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When I close my eyes.
I see a hut with a single wall.
The rain.
Crashing down around me.
Mud and water splashing
In every direction.
Rain drumming each and every leaf.
A symphony drowning my ears.
A wind that carries the howling darkness and it's frozen whispers.
A forest full of trees bending to break.
Attempting to escape.
Anywhere but here.

So why am I here?
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2016
What is there to do but to contemplate life heavily and endlessly.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2017
 May 2016 LJ Chaplin
I am the skyline,
I'm the night littered with stars;
My shine roars for you.
May, 2016
 Mar 2016 LJ Chaplin
b for short
She would take it down
       on old crumpled receipts—
imprisoned at the bottom of 

                           her bag.

Each laid to crooked rest next to
questionable crumbs of mystery
and a pen that leaked its
                    remaining potential
into scattered
Morse code all over
cheaply sewn lining.

The saving grace
of these little       ragtag proofs
allowed her to
relive the moment
when his singing voice
brought all of her
dizzy moth thoughts
                   to a stand still.

With each coo, he
pulled on all of the right strings,
and all of the right curves
on her body                 turned up
in all of the right places.

     Once again she
danced a smile with her eyes
and rolled her hips with her tongue
like she never
   forgot how.
© Bitsy Sanders, March 2016
 Mar 2016 LJ Chaplin
you're just like
a midnight snack
. . .
not always there
when i needed
 Mar 2016 LJ Chaplin
There are some things,
that I've been keeping for too long in my heart:

I want to make you smile a lot.
I want to make you laugh a lot.
I want to kiss you a lot.
I want to to hold your hands
and I want to hold your waist
and I want to hold your gaze,
because your brown eyes are amazing
to stare at.
I want to tell you that you're beautiful
and make you blush.
I want to make you vulnerable
and hear you tell me sweet things -
I just want to hear you speak for an eternity.
I want you to be cozy in my arms
and I want you to tell me all your deepest desires,
I want you to be happy with me.

I want you a lot,
and I want to tell you that
I'm falling head over heels for your uniqueness,
big brown eyes,
astonishingly cute little smile,
small innocent frame
and sublime voice.

My heart is overflowing
with strong feelings for you, dear -
I'm also longing to call you "baby".
-just being honest
 Mar 2016 LJ Chaplin
Bianca Reyes
I feel so homeless in you
Building fires in the cold for two
You are so homesick in me
Home is where the heart is you see
©A Home by Bianca Reyes
Shared on Hello Poetry on March 4, 2016
All rights reserved

Blah blah blah
Our bodies are poetry
from soft to smooth to hard
our bodies are poetry
freckled, shaped and scarred

Our mouths are dancers
unchoreographed, with memory
our fingers are virgins
gentle and trembling

Our eyes, are passerbys
our noses, cuddling cubs
our arms, reconnecting friends
our knees buckle with every touch

Our bodies are poetry
fitting into every groove
our bodies are poetry
from hard to soft to smooth
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