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Jul 2020 · 175
Kanishka Jul 2020
I lie on my bed, all curled up in myself.
No lights, no ventilation, no disturbance.
There's no spark that would lead me out of this cave,
As my brain suffocated on a thoughtless wave.
The weeds growing out of my mouth stops the little part of me from screaming.
I know no one will come to save me now.
I desire nothing lord, thank you for putting me in this self made grave.
Jul 2020 · 94
Winter Calm
Kanishka Jul 2020
We go on and on till we die.
Come here lie on the ground with me.
Don't hesitate, let's make snow angels and
Admire how the snow provides a blank paper for the sun to paint and embellish earth.
Feel how the evergreen conifers shine like Ornaments after a strong blizzard hit them.
Let the calmness of winter imprint on your soul,
Exhale all your uncertainty and watch it
Condense into a fog and leave your body.
Jul 2020 · 93
Melancholy Blues
Kanishka Jul 2020
In my melancholy blues
I wonder if all the problems
I have are because of me.
Intoxication doesn't wash it away
Your love is all that makes me stay
Sane and numbs all the pain.
So come and let me be with you,
Let my little heart feel the bloom.
Jul 2020 · 82
Kanishka Jul 2020
'You won’t be able to take the pressure’, people said,
‘It is tough to get in and even tougher to carry on’, they said.
Well yes, saving lives was never supposed to be easy at all.
Its true it takes years to master but wasn’t it said that great things always take time?
After having their share of sand kicked in their face at med school,
They start working selflessly day and night.
Pandemic occurs, world undergoes a standstill,
They power through, never stop and take no rest.
You expect them to be curer of all and everything,
But then why don’t you give them the love,
The respect they deserve?
Jun 2020 · 94
Looks Don’t Define Me
Kanishka Jun 2020
Looks don’t define me but do you know what does?
The talent in my hands,
The will in my legs to carry on,
The hunger to try out new things,
The power in my neck to keep my head upright,
The brain inside my skull,
The love inside my heart,
The soul inside my body.
Be confident in your own skin.
Jun 2020 · 758
Kanishka Jun 2020
You were my 'the one' at the wrong time.
You could've been the sun and
Could've made my moon shine.
But whenever we were together,
We caused an eclipse.
If only I could do you better,
If only we could co-exist.
Jun 2020 · 414
Sunny Ipanema
Kanishka Jun 2020
Let's get tanned on the beach of Ipanema,
Where the breeze is always lively and artistic.
We'll climb Arpoador just to watch the sunset behind The Two Brothers as it casts color on the sandy bay.
As the night draws in we will head to a restaurant, where the air is drunk with bossa nova music and dance our night away.
Pack your bag let's travel.
Jun 2020 · 84
Kanishka Jun 2020
If you've stood longer than normal in shower feeling hot drops on your cheeks than cold,
If you've felt an unknown entity clinging your neck with each step you take to future then you know what I'm talking about.
If you've learnt to suppress your emotions around people you love and soaked you pillow,
If you've made yourself distant from your family just to make it easier on them and suffered alone then you know what I'm talking about.
If you've felt music not being able to cure your mood and lyrics sound all monotonous to you,
If you've learned no drugs, no amount of alcohol can fix your soul then you know what I'm talking about.
If you've swallowed down pills just to be saved by a series of miracle vomits,
If you've got scars on your body you lie to people about then you know what I'm talking about.
If you've never shared your thoughts with someone just because it might be too much,
If you've made peace with the fact that it's not others at fault but just you then you know what I'm talking about.
And if you really know what I'm talking about just know that I'm cursed to write about it while you are unable to speak up.
Depression is real.
Jun 2020 · 616
London Rains
Kanishka Jun 2020
As I got off the tube in London and
Climbed my way onto the ground I saw,
The increasingly tempestuous but melodious
rain collide with Thames like shiny little gems.
The aroma of sweetness abroad the air,
Led me to a small bakery on a secluded street,
And through the display window I saw you,
Sweeter than any pie, cupcake or pastry.
Come let's travel.
Jun 2020 · 516
Chicago Winters
Kanishka Jun 2020
All of this feels strange and untrue,
but here I'm am in Chicago winters with you.
Where windows oversee the frozen lake
And snow glows on streets at daybreak,
As we sit in front of the fireplace,
blankets covering us as on your
arm I lay my face.
From now on I'm gonna write about places I wanna travel once Corona fades.
Jun 2020 · 74
First Time
Kanishka Jun 2020
'Hold your phone this way for a better capture' he corrected and thus it all began.
Never did it cross my mind that I'll end up loving him so much hadn't it been the little things he did and said.
Apologizing for someone else's mistake guided me towards the road to fall for him,
He put me at more ease each second on our first date at the films.
Walking for a few moments after practice ended each day,
Kissing me first time on the night of our show seems only like yesterday.
I've done so many crazy things with you with no regrets of any kind,
If I could go back in time it'll still be you with whom I'll intertwine.
Jun 2020 · 614
Kanishka Jun 2020
A tear trickled down my eye,
He was there ready to make me smile,
With one of his witty and allusive remarks.
I won't be lying if I say that
He has the potential of turning grey to
All of the colors of a rainbow's arc.
Jun 2020 · 462
Kanishka Jun 2020
Posing naked in front of the mirror,
Practicing dance moves with you,
Watching movies lying on your back,
Eating new stuff that we never had.
While tracing back my happy days,
I'll write it down with glitter.
May 2020 · 104
Delusional Reality
Kanishka May 2020
Is it strange or is it true that only when
Our present isn't gratifying
And the future isn't inspiring
That we recourse to our past.
May 2020 · 320
Forgotten Bar
Kanishka May 2020
The moon was abnormally large that night and
Seemingly keen to hear their heart to heart as
They sat together in what now is a forgotten bar.
His grey shirt stained with her red tears fated, He was going and she must love him from afar.
May 2020 · 339
Kanishka May 2020
On the hangers of your closet,
Diverse masks dangle.
Which one will you wear to appease
the society tonight?
Will you let someone see the real you or always remain misunderstood?
Or will you let it drain all the oxygen from your blood?
May 2020 · 92
Alternate Reality
Kanishka May 2020
A single drop of water seems inconsequential,
But a bunch of them create alternate reality.
Should we continue to hustle where we are?
Or should we plunge into the one below where
time is loosened and us free of captivity?
Dive in with me.
May 2020 · 1.2k
Kanishka May 2020
Wasn't it better when we were children and
Fear meant being alone in the dark with six-leged spiders crawling over our neck?
For look at us now, we're all alone, darkness sweeping us in while the strings of anxiety, depression, panic, sadness, insecurity and death traps us in their web?
May 2020 · 129
Kanishka May 2020
Spring came and went by,
Some flowers remained,
Some wilted down.
I know there's no place for death in a garden,
But how do you uproot the ones which were once the jewels of your crown?
I miss you, I wish you came back because I dont have a heart strong enough to ask you and face a no.
May 2020 · 128
You Are My Music
Kanishka May 2020
Each time when my heart broke,
It added a new cosmic beat in my song.
When my brain chose between you and life,0
A melodious symphony came along.
The smoke from all the memories I burnt,
Breathed out as tunes from my clarinet.
The senses that I tormented loving you,
Bursted out into an impassioned cassette.
May 2020 · 157
Kanishka May 2020
What if my thoughts are not mine?
What if I do things without insight?
My mind is fractured by the world we live in,
And the breach is used to steal and replace
what lies inside my brain.
No memory is safe, no plan unstained.
May 2020 · 1.1k
Kanishka May 2020
Every road seems unfamiliar,
Every turn is different from the last,
Towards north I see despair,
And the south has evil in the air,
East and west look ready to ensnare,
Since you left me here unprepared,
Tell me who am I to trust amongst this mass?
Why did you break me to my soul?
May 2020 · 1.3k
Kanishka May 2020
The days go by anticipating darkness's embrace The nights await a light that never comes by.
As all days of the week morph into one,
Life has achieved a stillness, running love dry.
May 2020 · 243
Kanishka May 2020
I wonder if death will cure my life.
Apr 2020 · 72
Kanishka Apr 2020
I poured my heart out on a piece of paper,
Folded it into a boat and floated it across
The river, to the bank, to you.
But alas an endless rain befell,
If only I knew how to carve out wood.
Apr 2020 · 56
Kanishka Apr 2020
Next time when tears roll down your eyes,
Catch those magical crystals before they
Fall and break on the floor and let them
Transport you to the magical world where
There are only hellos and no goodbyes.
Apr 2020 · 53
Let Go
Kanishka Apr 2020
The journey is long and full of dark turns,
If once in a while you feel like taking a rest,
Don't hesitate to lay under the tree,
Let the wind rustling through the leaves whisper you to sleep.
The morning will come again,
You will get up again,
Its okay to let go for a moment.
let yourself be free.
Apr 2020 · 55
Mortal Immortal
Kanishka Apr 2020
Poets make love immortal in words,
I hope your memories live on and if not,
I'll pray to God everyday to send me to heaven,
Because you'll be there and time, frozen.
Apr 2020 · 70
Kanishka Apr 2020
If you feel like staying up a little longer,
I'll make you a cup of coffee.
If you have to wake up early next day and go to work for long hours,
I'll make you a cup of coffee.
If you wanna enjoy the rain in evening,
I'll make you a cup of coffee.
If you get cold and wanna warm up,
I'll make you a cup of coffee.
Apr 2020 · 91
Kanishka Apr 2020
Lately I've been listening to a lot of songs,
Songs which evoke my memories of you.
Maybe its your absence making me yearn
For you, your voice, your touch. Return.
Apr 2020 · 118
Kanishka Apr 2020
As my shoes collect dust inside the shelf,
I've finally found time to improve myself.
To colour my life a little bit brighter,
Red, pink, blue and a little bit greener.
Apr 2020 · 170
Thoughts #1
Kanishka Apr 2020
They wish I felt guilty for everything I stand for.
These days I find most people judging others, finding faults in them. I guess its one of their ways of feeling better about themselves.
We should not be affected by what opinion people form of us.
Dec 2019 · 104
Kanishka Dec 2019
When you first met me,
I was still broken.
My world, a draught ridden plateau.
Desolateness stretched till horizon.
Fire screeched through the soil.
As time passed, clouds condensed.
I wont say you were the first showers,
But the ones that turned buds to flowers.
One of the thirteen roles of him.
Dec 2019 · 99
Hold Back
Kanishka Dec 2019
My heart drowns a bit more each day,
Blood seeps in through the cracks.
Enduring through a lifetime of storms,
It may have grown frail or strong.
But the knowledge of it is not worth the test,
So let it flow through the eyes and
Hope the heart makes it to surface at rest.
Dec 2019 · 211
Kanishka Dec 2019
I saw a full moon tonight.
The one which brings peace,
At the quiet of night.
I am in my prime in its presence.
Would it be okay for the starry sky
If I do?
Nov 2019 · 105
Kanishka Nov 2019
Wearing your clothes I can feel you beside me,
The fibres blending into my skin, becoming one.
Caressing my blemishes and beauty evenly.
Screening me from the cold and harsh.
Oh how could I ever give it up?
How could I ever give you up?
Nov 2019 · 231
Kanishka Nov 2019
The essence of you lingers on.
You stand there with your arms open,
A welcoming fire.
I walk in and feel my layers evade,
Catching fire.
Burning till cessation of existence.
The essence of you lingers on.
Nov 2019 · 120
The Fence I'd Never Cross
Kanishka Nov 2019
With your skin so near to me,
How can I do anything but crave to touch you?
The warmth it radiates draws me closer,
Inch by inch, breath by breath.
The desire grows stronger with
Every resist, every denial.
And when you finally let me trespass
There's no place I'd rather be,
No other fence I'd ever surpass.
Give love another chance.
Oct 2019 · 307
Kanishka Oct 2019
Time seems to fly by at the speed of light,
When I'm with you, so close
That it makes me suspect,
It may be all lies or love.
Fall in and help me decide,
What's better
To radiate darkness or light?
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Oct 2019 · 298
Definition or Consequence?
Kanishka Oct 2019
The tree holds onto the ground even after a flood and dies of suffocation.
I guess that's what love does to you.
Oct 2019 · 392
Empty Mug
Kanishka Oct 2019
I know its empty today
but someday I'll be your sunshine
And make your morning warm and cozy
With a hot cup of coffee.
This one is for him.
Oct 2019 · 168
Kanishka Oct 2019
"You dont speak much"
I've heard that too many times
But what will you do after
Your forever turned into laughter?
Pieces of your heart scatter,
Feeling served on the wrong platter,
Wanna run away from love faster,
Ain't nobody can fix me, nah no pastor.
"Why cant you trust me?"
Rings in my ear like wind chimes.
No one knows what it took to,
To again become one from two,
I bared my soul, I bared my body,
I changed my life, I changed my story.
I've been through seven hells,
Hoping all's well that ends well.
"Are you okay? Hope you're alright."
If I was, wont have written this rhyme.
No, I've been trying to be normal.
Getting sleep, I ain't nocturnal.
Now I know you think I'm hungover,
Come here, let's trade our shoes over.
This no sad song, this a rap battle.
If you didn't realise, do a do over.
I'm beginning to feel like a...
Sep 2019 · 262
Kanishka Sep 2019
I walk on this road while,
The winds conspire our union.
It might take longer than the true intend,
But I know that together we'll transcend.
Watch the road that led me to this on instagram @kanishkagupta.19
Sep 2019 · 179
Sycamore Tree
Kanishka Sep 2019
I wish I had saved those poems,
The words portraying our love.
I wish I had done something more,
To sleep with you forever under this sycamore.
Jul 2019 · 14.7k
Conditional Love
Kanishka Jul 2019
I love you with all my might,
All my heart and all my life.
But if you fail to put up with my battles,
I'll cleave our bonds with a knife.
Jul 2019 · 340
Kanishka Jul 2019
I wouldn't praise our love today,
I won't dedicate you any song.
Not because something's not right
But because I'm afraid.
So I will admire us and let it live on.
Jul 2019 · 942
Quote Unquote
Kanishka Jul 2019
Behind every successful man,
There is a woman.
To achieve this ideology,
I'm crumbling myself to pieces,
As best as one can.
I'm willingly giving myself up to this social construct. Everything we do for an unreciprocating love.
Kanishka Jul 2019
I didn't feel like writing today.
I was afraid I'd say the unsaid.
I dont wanna face the truth,
I dont wanna give up on us.
Why cant you come back to me,
And be the way it's supposed to be?
But alas I'm a poet. I must write.
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