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Feb 18 · 121
Sage Feb 18
Sorry, Ben
It's definitely your fault
You don't know what your talking about at all
And shame those who disagree
You never cited a single ******* source
Never made a single descent point
Just say "Biology" over and over
Then deny you have caused these kids to die
Sorry, Ben
Your so ignorant it hurts
Jul 2020 · 47
You Can't Grade This
Sage Jul 2020
I don't care how I'm supposed to do this
There really shouldn't be a formula for creativity
Say what you want
Without limits
May 2020 · 222
Sage May 2020
Everything seems so foreign
There is so much **** that I willing put myself through
It's just dawned on me that I have a self-destructive personality
When does it stop?
Does it stop?
Let this pain evaporate
May 2020 · 75
Sage May 2020
What am I supposed to say?
You messed me up pretty badly
And now you want to talk again
I'm sorry, I just don't understand
Apr 2020 · 81
Blind Eye
Sage Apr 2020
She told me it was the right thing to do
I trust her
She wouldn't lie to me
She's the only one who understands me
She would never try to hurt me
I guess I will participate
She's so perfect
In my eyes
Apr 2020 · 141
The Void
Sage Apr 2020
I'm terrified of what comes next
It could be a kiss from a goddess
Or the devil's *******
This is the end
Isn't it
Maybe I should give up
Or run away
I can feel myself slipping
Into a void of ****
Apr 2020 · 76
The Mirror
Sage Apr 2020
I thought it couldn't happen
But it's slapping me in the face
The mirror and me
We just don't get along
It's just a reminder
That I'm not who I am
Whatever that means
Jan 2020 · 86
Sage Jan 2020
No no no
It's not happening
I can't wrap my head around the ignorance
That is caused by the people in charge
Jan 2020 · 88
Zombie Music
Sage Jan 2020
I thought about your guitar
The one you used to ****** me
Your voice melts my heart
A CD keeps on spinning
Just like your voice in my head
Why did you have to leave me?
When you were the only thing keeping me going
Now that you're gone
What will I do?
Please come back
Why did you die?
Your self-produced CD
Is all I have of you
Dec 2019 · 97
Losing You
Sage Dec 2019
I can't feel you anymore
Why did this have to happen?
Without you I feel like I can't breathe
When you left it just got worse and worse and worse and worse and worse and worse and worse and worse
Since you died I can't sleep
I'd do anything to see your face again
But now dirt and stone is all that's left
Oct 2019 · 150
The Mud
Sage Oct 2019
What has the world come to
The people in charge are cowards
I'm also a coward
But a more open minded coward
Fix the system
We're living in the mud
Jul 2019 · 182
Sage Jul 2019
Why can't we just get along?
We can't keep living life like this
How did it come to this
All I see is a pool full of gasoline
With a candle right next to it
Jul 2019 · 178
Out of it
Sage Jul 2019
I'm out of it
I can't take this ****
I'm not the stronger man
You don't see
What you always do to me
You make me want to curl up in a ball and die
This girl is all that's left of me
Apr 2019 · 168
Sage Apr 2019
I'm sick of looking at your page
Like I always do
You are so beautiful
But of course you don't see it
The guy you let slide
Is not worth your time
Come give me some of that good stuff
I can never get enough
Feb 2019 · 136
Can I Trust You?
Sage Feb 2019
I just wanted to let you know
I've had something on my mind lately
Can I trust you?
Will you understand?
They said it was a phase
Just a cloud in the night sky
I don't think it is
Should I talk to someone
You of all people
I think I should trust
But if you don't understand
I might turn into dust
I just took a quiz
It made me feel akward
To mark down one opposed to the other
I want to be the other thing
Please don't hesitate to ask
If I'm feeling okay
Because the answer is no
I'm a perfect disarray
Just draken my eyes
Slap some blood on my lips
She might look a little different
She is the same inside
If you don't understand
It will ruin my life
Sage Feb 2019
What can I say
No one cares if I stay
Maybe when I leave
Then they will miss me
Maybe when I'm gone
They will feel temptation
You better cry
You insensitive ****
This is what you did
I hope you're happy
Happy that I'm gone
This Valentine's Day is going to be one you will never forget
Tell the rats to bang the gong
Jan 2019 · 225
A Little Game
Sage Jan 2019
I want to play a little game
Don't need you talking about your fame
I'll put your heart inside a frame
I'll put you in my hall of fame
You burned down a building with people inside
Do not try to run there is nowhere to hide
You killed nine people all under twenty one
The things that you did can never be undone
Burn half of your body to see how it hurt
I wonder if your husband knows you're a flirt
All you have to do is take that gasoline
And cover yourself from your toes to your waist
Then light a match
I think you know what to do
No need to cry yourself to sleep
I really hope you continue to weep
Dec 2018 · 728
Still Alone
Sage Dec 2018
Well, I'm still here
In a room with the lights out
Maybe I will die here
Hopefully not today
Dec 2018 · 754
Down in the Ditch
Sage Dec 2018
You laughed when I said that I was scared
You chuckled when I said you were my only hope
Now I'm writing on my own
There isn't much you can do
To save me because I'm gone
What did I do to deserve this?
The worst part
Is that the pain feels so good
I'm covered in blood
What did you do to make me who I am
Now go
Go back to the wasteland you came from
Jul 2018 · 111
Black Mariah
Sage Jul 2018
Run away from my problems
Is all I've ever done
I'm so done with this ****
So I turned to a life of crime
Robbing banks and burning trash
Is all I'm doing now
They want me dead or alive
The ladder isn't a option
So leave your gun at the door
I'm not right in the brain
Jun 2018 · 544
I Dare You to Hit Me
Sage Jun 2018
Your hands are cold and bare
You still have the urge
You still have the *****
To put your hands on me
I have threatened to call several times
This time I won't let you off so easy
I'll throw your sorry *** in jail
For all you've done to me
You tell me how much you care
Then slap me in the face
Is this ******* fair
Jun 2018 · 352
Cancer in the Air
Sage Jun 2018
I now know why we die
We must escape the air of cancer
Swirling around us
Waiting for a weak link
To show their imperfect side
So let's gather around the old pine tree
And sing until we pass
Man, life went by too **** fast
Melodies of sorrow and guilt
Fill the air and force the cancer to go back down
Maybe the world is ****** up for a reason
Maybe we should just ignore it
Now it's time to let the cancer in
Now it's time to go to the other side
Mar 2018 · 72
Rose bud. Nose blood.
Sage Mar 2018
Every miserable morning
As I walk to my inevitable doom
I pass a field of Roses
The landscape is simply abloom
They look at me with a sad weeze
I then notice my nose has started to bleed
Thank you for the good times
But ******* for the bad ones
I hope you find that missing link
That hopefully makes you not sink
I appreciate the flowers you brought
But don't forget about the blood
I'm not afraid of the game
That these ******* flowers play
Thanks again for the opportunity
I'm not using my immunity
I consider hell a second home
It's time to finally say farewell
I will unleash the inner demon
It is finally time to flee
I will **** the cancer inside me
I'm getting ready to pass over
I am about to be set free
I don't believe in 4-leaf clovers
Now that I am gone forever
I must admit to you
These rhymes aren't even clever
I am just another poet
So here is to all of the
Rose Buds and Nose Blood
Mar 2018 · 1.0k
Attention Whore
Sage Mar 2018
I have a question for you
Do you feel the need to be
The center of attention like me
If you fell the same
I feel your pain
Even though I'm quite quiet
I still feel the need to riot
I'm not ashamed to admit
I can be a little *****
I study the looks on people's faces
Are they paying me any attention?
Are they impressed or not?
Do my parents approve?
Well I don't give a ****
I don't need any friends
I just need their immersion
I guess you could say I'm
An attention *****
Sometimes a quick look
Will certainly do
I have their engrossment
For a second or two
It makes me feel confident
Anything to make them go OOH
If they don't notice me
I am simply nothing
I need to be set free
I deserve to be recognized
I feel violated to the third degree
I'm not going unnoticed
I dress like a banshee
I can't get over the desperation
Thanks a lot for the recognition
I'm a common goth of young
I have no interest in being hung
I don't get noticed anywhere
I want to be noticed everywhere
Mar 2018 · 165
Two Tickets to Hell Please
Sage Mar 2018
Me and my doll
Are going away
To the great beyond
I'm dropping my wand
I'm going to hell
And nobody is stopping me
I want a special front row seat
For the devil's hot feast
Hey Mister
Where do you buy a ticket
I long for the heat
Two tickets to hell please
I am not depressed
I am in no need of help
I am not even stressed
I am not going to make a yelp
My black hair and makeup
My doll and me will ever break up
Bring yourself and your feelings
No need for possessions
The devil will always hook you up
The devil and me
Are getting along so greatly
Me and my doll
Are happy on the magma beach
I am happy to be here
The devil's grip has set me free
Mar 2018 · 666
You Are My Noose
Sage Mar 2018
Death is inevitable
I am dying to early though
And it is all because of you
My life is a wreck
I have problems
Beyond what you can see
You are making it worse
I feel the rope around my neck
I can't believe that
You are my noose
Kids are killers
Adults are zombies
Ghost are the most relatable
To my twisted fantasy
Ignore the people's harsh words
But sometimes you just can't
Mar 2018 · 99
Sage Mar 2018
They will eat you alive
They will totally make you cry
They look so adorable though
They hide sharp teeth behind
Their creepy ******* up smile
They will rip you to shreds
They will destroy your dreams
They have no morals whatsoever
They only come out at night
They only mess with the vulnerable
They have guns under their sheets
They have spikes on their cleats
They rarely ever sleep
They have a totally fake face
They have no remorse
They have the shortest fuse
They like to play with a noose
They collect bones for fun
They will always watch you
Their fur smells like dread
They have kids to abuse
They have bright blue eyes
Don't let them get you
Mar 2018 · 51
Sage Mar 2018
Opinions aren't important
Except they are
They shape who we are
They make our decisions
They destroy our friendships
They deny us entry
To the great forest
The forest of life
The forest of death
The forest of happiness
The forest of sadness
But this forest changed me
It made me a disfigured mess
A destroyed soul
With black lips
And sad slumbers
I regret going to the forest
It made my feel empty
In more than one way
As I cry on a rock
A rock more important than me
I look at the ground
And realize I am no more
Than a single grain sand
Mar 2018 · 72
Sage Mar 2018
Mama? Where is my bottle?
Mama? Where is my dad?
Mama? Where do we go when we die?
Mama? Is god real?
I could have been a better son
I could not have asked stupid questions
I could have done the dishes
The ones covered in blood
They could have been clean
But the ****** took her anyway
No more bedtime lullabies
No more airplanes in the tunnel
No more fun on the beach
No more trips to the zoo
She should have raised a baby girl
Mama? Where are you?
Mar 2018 · 521
The Cave I Share
Sage Mar 2018
I follow my gray sister
Into the mouth of a monster
Its teeth hanging from the ceiling
Then I hear bats start squeaking
I want to say hi
But my sister pulls me away
The bats say goodbye
She says we have more important things to do
I see skeletons on the floor
Covered in red and black slime
She says not to touch them
They start talking to me
The talk about a huge war
That doomed this monster
She tells me not to get distracted
I swallow hard and keep moving
To the end of the tunnel
Where I see knives and hammers
She picks a sharp one
And tells me to stab her
I can’t believe whats happening
But I do it anyway
She falls to the ground limp
I feel miserable and try run away
But the spirits grab me
And force me to stay
Mar 2018 · 1.6k
Your Friends Might Kill You
Sage Mar 2018
Look at the faces on your peers
Are they smiling and welcoming you
Or are they secretly plotting your demise
The ones you never expect
Are the ones laughing at your gravestone
You need to always stay alert
Any second a knife will go through your back
And out your stomach
Don't even speak to anyone
You must stay a vigilante
Make your mama proud
Stay strong my little wolf

— The End —