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Rain, rain don't go away

because you brighten

up my day

because your mellow yet expressive tone keeps me smiling

From your drip droplets

to your booming


you make me so at ease

I become sleepy

Rain, rain don't go away

because you brighten

up my day

Lover of rain
Rainy days are my favorite days
The time is just a water.
It's streaming like a jet.
The fibers of the time are late.
So many moments, right?
The positive in moment now.
It always something good in night. Just listen, listen.
And you'll hear the softness of  the melody.
Gentle music is around us.
The music of the love.
I am acceptance, I am love.
 Sep 26 Kanishka
 Sep 26 Kanishka
I welcomed madness
with open wrists

I spent my nights
without loneliness

I waited for you
with a longing-pain

I wanted my soul
to be laced with yours,

but your soul
doesn’t yearn for mine
I'm happy to say that it pains me to go

I'll go nonetheless, for no one will follow
 Jul 23 Kanishka
 Jul 23 Kanishka
Dil chahta hai ki tumse he Baath kare,
Par mann bhi kare jo mann chahta hai.
Yeh duuri hai bahut zyada,
Par mera Dil hai aur Ziddi.
Tumhara saath nahi chodne ka zid
My heart wants to talk to you,
But my mind stops me from doing so, as it has a mind of its own.
This distance is long enough,
But my heart is also adamant
Adamant to never leave your side
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