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Apr 2020 · 172
Quiet Night In
LJ Chaplin Apr 2020
Two glasses,
One bottle,
A hint of moonlight
Casting its ghost
Upon the carpet,

You and I
Were made
For this moment:
Where peace
And passion
Distract our hands
From touching
Our phones.

Has found its
Way to our doorstep,
Let it in.
Turn off the TV,
Turn off the lights,
Stay with me.
Apr 2018 · 673
LJ Chaplin Apr 2018
You are the first thing I need
When I wake up,

To cure the sleep that
Hangs from my eyes
And takes shelter in my bones,

To feel the warmth of your embrace
Soothe the soul,
Each sip better than the last,
Drink you in until there's nothing left.

When the cup is empty,
The insatiable urge resides,
Energy is restored
And I will face the day knowing
That you will be there again tomorrow.
Apr 2018 · 520
Rush Hour
LJ Chaplin Apr 2018
I find myself in a crowded  sea,
Waiting for the Jubilee,
Men in suits are passing by,
The caffeine keeps their spirits high,
High heeled heroines looking chic,
Their urban catwalk for the week,
And whilst I wait for the train to arrive,
Commuters dance on the yellow line,
I hold my bag and start to pray,
That the 9am tide won't wash me away.
(C) L.J. Chaplin
Mar 2018 · 485
LJ Chaplin Mar 2018
I would throw myself from
A moving train to prove
My devotion to you,

I would bungee jump
From the highest point
Just to know your name,

I would tread on burning coals
And compare it to how your
Fingers would feel against my skin,

I would put my life on the line
To show how deep the love
Of a daredevil can go.
© L.J. Chaplin
Jan 2018 · 301
LJ Chaplin Jan 2018
You and I were just ships passing
In the night,
With no set destination,
But still our sails carry us,
No hesitation.
© L.J. Chaplin
Nov 2017 · 492
LJ Chaplin Nov 2017
I try to fill myself with sunshine
So that I have no time to mourn
The rain,

I avoid the puddles,
The icy droplets
That nestle in my clothes
And soak the soul
Until it can no longer breathe.

I prefer to bathe in light,
To wrap myself in radiance
That pierces the skin
And sets my body on fire
Where all insecurities will succumb
To the flames.
© L.J. Chaplin
Oct 2017 · 599
The Perfect Star
LJ Chaplin Oct 2017
I was promised the stars,
And so, without hesitation,
I looked to the sky
In search for the perfect one.

I scanned every inch,
Eager eyes flicking
Through a catalogue
Of constellations,

Then I found it,
A celestial beauty
Somewhere between
Orion's Belt and beyond.
Mar 2017 · 1.0k
Mother of Pearl
LJ Chaplin Mar 2017
She finds consolation
In the shell of her being,
At the bottom of an ocean
Where neither man
Nor the tide that follows him
Can carry her away.

Her heart belongs in a shell,
Wrapped in layers upon layers
of nacre
Where she can abstain
From pain,
From torment
And from his touch.
(c) L.J. Chaplin
Dec 2016 · 1.3k
The Bus Journey
LJ Chaplin Dec 2016
The person sat by me,
Is calling somebody,
He's saying 'I love you'
Is that so unusual,
To feel so alone in that moment?

The lovers at the front,
Have had more than enough
Of their parents' scrutiny
So they commit mutiny,
And consequences are left unspoken.

The cold condensation
Hides all condescension,
From every pedestrian
With bitter complexions
Who braved the cold and are frozen.
© L.J. Chaplin
Dec 2016 · 734
Meet Me In The Wild
LJ Chaplin Dec 2016
I'll never let the Sun go down,
I'll pull it back up again,
To watch another day go by
And not go down the drain.

I'll wash the Earth with tears of joy,
And wipe the soil clean,
To let a new world flourish
And make it evergreen.

Come meet me in the wild,
Where the grass is always greener,
Where dandelions are your new best friend
And your heart is so much cleaner.
©  L.J. Chaplin
Oct 2016 · 1.0k
LJ Chaplin Oct 2016
I found solace in the arms of a devil,
A smokey-eyed creature
On a whole other level,

My parents warned me not to give in,
To a world full of chaos,
And a love built on sin,

But he stole me away and said he had a plan,
To take 'Mummy's boy'
And turn me into a man,

Fifteen years on and I'm on my own,
The fire went out
And I'm too scared to go home,

I found solace in the arms of a man,
Who hung me over the edge
And let go of my hand.
Aug 2016 · 909
Let Me...
LJ Chaplin Aug 2016
Let me swim
Across oceans
Until I reach the edge
Of the World,
Where I can fall
Through the stars
And into
A Black Hole
Of Possibilities.
Let me come out
Of the other side
Knowing the things
I have seen
And the exhilaration
I felt
Are too real
To   brush off like dust.

Let me gravitate
Towards the Sun
With hope that
My impurities
Melt away like
Snow in the Spring
And I am reborn
© L.J. Chaplin
Aug 2016 · 539
LJ Chaplin Aug 2016
Last night I had a dream
That I was

I wasn't falling down,
Nor falling in love,

I fell  a p  a   r    t.

It started slowly at first,
A single thread that fell out of place,
But then each strand expanded,
From inches to infinity,
Revealing flesh,
And the unwanted parts in-between.

Like Time and Space
I continued,
Relentlessly uncurling
Until I was nothing more
Than a tightwire
That even my heart
Could never walk.
© L.J. Chaplin
Jul 2016 · 2.5k
Body Poverty
LJ Chaplin Jul 2016
Desperate times call for desperate measures,
In search of gold and buried treasures,
To cure corruption in the mind,
To pay off your demons  but still faced with a fine,
Strike it rich and drill for oil,
Suppressed in fear beneath the soil,
The heart goes bust with no chance to bail,
It's lost its worth and bound to fail,
The brain is poor, it yearns for cash,
Dollar signs crumble, all to ash,
The body waits for income to climb,
But it's stuck in debt with no hope for a
Jun 2016 · 1.9k
Chameleon Sky
LJ Chaplin Jun 2016
I watched the sky transform
As the sun set
It flourished more than ever.

I watched in awe
As it changed colour,
The clouds shed its white washed skin
And boasted an undulating opalescence
Of pink and lilac,
Soft like candyfloss,
I felt compelled to reach up
And sink my teeth into it,
Only to let the rain fall
Onto my lips and seep
Into my skin.

I traced the clouds
To the horizon,
Where fiery hues of
Orange burned bright
Like wildfire,
An irresistible iridescence
That filled my belly with
An inferno
Not even the Seven Seas
Could tame.

Before long,
The stars filtered through
The kaleidoscopic creation,
Illuminating the Universe
Like the London Skyline.

I pick one amongst the
Palette of scattered clouds
And wish that I can witness
This masterpiece
*The same time tomorrow
© L.J. Chaplin
May 2016 · 844
LJ Chaplin May 2016
Keep your demons close,
Don't let them get away,
Let them take you off the path
And listen to what they say.

Prohibition is a sin,
Let go of all your fears,
Grab the wheel and speed away,
There is nothing else left here.

These demons you love
Have taken you far,
But they've taken your keys
And have stolen your car.

Keep your friends close,
Don't let them get away,
Speak about your demons
To keep them at bay.
© L.J. Chaplin
May 2016 · 1.0k
London Boy
LJ Chaplin May 2016
Lonely London boy,
A stranger to the City,
A fluffy-haired gull
Lost in a sea of suitcases
And Kodak-clad people.
Big dreams tucked
Into the waistcoat
That hugged his frame
A little too much,
Occasionally glancing
Into café windows to
See how disheveled
He had become
During rush hour
On the Bakerloo Line.
© L.J. Chaplin
Mar 2016 · 472
Rain Child
LJ Chaplin Mar 2016
When it rains,

It pours,

And I am born again.
Mar 2016 · 531
LJ Chaplin Mar 2016
I sprint through fire
But it's never enough,
To keep the blood pumping
To keep up the rush,

To work up a sweat
And purge all the waste,
The insatiable thirst
For a relentless chase,

The thrill of a hunt
For beauty and art,
To inject through the skin
And into the heart,

Exorcise all evil
And shatter the chains,
Of a beautiful mind
That was branded insane.
© L.J. Chaplin
Feb 2016 · 441
When We Grow Older
LJ Chaplin Feb 2016
When we grow older,
Our hair will be grey,
Generations will fall,
But we'll be OK,
Because we had it all.

By all I mean nothing,
We dealt with the mess,
The fall from grace,
The relentless stress,
A decayed human race.

We took all the bullets,
We didn't have the vest,
Told we had failed,
We hadn't tried our best,
To stop the blood that entailed.
© L.J. Chaplin
Jan 2016 · 381
Phone Calls
LJ Chaplin Jan 2016
Too much static on the phone,
Slurred words like an electronic
That only the creatures of the night could translate,
I wait for you to finish,
To quit pouring out your heart
For no real reason.
Why are there tears?
Why are there tantrums?
I find myself throwing back the blades,
Words so sharp
It's like I am there plunging them
Into you myself.
I shake,
I quiver,
The stream of assailing aggression
Drowning the mouthpiece
Until I am sure it'll burst into flames
And shatter into oblivion.
© L.J. Chaplin
Jan 2016 · 930
Paper Boy
LJ Chaplin Jan 2016
I like to think of myself as a piece of paper,
Easily scrunched into a ball
And disposed of,
With ease you can punch
A hole through me,
I can be torn apart
At the hands of another
And be discarded.

But as fragile as I may appear,
I also possess strength that no one
Could ever conjure in their head.
I absorb ink,
Preserving the overwhelming
Creativity that flows,
I can be folded
Over and over again
Until I am an origami masterpiece,
I can be the vessel
Of vast knowledge,
Used as a means of holding
Secrets that everybody
Wants hidden.

The best part is,
Is that I can be recycled,
No matter how many times
I am broken down
I am transformed,
And every essence,
Every fibre of my being
Exists in every corner
Of the world.
© L.J. Chaplin
Jan 2016 · 1.5k
LJ Chaplin Jan 2016
If I ever owned a star
I wouldn't name it after you,
I'd name it after every soul
And all the lives that they lived through,
Watch the world turning and see all the sights,
Just like the satellites.

Punch holes through atmospheres,
Like when the air breaks from feathered wings,
We'd all explore the milky way
And tiptoe across Saturn's rings,
Run with the comets faster than the speed of sound
To places NASA never found.

We wander far away
Where gravity can't pull us down,
Further than Pluto's gaze,
Where toes will never touch the ground,
Creating a big bang that ignites a spark,
Burns out the fear and casts out the dark.
© L.J. Chaplin
Nov 2015 · 2.1k
The Bachelor
LJ Chaplin Nov 2015
Black and blue eyes
From rolling with the punches,
Another lonely night
From relying on the hunches,
Flicking through the channels
And hoping for a sign
That tonight will the night
He won't walk another line,
Shielding his face from the red and blue,
Slurring his words
Because he hasn't got a clue,
Where he is
Or why he's behind bars,
A night in a cell
Because he's written off his car.
He wonders why women walk away,
Why they give him the finger
Or why he never gets their name,
But then again he enjoys the rush,
Of taking them to bed
With another heart to crush,
Of sleeping in sheets
That still smell of Chanel,
From the woman before
Who said "go to hell".
He puts on his shoes
And walks through the door,
Hoping tonight
He'll once again score.
© L.J. Chaplin
Nov 2015 · 644
The Stranger
LJ Chaplin Nov 2015
It was during the warmth of
The spring when you arrived,
A stranger from thin air,
An entity that only I
Could see.

You watched from a distance,
On the sidelines of my life
As I rose and fell,
Sailing a ship that had no
Destination but still drifted on.

I was reckless, I was young,
I was free.
But with freedom came the price
Of uncertainty,
Of holding a compass with no
Sense of direction
And too much open space
To find a home to settle down.

That's when you stepped in.
It was unnerving at first,
To have you sit me down
And play out my future
In front of my wandering eyes,
But then it grew beautiful,
Like a cinematic masterpiece.
I knew what I had to do,
Where to go,
How to root myself to the earth
And move with its rotation
Like the hands of a clock.

And then you were gone.
I never knew your name,
Your story,
Or why you arrived.
© L.J. Chaplin
Nov 2015 · 655
Rainy Days
LJ Chaplin Nov 2015
Raindrops collide with the fogged glass of my window,
I stare out,
Acknowledging their desperation to enter
But dismissing them because I am too selfish
To let go of the warmth.
A cup of tea rests on the desk,
Steam rising and vanishing
Like waves at sea,
The grey clouds roll across the horizon outside,
Releasing their tears across the sky,
Crying from days of an endless pilgrimage
To a salvation only the people with their feet
On the ground can fathom.
There is an aching in my bones,
From seeing the world turn to
An empty canvas when only hours before
It burst with a breathtaking vibrancy
Of blue skies and blazing sunshine.
The storm clouds roll in,
The stars will never illuminate
When the day time falls to its knees
And the moon is alive,
The wolves will never howl
As the thunder grabs the land
And bangs it like a drum,

All that I wait for now
Is for the candles to blow out,
For the tea to cool down
And for the sun to return again.
LJ Chaplin Oct 2015
I turned my back and felt the stare,
Of someone close but wasn't there,
No shadow to cast
Or a body to hold,
Not a drop of warmth
To ease the cold,
No hands to clasp
Or lips to kiss,
Not an ounce of insecurity
Gone unmissed,
No burdens to carry,
Or weight to share,
Of the glare of the person

*Who was never there
Sep 2015 · 14.8k
My Bike and I
LJ Chaplin Sep 2015
The heat,
The way it ripples from the steel handlebars
And burns my hands,
The way the clunking of the chain feels
As each pedal propels me forward
Beneath the sun.
The sky is blue,
The air is crisp and leaves pinpricks
On my skin,
Soothed by the tenderness
Of sun rays that fall like curtains
Upon the concrete.

It smells of rubber,
A lingering scent of nostalgia
That fills my lungs like tar
And fills my heart with youthful
As the wrinkles emerge,
And the delicate cracks begin to show,
I realize that my bike
Is the last memento that
Resonates through my aging ways.

Let's take a final spin down the boulevard,
Before the sun goes down
And my bones ache once more.
Aug 2015 · 767
They Want...
LJ Chaplin Aug 2015
They want to see you burn,
They want to trample on
The ashes that fell from
Your skin like it was dirt,
They want to **** the switch,
To blow the fuse in the lights
That shined from your eyes
And pierced all those who
Loved you.

They want to abandon you,
They want to push you out to sea,
With only a single row boat
And a flare that had already been
Used from the one before you,
To cast you out and let the waves
Douse the flames that raged from
Your voice as you cry for help.

They want to see you suffer
So that you realise that you are Stronger than you think,
They want to torture you
To teach you that the raw and
Emotional pain you feel
In your chest is an indication
That you are still alive.
Aug 2015 · 1.3k
LJ Chaplin Aug 2015
Like a whisper can spread into a rumour,
Satirical  slur can be somebody's humour,
The way that we talk as if the world is deaf,
Shouting at walls as if there's no one left,
Cut throat consonants and viper vowels,
Too many blows makes you throw in the towel,
Spit out the blood and wipe off the spit,
Get your head in the game
And dive into the pit,
We all have a voice that shapes and that moulds,
Too many cards that we're able to fold,
Speak out for peace or speak out for change,
Irritate the lion and make him roar from his cage,
No bad blood will spill if you speak the truth,
And not spend your life just jumping through hoops.
Apr 2015 · 8.4k
The Sailor & The Siren
LJ Chaplin Apr 2015
He waits for the wind to carry him home,
Across waves that rise and fall with
The pulsing of his aching heart,
She waits on rocks by the shipwreck,
Wondering how he got away,
He counts his blessings and clutches his chest,
The lurching feeling fading with the haunting
Visions of the flames in her eyes,
She cries and buries her face into her hands,
Tears forming shallow bodies of water
Like the rock pools where she dreamed of
Capturing  his heart.
© LJ Chaplin
Apr 2015 · 1.9k
Haiku: London
LJ Chaplin Apr 2015
Heartbeats and concrete,
Skyscrapers and commuters,
Dreams and believers.
Apr 2015 · 1.2k
Haiku: Tightrope
LJ Chaplin Apr 2015
I won't let you fall

From those treacherous wires,

Just please don't look down.
Apr 2015 · 1.7k
High Horse
LJ Chaplin Apr 2015
I never thought
I'd get off this high horse,
For my feet to touch the earth
And feel something,
No clouds to obstruct my view,
Throwing the rose tinted glasses
To the ground
And crush them into the soil,
But new realisations can be
Hard to deal with,
So I must take my time
To piece it together
© LJ Chaplin
Apr 2015 · 5.3k
At The Top Of The Stairs
LJ Chaplin Apr 2015
The lights go out as another day
Draws to a close,
In the distance sirens of an ambulance
Ripples through the stillness
Of the night,
I ache,
I'm tired,
But I'm restless.
The staircase extends beyond my feet,
Up into a blank space
Where light cannot reach
And darkness can wait
For me to enter.
I can feel its eyes on me,
Fixated on my body
As I approach the first step.
I don't know why,
But the lingering presence
Is always there,
As if it waits with arms crossed
And draped against my bedroom door,
It sense my fear and I sense its intent:
To creep into my mind,
To feed off the chaos that stirs
Each and every day.
© LJ Chaplin
Apr 2015 · 1.9k
Pandora's Box
LJ Chaplin Apr 2015
Show me your flaws and I'll show you mine,
The moment is raw and I won't decline,
The chance to be open,
The chance to be kind,
A finger to my lips
To hush words I can't find,
Scars don't determine
Your final appearance,
Nor is perfection
Your final endearment.

I have wounds of my own
But alas you can't see,
Echoes of war that
Ripple through me,
Deep beneath skin
And deep beneath veins,
Tucked away safely
In the confines of a brain,
Kept in a box wrapped in a ribbon,
Collecting dust and carefully hidden,
Away from hands that try to pry,
Scratching at surfaces try after try,
Scrounching for scraps and forever hoping,
That pandora's box will finally be opened
© LJ Chaplin
Apr 2015 · 1.4k
Survival Of The Fittest
LJ Chaplin Apr 2015
It is a human trait to want what is best for
To succeed,
To reach new heights where you almost struggle to breathe,
To make it to the top and watch what you have built thrive,
But you've lost count of how many knives
You've planted in someone else's back,
How many times you have fed off the innocence
Of one's vulnerability
And expose it to catapult your delusions higher,
You keep a tally of how many people you have
Crushed to clear your own path to the pedestal.

But everything crumbles in the end.
You hang precariously over those
Who hungrily wait for you to return
To the bottom of the food chain
Where you belong.
After all,
It is survival of the fittest
And we all want a taste of invincibility.
Mar 2015 · 880
LJ Chaplin Mar 2015
One shot for the sorrow,
Two to be sure,
Three for the morning
To make it a blur,
Five hours of dancing,
Six steps till I fell,
Seven minutes unconscious,
As far as I could tell,
Eight people to help,
Nine nine nine took moments to come,
Ten glasses of water,
An aspirin and then some.
Mar 2015 · 3.3k
LJ Chaplin Mar 2015
Dust and rubble settle at my feet,
A chaotic collapse
Inside myself that I could never
Have imagined,
The foundations are shaken,
The cracks began to show,
And piece by piece
It all spectacularly fell apart,
Nothing to hold on to,
Nothing to steady myself with
As it all crashed and burned,
Leaving me surrounded by the ruins
Of an Empire that took years to build
And seconds to destroy.
Mar 2015 · 6.3k
LJ Chaplin Mar 2015
We are more willing
To read palms
Than to read between the lines,
To want space but
We want to know what goes on in
Dark corners.
Feb 2015 · 2.8k
Love and Other Narcotics
LJ Chaplin Feb 2015
Inject me,
Pierce the skin
And it let it merge
With blood cells and
Press your lips against mine
And slip the pill onto my tongue,
Don't pull away until each grain
Stacks of cash
From selling love in bottles,
IV drips,
Losing our minds as we
Become entangled in unconsciousness.

But when I wake up you're gone.
Sweaty palms,
The fear of relinquishing control,
Or even losing my mind?
We become addicted to the visions
In our head,
The dreams we steal from dark corners
Of the brain
When we are intoxicated,
Yet with each passing of time
We rely on what numbs the pain
Of what we lost.
Feb 2015 · 4.8k
LJ Chaplin Feb 2015
I was the ghost you saw before,

I was the shadow beyond your door,

Just call the doctor and take your medicine,

Forget the exorcist and devote all sin

To the phantom under the sheets.
Feb 2015 · 1.6k
LJ Chaplin Feb 2015
You were too preoccupied
With trying to stitch your
Heart back on to your sleeve
To notice that you became undone.
The seams had burst and your soul
And with each step
You fall apart.
Feb 2015 · 515
The Long Way Home
LJ Chaplin Feb 2015
The platform is cold,
Numbingly uncomfortable,
The 15:03 train is delayed,

I would rather wait in the bitter cold
Than return to reality.
It finally arrives,
Sighing as its engines
Relinquish all strength
It has to carry on.

I chose the longest journey to London,
Every stop,
Every pause in tine that I can temper
Linger in.
The fatigue may settle
And my hands may quiver,
But the memories of this week
Are irrevocable,
It was bliss to say the least,
But all good things must come to an end.

There is still the journey through the underground,
Maybe I could lose myself in a sea of commuters
And culture?
The urban rebels
And buzz of tourists who yearn for adventure?

The only thing that propels me
To step off the platform in the first place
Is the thought of ending up in his arms
By the end of the evening.
Feb 2015 · 1.8k
Pens and Penicillin
LJ Chaplin Feb 2015
We place ink on paper
The way we swallow a pill,
Fear of bitter taste and
Failure to expel what truly
Eats us alive.
We try to wipe away the fever that stains
Our body
The way that the ink stains the pages,
Seeping through and latching on
With no hope of removing it
Until we grow a deep immunity,
A force that dissolves all absolute
Decay and bacteria
Until we are clean.
One dose of imperfection
And three moments of inspiration a day
Will make you healthy again
Feb 2015 · 6.1k
LJ Chaplin Feb 2015
Locked inside your head,
Hearing distant footsteps
From the bottom of the stairs,
Alone in an empty room,
Broken ***** bottles
That drowned out the nightmares,
Fear of self control,
The thought of gaining power
That will make you way too strong,
Fear of letting go,
The thought of shattered potential
And seeing things go wrong,
Lost in a crowd,
The voices all the same
Your direction is all off track,
Speaking out for what you love,
The aching trepidation of rejection
That makes foundations of progress crack,
Achieving perfection,
Looks that could never ****
Or bodies that never impressed
Being normal,
It scares you half to death,
It makes the mind obsessed.
Jan 2015 · 3.9k
Haiku: Daydreaming
LJ Chaplin Jan 2015
High above the clouds,
Reality seems so false,
Daydreams fuel escape.
Jan 2015 · 1.5k
That One Question
LJ Chaplin Jan 2015
We latch on to the things
Which destroy us:
*But what is the price we pay?
Dec 2014 · 2.6k
LJ Chaplin Dec 2014
It was not sadness
That caused the tears to fall,
But the transcendent fear
That belittled the crushing
Weight of the world.
Dec 2014 · 677
Lost At Sea
LJ Chaplin Dec 2014
The gentle rocking of the boat
Was the only thing that reminded
Me that I hadn't died,
That I hadn't plunged beneath the
Very waves that swayed me softly,
It still burns vibrantly in my head,
The fire,
The agonising cries of metal
And people intertwined
Until their heads were under the surface,
There was nothing I could to help,
I let them drown,
Let them fall to the dark depths
Far beyond the reach of the moons rays
Trying to grab them and haul them back
To life.
I am left alone,
Nestled in the neon orange lifeboat,
The only one who was able to board it
Before the cable broke and I was falling.
I wish I could have fallen forever,
Rather than floating away into the night,
Never to be heard,
Never to be seen,
Never to be saved.
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