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LJ Chaplin Nov 2017
I try to fill myself with sunshine
So that I have no time to mourn
The rain,

I avoid the puddles,
The icy droplets
That nestle in my clothes
And soak the soul
Until it can no longer breathe.

I prefer to bathe in light,
To wrap myself in radiance
That pierces the skin
And sets my body on fire
Where all insecurities will succumb
To the flames.
© L.J. Chaplin
LJ Chaplin Oct 2017
I was promised the stars,
And so, without hesitation,
I looked to the sky
In search for the perfect one.

I scanned every inch,
Eager eyes flicking
Through a catalogue
Of constellations,

Then I found it,
A celestial beauty
Somewhere between
Orion's Belt and beyond.
LJ Chaplin Sep 2017
If these walls could talk,
It could rewrite the history
Of my being.

They'd speak in whispers,
In hushed tones
So that only my demons
Can hear them.

I dare not speak,
Entangled in creased sheets,
Lingering in a midnight void
Somewhere between peace and paranoia.
© L.J. Chaplin
LJ Chaplin Jul 2017
I feel at peace when the lights go out,
Rooms grow darker,
Walls blacked out like permanent marker,
Senses become sharper,
I have never felt calmer.

In the arms of the night I ask for dominion at its feet,
I become submissive,
My mind is less aggressive,
My heartbeat becomes percussive,
I find comfort in being passive.

I dream of drowning in an ocean of moonlight,
A whitewash tide that purifies sin,
Where unknown lovers dive right in,
Cleansed by light that's paper thin,
And sink into an abyss of divine origin.
© L.J. Chaplin
LJ Chaplin Apr 2017
You hold my hand,
Like the string of a balloon,
My head is somewhere in those clouds,
But still you understand.

You give me the helium to ascend,
To wander aimlessly through
Universes of collected memories,
But keep me tethered
So I don't transcend.

And when I struggle to escalate,
Carry on walking with me,
So I can see the World
In all of its glory,
Until I can peacefully deflate.
© L.J. Chaplin
LJ Chaplin Mar 2017
She finds consolation
In the shell of her being,
At the bottom of an ocean
Where neither man
Nor the tide that follows him
Can carry her away.

Her heart belongs in a shell,
Wrapped in layers upon layers
of nacre
Where she can abstain
From pain,
From torment
And from his touch.
(c) L.J. Chaplin
LJ Chaplin Feb 2017
It took me an eternity
To purge you from my blood.
I drank a lot,
I cried a lot too.
I abstained from loneliness
And bathed in the radiance
Of another
But I could not shift the
Bruise that was you.  
The black and the blue
That has stained me like ink,
A constant reminder
That I wrote too much
About you,
It seeped through the pages
Of my skin
And you stayed
Until God washed me out
And hung me out to dry.
© L.J. Chaplin
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