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  Feb 20 MawaLin
Life is a matter of perspective
And happiness is a choice
But the smile I paint upon my face
Doesn't mask the sadness in my voice
Just because I know joy is inside me
Doesn't mean I feel it in my heart
I search for peace every single day
But finding it is the hardest part
It comes so easy for others
As it did to me once before
It's not that what I have isn't enough
It's that I used to have so much more
If you can't find happiness in the ugliness you won't find it in the beauty
  Feb 19 MawaLin
do regular maintenance
on your soul
clean out the blemish
and the soot
soak it in solution

dust out the corners
of your mind
handle it with care
and buff the edges
caulk the cracks

polish the windows
of your heart
throw out the excess
and leave only the joy
furbish the frayed fringe
Jan 2, 2019, 11:27 PM
  Feb 16 MawaLin
Shofi Ahmed
The sun was so close to
the fingertips of the earth mother
while the rose bloomed so bright
the first morning the sun rose on the earth.
The sun spaced up high up to the blue sky
so the colour of the rose may not wither.

The mother Fathima smiled even brighter
upon the rose, the sun draws back every sunrise
is ever closer till to date a colour never withers!
MawaLin Feb 16
I am still waiting for you to hold my hand.
  Jan 23 MawaLin
let the day
take you away
until the sun sets
when the moon rises
i’ll take you back
here in my arms
safe in my embrace
surrender your heart
let go of the days blue
when the sun downs
and the moon rises
oh darling, you will feel
the warmth of my love
MawaLin Jan 17
I was blinded by a veil of innocence
captured by an emanating light
when people kept warning me
of the fire in your eyes
the poison which lingers on your tongue
they said rocks are softer than your heart.
But I was so blind
and once the veil had lifted
I saw a light so dim.
"Love is not blind-It sees more and not less, but because it sees more it is willing to see less." Will Moss
  Jan 17 MawaLin
Eleanor Sinclair
Do you ever wonder
if the painter
tires of his colors?
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