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ñ Aug 27
ding **** the witch is dead
tossed him into the ******* bin
got right tired of baby men
would be hard pressed to try again
A rhyme to prelude better times. I was the victim of an 18 month long targeted campaign. I'm okay but scared. Thankful I'm already in therapy
ñ Jun 2020
i'm prone to doubt
so i kept a list
of each and every moment
that my heart (mind)
asked me if i loved them
until the entries were too numerous to deny
and all that was left
was yearning
and an answer i could trace
in real time
Subtitle: "If You Write It Down, It's Science"

I'm being literal.
It's a dated list and very embarrassing in retrospect.
ñ Feb 2019
do regular maintenance
on your soul
clean out the blemish
and the soot
soak it in solution

dust out the corners
of your mind
handle it with care
and buff the edges
caulk the cracks

polish the windows
of your heart
throw out the excess
and leave only the joy
furbish the frayed fringe
Jan 2, 2019, 11:27 PM

— The End —