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Jaimi M Jan 12
The fall was easy.
my heart had longed for you.
Loving you,
you loving me
came so naturally
Losing you was hard
watching you slip away
and there was nothing
I could do to make you stay.
I guess some things
aren’t meant forever
not everyone
gets a fairytale ending
Jaimi M Aug 2020
What kind of monster
builds a girl up so high
and tells her she can fly
only for the girl to realize
after she jumps
her wings are only fiction
and the the ground
is a lot harder than it looks
Jaimi M Aug 2020
I lay and listen,
the thumping of my
heart, echoing.
wrapped around me,
caressing my skin
invading my mind,
my reminder.
Jaimi M Feb 2018
Let me get drunk on your lips
and high in your hands;
hold me as I ride out this curious
Don’t let my lips get lonely
or my skin grow cold.
We both don’t need forever
only here and right now
shameless alcoholic for your lips
and stoner for your touch
Jaimi M Feb 2018
Ill always smile
when I think
about you.
Your soft touch,
your sweet smile,
your gentle laughter.
You give me hope;
hope about people
and about society.
Our paths crossed
for only a short while
but you made my
heart flutter,
you caught me
in a way I’ll always
Jaimi M Jun 2017
Only once
you promise.
An experience
that you won’t
ever forget.
One turns into
two, two turns
to three.
Your words
are so
sweet, so kind
encouraging me,
making me
I’ll **** you off
by the end
of the night,
but we’ll
kiss and make up
****** up
it’s hard
to remember
what made you
angry in the
first place.
Jaimi M May 2017
The excitement
of getting drunk
left me, but
I still drink daily.
Out of control?
Very possible.
Going to change it?
Probably not.
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