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I never expected this from you
I really was convinced you loved me
That you cared for me the way I did you
It really just proves even more to me that you never truly know a person
The way you think you do

I’m so hurt
But the hurt has settled now
And I finally feel like I can breathe again
It’s like my heart is finally starting to heal
It’s all beginning to mend

Since you’ve been gone I’ve gone through so much without you
So much I should’ve went through with you
You should’ve been there to tell me it would be okay and hold me through it
You should’ve called me, you should’ve showed me you cared
But you didn’t

You’ve made me experience heart break in a whole other form
It was one that was completely unexpected, completely out of the norm

But thank you, for helping me grow
Showing me I’m strong enough to pull through even when I’m so low
I’m grateful for the lessons and for the friends that proved they cared
I just hope it was all worth it, cause this can’t be repaired
Erica Girone May 15
Nothing is alright
But everything is okay
The ocean is crashing in on me
But I’m embracing each wave
Erica Girone May 15
I’m sorry I can’t take away your pain
I’m sorry I don’t understand
I know it’s rough and you can’t explain
I just wish I could lend a hand
It tears me apart to watch you cry
And not know the right words to say
I know some days you just want to die
But pretend you’re completely okay
I want you to know you’re loved beyond measure
And you brighten each and every one of my days
You make life worth living and so much better
I just wish you saw it that way
Erica Girone Apr 19
She took care of me
And I took advantage
She was my clarity
I took her for granted
Thought she’d never leave me
Since she knew all my damage
But she finally stop believing in me
Because her heart, I mismanaged
Erica Girone Apr 11
Breathe, be still
The sun is shining
The sky is blue
The day might be difficult
But tomorrow is brand new
Still today is the day you were given
So enjoy it before it’s through
Find joy in every moment
Erica Girone Apr 6
So accustomed to getting taken advantage of
It’s become like second nature
To have the world ripped from my finger tips
In just the matter of minutes
Erica Girone Apr 4
It’s crazy how in one minute
Everything can change
One minute I loved you
Now I can’t look at you the same

Last year lovers
Today our love is in vain
Trusted you with every secret
And now it’s a crying shame

Lips once glued to one another
Now are used to complain
About how terrible the other is
Both claiming to be the only one sane

One minute you were my everything
My number one, my main
Funny how life plays out sometimes
In just one minute, it all can change
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