you

Me one last time,
I know you’ve never left my side
But even so I feel so alone
I don’t know how to push through
Give me the courage
And the will to continue
Erica Girone Apr 10
Money is fake
And is taught to be the meaning to life
But the true meaning is love
And that’s why many lose the fight
We get so blinded by deception
Which leads our hearts to oppression
When we finally learn the answer to our questions
Is when we will finally accept the objective
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